Chronic nephritis - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. nature of the disease

2. Types and symptoms of chronic nephritis

3. treatment of chronic nephritis

4. disease prevention

Chronic nephritis - kidney pathological condition characterized by inflammation of the glomeruli, tubules, the connective tissue.Inflammation can cover the entire kidney (diffuse nephritis) or part (focal nephritis).

Character flow

disease in most cases, chronic nephritis - consequently undertreated or improper treatment of acute nephritis.About chronic nephritis can also say then, if within 6-9 months after the onset of the acute form of the disease its main features have not disappeared.

chronic nephritis - a disease that develops over many years (3-15 years), it is quite difficult to cure.Very often, and not waiting for the recovery of patients dying from uremia (samointoksikatsii organism), or concomitant diseases provoked nephritis.

Most often the nature of the disease is determined by the following alternating with each other periods:

1. The latency, or the so-called quiet period.During this period, the patient is not experiencing any symptoms of jade, and the presence of the disease can only be determined by the diagnosis.All may feel sick during the period of calm - general weakness, decreased performance, increased fatigue, headaches slack.

2. Recurrent period or during an exacerbation.It occurs after a latency period in response to infectious diseases (most often a sore throat).In the period of acute symptoms of chronic nephritis are similar to the symptoms of the disease in its acute form, and manifest themselves depending on the type of jade.

progression of chronic nephritis with each new period of exacerbation of the number of dead glomeruli increases, the kidneys decrease in size, which leads to the development of renal failure, and this, in turn, contributes to the delay of toxins, excessive concentration of which poisons the body in the blood, it developsuremia.

Rarely, but there are cases when the disease is malignant course (extracapillary nephritis), which leads to the rapid development of uremia and death of the person for 6-24 months.

Types and symptoms of chronic nephritis

various manifestations of chronic nephritis symptoms depends on the type of disease.There are: hypertonic, nephrotic mixed, latent and terminal types of chronic nephritis.

In hypertensive type nephritis increased blood pressure, against which there are headaches.In addition to hypertension in patients developing atherosclerosis of brain vessels and the heart, there is a chronic intoxication products of protein metabolism, narrower arterioles fundus.Clinical signs of jade hypertensive type include:

  • changes in the urine, which manifest themselves proteinuria (elevated protein level), cylindruria (the presence in urine of cylinders);
  • change electrocardiogram;
  • hypertrophy of the left heart.

symptoms of chronic nephritis nephrotic type are characterized by nephrotic syndrome, subjective and clinical signs which are expressed:

  • swelling of the face, spreading to the whole body;
  • changes of the urine, in particular severe proteinuria;
  • elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood;
  • abnormally low in protein and serum albumin.

Arterial hypertension in chronic nephritis nephrotic type, as a rule, there is no pressure can be increased only on the background of large-scale development of intoxication.

Jade mixed type combines the symptoms of chronic nephritis and nephrotic hypertensive type, the severity of which varies in each case.

Jade latent (hidden) type in its chronic form relatively easily tolerated.Symptomatic disease manifests itself practically, and its presence is determined only in laboratory methods urine studies, which show an increased level of protein and the presence of erythrocytes.Very often latent nephritis confused with other renal diseases, and its exact diagnosis is possible only after taking a kidney puncture.

Jade terminal ends of any type of jade above.Terminal chronic nephritis - this is an extremely serious condition, which manifests hypertensive disorders of various functions of the gastrointestinal tract, intoxication organism scale up to uremic coma, and death.

treatment of chronic nephritis

treatment of chronic nephritis - a very difficult task, which mainly consists not so much in the complete cure of the disease, how to prevent its progression.

Before starting the treatment of chronic nephritis should be identified with the help of antibiotic therapy to eliminate infectious foci in the body (tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis media), in particular pockets of streptococcal infection.

The latent period with sufficient renal function, treatment of chronic nephritis is limited:

  • moderately strict diet (exclude canned food, spices, alcohol, limiting salt);If nephritis is accompanied by swelling, most doctors recommend milk diet;with mixed nephritis appropriate use of mostly rice diet;
  • forging regime of sleep and rest;
  • maintaining the proper functioning of the intestine;
  • whenever possible obereganiem patient from infectious diseases.

In the period of acute treatment of chronic nephritis includes strict bed rest, salt-free diet with a sufficient amount of animal protein (meat, milk and dairy products, eggs), fruits and vegetables.

Therapy nephrotic nephritis done with corticosteroids (usually prednisone) and cytotoxic drugs.Timing of treatment and doses are determined by the severity of the symptoms of chronic nephritis.To reduce edema syndrome manifestations take diuretics such as furosemide or hydrochlorothiazide.

treatment of chronic nephritis and hypertensive mixed type carried chloroquine or indomethacin.Symptomatic treatment of hypertensive type of jade is similar to that in hypertension.Apply antihypertensive drugs: reserpine, dopegit, Gemiton and others.


disease most effective way of preventing chronic nephritis - timely and complete treatment of acute nephritis (glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, interstitial nephritis).In addition, it is important to fully being treated infectious diseases.For example, antibiotics nedolechennaya sore throat is often the cause of chronic nephritis.


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