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1. Symptoms of scabies in humans

2. features of the disease in children

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Scabies - a contagious parasitic skin disease that is caused by scabies is Sarcoptes scabiei.

source of scabies infection is a sick man.Infection occurs through direct contact, through contaminated household items.Infection by the parasite during sexual intercourse, often while a man infected the woman.It is rare, but occurs infected with scabies from animals.

highly contagious (property transferred from a sick person healthy) scabies in humans is due to the short time span for which the itch mite is able to penetrate the human skin.This period of time is 15-20 minutes.At night, the female mite gnaws moves in the skin, and in the morning lays eggs.The life cycle of scabies treatment - 2-8 weeks.Then, the causative agent of scabies dies and decomposes in the laid turns.Outside the human mites die quickly enough.

itch mite activity at night promotes greater risk o

f contracting the whole family in the case of a single bed.

Symptoms of scabies in humans

incubation period of the disease is 7-10 days.

main symptoms of scabies in humans are itching which is worse at night, and the appearance of paired nodular or vesicular eruptions.Itch moves look like a little elevated above the skin thin strips, which are arranged in a straight line or a zigzag.Often transparent bubble is located at the end of the course, which can be seen in the body of the tick (white dot).In rare cases, it is impossible to detect the itch moves.

severity and the number of lesions on the skin of a person with scabies is dependent on the body's allergic reaction to the mite waste products.

frequent damage of the skin can be complicated by the development of eczema or various types of pustular infection.

symptom of scabies is the localization of lesions.The rash affects:

  • lateral surfaces of the fingers and interdigital folds;
  • flexion crease shoulders and forearms;
  • breast nipple area, especially in women;
  • buttocks, thighs;
  • the skin of the penis in men;
  • popliteal depression.

Often the symptoms of scabies joins purulent skin lesions.It may be accompanied by the development of carbuncles, ecthyma, abscesses.Many patients develop allergic dermatitis.

There are atypical forms of scabies in humans.These include the following forms of the disease:

  • Norwegian scabies - a highly contagious form that affects people with weakened immune systems;about half of patients do not feel the itch;
  • scabies cleanly - occurs in people who are very often wash, while mechanically washing with a large portion of the parasites;scabies symptoms are mild;
  • psevdosarkoptoz - form of the disease that occurs as a result of infection of mammals, most commonly dogs;characteristic symptom of scabies is the lack of this type of itch moves on the human skin.

Features of development of the disease in children

most difficult runs scabies in infants.The horny layer of the skin in infants is still very thin.Therefore, their skin is easily injured by scratching and ticks can spread across the surface, up to the head.So kids scabies can be on the scalp, neck, face, chest, in the inguinal folds.In most cases of scabies in infants begins with the soles of your feet.Gradually, it spread through the body above.

Sick children become moody, bad sleep at night, constantly trying to scratch the affected area.The severity of symptoms of scabies in children is enlarged axillary, oral or inguinal lymph nodes.With constant scratching pyoderma may appear itch moves.Skin inflammation in children with scabies can provoke fever.

older children have the classic symptoms of the disease.It is characterized by a rash in the palms, between the fingers, in the folds at the elbows, in the lower abdomen.

symptoms of scabies in children occur at night especially hard.At this time the ticks are most active, and the child is experiencing the painful itching.Scratches on the nail on the baby skin can become inflamed.It promotes the accession of secondary infection.


disease itself can not pass.It can occur for many months and even years, from time to time sharpening.

scabies treatment is to destroy the mites and their eggs, which can be achieved by the use of local funds.

All the drugs that are used to get rid of scabies, can be divided into the following groups:

  • sulfur and its derivatives - Wilkinson ointment, sulfur ointment different concentrations;
  • artificial derivatives balsamic funds - an emulsion of benzyl benzoate;
  • antiparasitic insecticide products - soap K, Lysol, Flitsid, creolin.

It is very important to treat scabies in the evening, with a maximum activity of scabies mite.Wash only before and after treatment.It is necessary to process the entire skin of the drug, not just the sick plots.

Scabies cortical form has its own characteristics.Before you apply an antiparasitic agent, you need to loosen and remove the cover.To do this, make good use of soda-soap bath and keratolytic creams.After rejection crusts provide treatment in the usual way.

Scabies Treatment folk remedies

scabies folk remedies has received fairly widespread.There are many recipes that can help in the fight against this disease.

1. Mix a tablespoon of boiled linseed oil or pork lard with a teaspoon of turpentine pharmacy.Get rash ointment smeared before their complete disappearance.

2. On grater rubbed soap, soften it by adding water.Put on low heat and stir constantly.After reaching a homogeneous mass, it is removed from the heat.Add a clove of garlic, one medium onion, pre-grated.From the cooled mixture is rolled balls, which are washed daily as soap.

3. In the treatment of scabies folk remedies effectively used birch tar.It is uniformly applied to the affected skin, hold for three hours and wash off with warm water.

4. Tablespoon rue leaves pour 0.5 liters of water, bring to a boil and remove from heat.About 40 minutes insist, filter.With this broth moisten the whole body.Dress clean, ironed linen and go to bed.Repeat every night.

5. The treatment of scabies folk remedies well-proven common chalk.He rubbed, sieved through a fine sieve.Get the "flour" thickly smeared places rashes.Repeat until the disappearance of the disease.


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