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Eczema - a disease in which there is inflammation of the skin.The disease is chronic and has an allergic nature.The most common eczema on the hands.In second place is the eczema on his legs, and the third - the eczema in children.

By the nature of development distinguish seborrheic, true, microbial and professional eczema.Depending on the characteristics of the disease are dry and weeping eczema.

This article will talk about the major causes of development of eczema symptoms and treatment of this disease.


Eczema can occur in nervous disorders, and in the event of disruptions of the endocrine system.Chronic infections and gastrointestinal disease can also provoke disease.Treatment of eczema in children is often complicated by simultaneously flowing exudative diathesis.The disease is a common cause of eczema in young patients.As a rule,

this rash is mainly observed on the legs and face.When eczema on the hands and feet brushing child affected skin, causing a disease can easily join the infection.

Yet the main cause of the disease is considered to be an allergic reaction on the human body of any food or external stimulus.

Symptoms of eczema

true form of the disease often manifests itself in the back of the hands (eczema on the hands), and on the face.Acute illness during the course accompanied by the most pronounced symptom of eczema - numerous eruptions.With the opening of inflamed small bubbles formed erosion, releasing liquid.There is weeping eczema, which is accompanied by quite severe itching.Very often, the symptoms of eczema complicated by secondary infections.

Seborrheic form of the disease is localized on the face, head, chest, in the interscapular triangle.Ailments suffered by those who observed oily seborrhea.

Microbial eczema is characterized by a limited form of expression and is followed by exfoliation of the horny layer at the edges of the source of inflammation.Often the affected area covered by plate crusts.After their removal occurs weeping surface, which has the name of weeping eczema.

Occupational eczema eczema on the hands and on the feet occur because of the destruction of the skin by chemical, physical or mechanical stimuli.

Eczema occurs at any age and in any area of ​​the skin (eczema on his legs, eczema on the hands, face, head, back and forth.).The first signs of the disease are bright redness, swelling with many bubbles, which arise after the opening wet erosion, and after drying - crusts and scales.

As for eczema symptoms in children, it may be accompanied by clinical signs of microbial, true or seborrheic dermatitis.Eczema symptoms usually occur between the ages of 3 and 6 months.Outbreaks of the disease symmetrical - on both arms, or legs, fuzzy boundaries.Leather gipperemirovana, there is swelling, soak, yellow-brown crust, papules, scales.Please affects the cheeks, forehead, after the disease spreads in the hairy area of ​​the head, ears, trunk, spreading eczema and feet.In children, there is also an ongoing itching and insomnia.

eczema treatment methods of traditional medicine

First you need to identify and eliminate the irritant.It is necessary to provide gentle skin care areas affected by the disease.In exacerbations of the patient must adhere to milk-vegetable diet.Eczema is most often treated in children and adults by receiving allergy and sedatives, calcium supplements, ascorbic acid.When weeping eczema used lotions with astringent solutions.Assist bandages from furatsilina, and various anti-inflammatory ointment.

Dry eczema, unlike weeping eczema can be treated with drugs of tar, naphthalan paste.Inside appointed sedatives.In severe cases, the doctor prescribes hormonal preparations.As

when dry and when weeping eczema can occur microbial infection of the affected skin surface.In this case, eczema treatment requires antibiotics.

Patients should not abuse water treatments, use of household chemicals, contact with detergents, bleaches and other aggressive media, to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Traditional methods of treating eczema

To date, the most common means of traditional medicine for the treatment of eczema include the following recipes:

  • Pulp raw potatoes grate, lightly squeeze, wrapped in cloth, to attach to the sore spot.To conduct the procedure should be several times a day.
  • affected places during the day moisten with fresh potato juice or bandage him.The procedure is well combined with the use of potato juice inside.
  • recommended as lotions use potato juice mixed with honey.11 potatoes must be cleaned, grate finely, add a tea spoon of honey, stir.Massa put on a bandage, fix on the affected area, hold for 2 hours.It is useful for the night skin surface wrap bandage with propolis ointment.
  • Mix a tablespoon spoon of tar with three tablespoons of cod liver oil and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.All carefully grind, to impose on a cloth applied to ekzemnym places.
  • Eczema on the feet treated with garlic.Boiled garlic mash with a fork, mix with honey, put on cloth, to fix on the sick part of the skin, and cover with wax paper, tie.In the morning wash the affected area cleaned with gasoline, again spread, tie.
  • eczema treatment is very effective, if you do drugs dressings of slurry, which is made of fresh cabbage and egg white.The dressing is applied on the affected area 1-2 times a day.
  • When weeping eczema help a poultice of cabbage leaves, boiled in milk and mixed with bran.Poultices should be done 1-2 times a day.
  • Cabbage leaf is kept for 2 minutes in apple cider vinegar, warming up before the juice is applied on the affected portion is fixed with a bandage.
  • Eczema in children treated with walnuts.3 nuts in the skin of baked in the oven until dark brown.After cooling, they are crushed into mush, add a spoon of fish oil.The resulting ointment is treated the sore spot 1-2 times a day.

How to treat the symptoms of eczema, it's only you.But do not forget that the disease requires a comprehensive approach.Perhaps the result will exceed expectations, if, in addition to the traditional means of treating the disease use the methods of traditional medicine.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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