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1. Causes of cirrhosis

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3. cirrhosis

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cirrhosis - a severechronic liver disease, in which the irreversible destruction of its cells as a result of chronic inflammation.Liver tissue is gradually destroyed, it grows connective tissue.The liver increases in size, all its functions are broken.

In most cases, cirrhosis develops slowly enough.Although sometimes found his swift current.

The disease is more common in men than in women.In the first place by the number of diseases is alcoholic cirrhosis.

Causes of cirrhosis

There are many causes of cirrhosis.

1.Zloupotreblenie alcohol and smoking.Smoking and drinking for a long time constant promote toxic effects on liver cells.As a result of chronic inflammation of the liver cells are replaced by connective tissue.

2.Infitsirovanie viral hepatitis.If the cause of cirrhosis was infected with hepatitis C virus, in most cases, there is a rapid development of the disease.Typically, hepatitis

C infected through transfusion of a large amount of infected blood.Infection with hepatitis B and D leads to chronic inflammation of the liver and cirrhosis in many years.Infection with hepatitis data happens with little contact with the blood of infected blood.This can be through blood transfusions, surgery, medical procedures.

3.Bolezni bile ducts.In chronic stagnation of bile in the ducts is a significant accumulation of bile in the liver.It adversely affects liver cells, causing inflammation and cirrhosis.Diseases that cause bile stagnation - constriction of the biliary tract, biliary tract blockage stones, tumors.

4.Zastoy venous blood in the liver for a long time.It occurs during stagnation pressure rise in the inferior vena cava and hepatic veins.blood overflowing the liver increases, compressing the arteries that feed its cells.Then the dead liver cells are replaced by connective tissue.Stagnation of venous blood is in cardiovascular diseases (heart disease, pericarditis, heart failure).

5.Pri drugs for a long time.The cause of cirrhosis is long-term use of anti-inflammatory, antiviral, sleeping pills, anti-bacterial drugs.

6.Porazhenie liver autoimmune nature.As a result of a congenital disease, the body perceives as foreign native cells.Thus produced substances that destroy native cells including liver cells.Develops autoimmune hepatitis, which is often the cause of cirrhosis.

7.Gemohromatoz or metabolic disorder.When iron is hemochromatosis accumulate in different tissues and organs.Accumulating in the liver, it violates the structure of cells and promotes growth of connective tissue.


Signs of cirrhosis depend on the degree of liver cell damage and inflammatory activity.About 20% of patients do not experience symptoms of cirrhosis.

In most patients, the disease appears bloating, diarrhea, bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, sometimes vomiting, decreased appetite, heaviness in the right upper quadrant.Such dyspeptic symptoms appear due to lack of bile secreted by the liver.

The main signs of cirrhosis include enlarged liver as a result of proliferation of connective tissue in it.

enlarged liver stretches the capsule that contains sensitive nerve receptors.Because of this, there is the following symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver - a nagging pain in the right upper quadrant, which increases after exercise or eating.

As a result of a chronic inflammatory process in the liver of the patient's body temperature rises, reduced working capacity, there is constant fatigue.

signs of cirrhosis often recurrent bleeding from the gums, nose or massive veins of the esophagus.These symptoms associated with increased pressure in the portal vein, which is connected to the esophageal veins.

If the cause of cirrhosis was the violation of the outflow of bile, accumulate in the skin and the patient's bile acids are concerned itching.

Symptoms of cirrhosis are attached light color stool and dark urine of the patient.This occurs when bile stagnation and destruction of the bile ducts, because of which significantly increased the level of bilirubin in the blood.

  • increase in spleen size as a result of the pressure increase in the splenic vein;:

    addition to the above signs of cirrhosis in patients following many manifestations of the disease can be observed

  • anemia, which is associated with the shortening of the life cycle of blood cells at a high concentration of toxic substances in the blood;
  • Ā«liver palms" - redness of the palms with advanced skin capillaries;
  • increase the size of the stomach as a result of accumulation of it fluid (ascites);the liquid part of blood that stagnates in the intestinal vessels, propotevaet into the peritoneum;
  • weight loss;
  • elastic swelling, which can occur in different parts of the body;
  • significant decrease in immunity, which leads to frequent infections.

At a later stage, the patient may receive a symptom of cirrhosis, as encephalopathy.It is manifested by drowsiness, the occurrence of tremors, confusion.


There are three stages of cirrhosis of the liver.

first stage cirrhosis or compensation stage.At this stage, the development of healthy liver cells of the disease are working in emergency mode.Symptoms of the disease are absent.

second stage cirrhosis or subcompensation stage.There are the first signs of the disease -diskomfort in the right upper quadrant, weakness, weight loss, decreased appetite.As a result of reducing the resources of healthy liver cells, it does not work at full power.

third stage liver cirrhosis and decompensated.There are symptoms of liver failure - portal hypertension, jaundice, hepatic coma.Severe stage of the disease, in which there is a threat to health and human life.


disease Treatment of liver cirrhosis rather long process that requires a lot of effort.

The patient is recommended to reduce the exercise, follow a special diet.

Drug treatment of cirrhosis of the chosen doctor for each patient individually, depending on the severity of the disease and its clinical manifestations.

essential drugs, which are used in the treatment of cirrhosis are gepatoprotektory (Liv 52, Essentiale), which protect liver cells from damage.

Rapidly progressive cirrhosis patient is prescribed glucocorticoids.

To stimulate the output of bile, bile acids are used, such as ursodeoxycholic acid.

Furthermore, in the treatment of liver cirrhosis using pancreatic enzymes prokinetics (increase intestinal motility), adsorbents, diuretics, probiotics.


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