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cervicitis refers to diseases of female genital sphere, its main manifestation is an inflammation of the cervix.


There are certain factors that contribute to the development of cervicitis, these include:

- diseases of the genitourinary system, inflammatory (noting that often cervicitis develops on the background of cervical erosion, cystitis, vaginitis, endometritis and appendages inflammation);

- STD (sexually transmitted disease), the development of cervicitis in 25% of cases occurs in the penetration into the cervical canal Trichomonas and gonococci, but the cause of this disease may serve as chlamydia, mycoplasma and other fungi, and viruses.

- infectious diseases caused by intestinal flora, staphylococci or streptococci;

- penetration into the cervix microbial abortion and diagnostic c


- when lowered the vagina and cervix;

- with frequent changes of sexual partners;

- vaginal douching with acids in order to protect the use of chemical spermicides;

- a decrease in estrogen levels during menopause.

symptoms cervicitis cervical

In most cases, cervicitis symptoms depends on the severity of the causative agent.They can be both erased and pronounced.

most severe symptoms are more common in women who contract gonorrhea in parallel.Asymptomatic cervical cervicitis observed against chlamydia.

Experts distinguish between acute and chronic cervicitis.

cervicitis acute form is characterized by pronounced symptoms: mucus / purulent vaginal discharge, a feeling of itching and burning in the vagina, which is amplified in the process of urination.Also in acute cervicitis present dull, nagging pain in the abdomen.In the event that the disease develops on the background of cystitis, one of its symptoms is frequent urination.

Symptoms of the disease with inflammation of appendages include high body temperature.In the presence of cervical erosion of the disease can manifest itself in the form of bleeding after intercourse.

Aggravation cervicitis symptoms observed after menstruation.

In chronic cervicitis symptoms are virtually absent, since over time inflammation subsides, and the cervix is ​​sealed.

When cervicitis symptoms that have been listed above, you should be examined by a gynecologist.This is due to the fact that the disease is often confused with other infections and begin a thoughtless use of antibiotics without a prescription.


Diagnosing cervical cervicitis conduct is not difficult, the difficulty is greater search for the causes of this disease.

During the inspection carried out by a gynecologist with the help of mirrors, marked redness and swelling increased cervical mucosa, in addition to it can be eroded.In acute purulent cervicitis diagnosed abundant / muco-purulent discharge from the cervical canal.

In chronic cervicitis symptoms are less noticeable, but the marked unclear color selections.

for diagnosing cervicitis specialists conduct a comprehensive examination, which includes a smear on flora, STD diagnosis, scraping from the cervix and cervical canal, a blood test for HIV / hepatitis / RW discs, pelvic ultrasound procedure, urinalysis (with concomitant cystitis), colposcopy, biopsy pathological site (in chronic cervicitis).

Treatment of cervicitis

Conservative treatment of this disease is recommended in the period of time when the symptoms of cervical cervicitis are the most pronounced.

cervicitis Treatment begins with the elimination of its causes, to this end, we recommend taking antibiotics, hormonal, antiviral drugs.

When acute cervicitis is recommended to avoid the use of local products, as this may be a precipitating factor for ascending infection.

selection of antibiotics in the treatment of acute and chronic cervicitis carried out after determining the causative agent and its sensitivity to them.

In cases when cervicitis has been developed against the background of candidiasis, experts recommend antifungal antibiotics, it Flucostat, Diflucan, Nystatin, Mikosist.If the reason for the treatment of steel chlamydia cervicitis used tetracycline antibiotics.

After treatment with antibiotics, it is recommended to drink lactobacillus normalization of vaginal flora.

most long-term treatment of the disease is marked by its viral origin (genital herpes with symptoms of cervicitis).In this case, the anti-viral drugs such as the Valtrex, Acyclovir or Zovirax.

in menopause often develop cervicitis due to estrogen deficiency, and not because of any infections and inflammations.That is why in this case it is recommended the implementation vicariously-hormone therapy using topical Ovestin candles.

In chronic cervicitis, this form of treatment is less effective, so the impact of surgical methods are used.It is worth noting that before the surgical treatment of cervicitis, you must heal all the infection.

exposure to surgical methods include cryotherapy ( "primorazhivanie" cervical liquid nitrogen) and laser therapy (exposure to the cervix using a laser beam).In those cases, if the woman has not given birth, the affected portion of the cervix is ​​recommended to treat solutions or Solkovagina Vagothyl.

In chronic cervicitis appointed physiotherapy, it is often electrophoresis.

To treatment is successful, it is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse.

Cervicitis during pregnancy

In the process of carrying a child, the disease can lead to premature delivery or miscarriage, besides a high probability of infection of the fetus.

Particularly dangerous is cervicitis during pregnancy with the rising nature of the infection, as in this case can occur infection of the amniotic fluid.

development of the disease in the early stages of pregnancy can lead to the formation of congenital malformations or placental insufficiency.When infection of the fetus during the later stages of pregnancy, can stop its development.

Treatment of cervicitis during pregnancy

In this case, first of all assigned Sumamed in the form of tablets or topical medications to relieve inflammation.

Local treatment of cervicitis in pregnant women should be carried out only after decrease in the severity of the process.Most often, these processing to carry out vaginal Dimexidum 3% solution or 2% solution hlorofillipta.

When pregnancy cervicitis treatment is conducted with the help of antibacterial and antiviral agents.


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