Cervical lymphadenitis in children and adults - causes, treatment


1. Causes cervical lymphadenitis

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3. Cervical lymphadenitis in adults and children

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Necklymphadenitis - is inflammation of regional lymph nodes located in the neck.Initiate this inflammation may be a variety of infectious bacteria penetrating from the main focus of the inflammatory lymph node in the lymphatic pathways.Therefore, cervical lymphadenitis almost never appears as an independent disease, but is a consequence of a progressive inflammatory process.

The disease rarely leads to malignancy.In medical practice, a negligible amount of fixed cases cancer cells in lymph nodes enlarged.Therefore you should not panic when it detects typical of lymphadenitis seals on both sides of the neck.

Causes cervical lymphadenitis

As noted above, in most cases the development of inflammation of the cervical lymph nodes is due to penetration into the human body infection.Therefore, potential pathogens cervical lymphadenitis are various streptococci,

staphylococci, tubercle bacillus and other harmful bacteria.

According to medical statistics the most common cause of cervical lymphadenitis is the inflammation caused due to complicated dental caries pitted.It is also the cause of cervical lymphadenitis may be respiratory diseases, particularly influenza, tonsillitis, acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, tuberculosis, tonsillitis.In general, it should be said that cervical lymphadenitis is a disease polietiologennogo type, ieits occurrence can cause a huge number of reasons.These may be diseases of the nose, throat, ear and oral cavity.Also initiate the development of the disease can epidermal inflammation on the skin of the neck, head, face, such as abscesses, boils and carbuncles.

If left early treatment of cervical lymphadenitis, the disease may progress to acute or chronic.In the acute form of the cervical lymph inflammation occurs strongest fester lymph nodes.And with the chronic form of the disease symptoms at every cold or flu.Especially likely to develop chronic cervical lymphadenitis in people with weakened immune systems.


reveal the presence of cervical lymphadenitis can be the following symptoms:

  • slight pain on palpation of the seals on the neck;
  • general weakness of the body;
  • headache;
  • intoxication (observed only in young children);
  • fever.

Size cervical structures can be different depending on the stage of the disease.If the node increases in size up to 3 cm or more, and the pain is felt on palpation, the lymphadenitis progresses.Witness to this, and redness of the skin around the inflamed area.In the acute stage of the disease can resemble lymph node boil.The patient has fever and needs to be immediate hospitalization.

Cervical lymphadenitis in adults and children

Cervical lymphadenitis in children is more common than in adults and occurs more actively.In children, the immune system is in the process of formation and are not able to immediately cope with the infection penetrated.

Cervical lymphadenitis in children in the chronic form occurs only increase in cervical lymph nodes.Other associated symptoms are usually absent.On palpation nodes are painless, the baby's temperature does not rise, feeling good.

In acute cervical lymphadenitis in children observed temperature rise to 38 degrees or more, disturbed appetite and sleep, neck strong swells, the child complains of pain in the neck and head.In young children, there is intoxication.All these symptoms are cause for immediate treatment for medical assistance for the purpose of the course of treatment.Immediate action is required and intoxication child's body, a pediatrician prescribe treatment to fix the problem.If self-treatment or postponing treatment of cervical lymphadenitis, the child may develop serious complications.

Cervical lymphadenitis in adults occurs somewhat differently.The lymphatic system is an adult responds instantly penetrating infection.Therefore, the detection of tumors in the neck should be examined by a dentist and an otolaryngologist.Cervical lymphadenitis occurs in adults is more difficult and therefore should not be left without attention to the disease.Early treatment can help avoid complications.

treatment method

Depending on the stage of the disease is selected the necessary treatment of cervical lymphadenitis.Initially, the doctor makes a visual examination of the patient and sends it to a blood test.If it is found elevated levels of leukocytes, then we can talk about the infected patient blood.At the initial stage of the disease does not require hospitalization, assigned home treatment.

For the purpose of effective treatment of cervical lymphadenitis is necessary to establish the cause of the disease.You will need a qualified doctor assistance.Identify the cause of the disease, the doctor prescribes a course of anti-inflammatory drugs.If pathogens are Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, the patient is prescribed Penicillin for two or three days before the disappearance of inflammation and reduce the temperature.After that, go to penicillins.When staphylococci resistant to penicillin, treatment is carried out semi-synthetic penicillins.

In severe cases lymphadenitis appointed scheme with nafcillin, methicillin and oxacillin, they need to be administered every 4 hours.For ingestion prescribed Cephalexin or Dicloxacillin.The course of treatment takes two weeks.

of drugs with cervical lymphadenitis appointed only when the body can not fight the infection on their own.If lymphadenitis provoked angina or flu, then treat these diseases, after which the lymph nodes themselves will come to normal.

Treatment of cervical lymphadenitis is often combined with taking drugs to boost the immune system, in particular the different vitamin complexes and minerals.

In rare cases, purulent lymphadenitis need to resort to surgical intervention for opening a particular site and remove the festering pus draining from the wound further.Assigned to surgery only when medical therapy did not produce the desired results.

Despite the relative prevalence of cervical lymphadenitis, it is a very serious disease.In the absence of timely treatment of the disease may develop sepsis and thrombosis.Therefore, if the seal is palpable lymph nodes in the neck and they are painful, it is not necessary to delay seeking medical help.In the initial stages of the disease to be treated well, and advanced forms of lymphadenitis may require surgical intervention.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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