Cervicale hoofdpijn in osteochondrose - behandeling


1. reasons

2. Symptoms of cervical headache

3. Headache with cervical osteochondrosis

4. Complications

5. Treatmentcervical headache

cervical headache is called non-specific pain symptom, which is localized in the occipital and cervical spine, giving in the fronto-orbital region.This headache is associated primarily with degenerative processes going on in the cervical spine.

Causes Cervical headache usually occurs in osteochondrosis and injuries of the cervical vertebrae, and is a consequence of the inflammatory process in the cervical intervertebral joints.In addition, such a condition can be triggered by colds and the load on the cervical spine.

On occurrence of such headaches affect a variety of factors. Hypothermia, sudden neck movement, physical activity, prolonged stay in a certain posture etc.

Symptoms of cervical headache

This disease characterized by a variety of symptoms and variationsflow.Pain in the cervical spine can be unilateral or gener

alized, severe, throbbing, burning, oppressive, arching, dull and stupid.

Severe pain or pain of medium intensity can be spread from the neck to the back, to give one or both of the temple, as well as in one or both eyes.Shane headache in some cases accompanied by nausea, dizziness, staggering.In the area of ​​head and neck pain points are groping.As a rule, this syndrome causes pain and limitation of movement in the cervical spine.

Headache with cervical osteochondrosis

Cervical osteochondrosis - a disease characterized by degenerative changes in the joints of the cervical vertebrae.It causes damage to its structures, accompanied by painful sensations.With cervical osteochondrosis headache can have a variety of symptoms, which depend on factors that triggered the pain.

For example, in the presence of vertebral artery syndrome pain becomes a burning and throbbing in nature, localized in the head and neck, and then spreads to the parietal and temporal lobes.Headache with cervical osteochondrosis in this case is caused by the compression of the vertebral artery due to spinal disc herniation, vertebral displacement, and other degenerative disorders of the cervical spine.This headache is accompanied by violation of the visual function and dizziness.

vertebral compression of nerves, located parallel to the vertebral artery, can also lead to cervical degenerative disc disease with a headache.Soreness in this case are one-sided and arise from the affected nerve.The pain is localized in the occipital and cervical spine, giving to the parietal and temporal lobe with the same side.

Neck headache can also occur due to the infringement of the occipital nerves.With this the genesis of the pain is burning, throbbing, and is localized in the occipital region.Painful sensations spread to the temporal, parietal, anterior share, reaching down to their sockets.In this case, there is no dizziness or any other symptoms.

Compression of veins and arteries in degenerative processes of the cervical spine leads to the development of hypertensive syndrome, which is also accompanied by painful sensations crushing, Expander nature.Headache this genesis provoked movements of the head and eyeballs.


Neck headache necessarily require treatment.Otherwise, the irritation of the nerve plexus surrounding the neck vertebrae, complicated by a spasm of blood vessels of the brain stem.If this condition continues for a long time, there are manifestations of cerebral vascular insufficiency: blurred vision, tinnitus and reduced hearing function, problems with memory and attention, insomnia, depression, sexual dysfunction and other symptoms.

Treatment of cervical headache

The sooner the patient ask for help to a specialist, the more effective the treatment will be neck and headache are high chances of recovery.To understand why patients worried about pain, the doctor conducting a survey of the cervical spine.This will help him, first of all, the X-rays of the cervical vertebrae.If these data are not sufficient, further carried out computer tomography and ultrasound.

When pronounced cervical headache treatment should be aimed not only at alleviating pain, but also to eliminate the causes of such a state.

If the pain is associated with hypertensive syndrome, first of all, it is necessary to reduce intracranial pressure.For this purpose appointed dehydrating medications diuretic effect, and drugs that normalize the venous outflow.As for the headache, it is possible to stop analgesics.

When cervical headache occurs due to degenerative changes in the spine, apply a soft manual therapy.At the same time the patient prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy and special exercises.

If pain appeared on the background of the inflammatory process of the nose or throat, treatment should connect ENT doctor.In some cases, cervical headache leads to disruption of cerebral blood flow, which can be restored by receiving cardiovascular medications.

with a strong pain syndrome, doctors recommend taking painkillers such as Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Tempalgin, naproxen and other drugs.Using these drugs, do not forget that they do not cure the disease itself, but rather help to relive some of its unpleasant symptoms.Treatment of cervical headache necessarily have to be complex.


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