Chronic glomerulonephritis - symptoms, treatment


1. Symptoms of glomerulonephritis

2. diagnosis of chronic glomerulonephritis

3. Treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis

Chronic glomerulonephritis is a bilateral chronic progressive inflammation of the kidneys, resulting into the development of chronic renal failure.The disease is one of the most severe kidney pathologies.According to statistics, it is more common in males under the age of 40 years.

Today, experts can not determine the exact cause of chronic glomerulonephritis.Although it is believed that the disease occurs after acute glomerulonephritis.It is believed that it is caused by microorganisms (streptococci, herpes viruses, hepatitis viruses persistent) and has the autoimmune nature.

are the following forms of the disease:

  • latent form, in which the clinical symptoms and urinary syndrome do not appear;
  • nephrosonephritis - a form of the disease, in which the observed clinical manifestations of renal dysfunction and nephrotic syndrome;
  • idiopathic form is char
    acterized by a slowly progressive disease with severe hypertensive syndrome;
  • hematuric form manifests a small swelling, anemia and symptoms of persistent hematuria;
  • mixed form.

These forms of the disease are diagnosed, and each of them has its own characteristics symptomatic, but still for the diagnosis of experts point to common signs of the disease.A feature of chronic glomerulonephritis is the appearance of relapses, often in autumn and spring.

Symptoms of glomerulonephritis

an important role in the development of chronic glomerulonephritis plays patient immunity, ie,its resistance and reactivity to the action of pathogenic stimuli.Importantly, the presence of chronic respiratory diseases several times increases the risk of disease.

Symptoms of glomerulonephritis is increasing gradually, besides the first, they are mild.In general, patients do not notice the presence of health abnormalities, and in the meantime there is a slow increase in pressure and increase in shortness of breath.Then patients start complaining of shortness of breath, leg swelling and high blood pressure.

Chronic glomerulonephritis doctors determine if urine studies.According to experts, more than 80 percent of patients with edema suggest the presence of chronic glomerulonephritis.A so-called "face nefritika" (pale swollen face) is a clear sign of the disease.

disease is very dangerous because it leads to the formation of CKD (chronic kidney disease) and in the absence of proper treatment can cause death.Additional symptoms of glomerulonephritis occur depending on the form of the disease.

latent form has almost no clinical symptoms of glomerulonephritis, except that in the urine can be observed small changes.Such patients do not complain about the state of health, but the disease progresses slowly.

nephrotic form is characterized by a decrease in the amount of protein in the blood, increased cholesterol levels and severe swelling.In this form of the disease occurs self-poisoning organism, kidney failure develops as a result.

Hypertensive form of the disease involves violations of the cardiovascular system: hypertension, bleeding from the nose, vascular spasms, shortness of breath and sharp deterioration of vision.In this urine test shows minor changes.

When mixed form of glomerulonephritis symptoms are high blood pressure and persistent swelling, as well as a gradual increase in chronic uremia symptoms.

Subacute malignant form is characterized by pronounced signs of permanent hypertension, persistent swelling, fever, brain damage, heart failure, high cholesterol, and uremia.

diagnosis of chronic glomerulonephritis

Diagnosis of the disease involves a detailed survey and a number of analyzes.It is important to note the presence of acute nephritis history.As a result of the diagnosis, a specialist diagnoses and provides treatment of glomerulonephritis.

diagnosis of chronic glomerulonephritis involves:

  • differentiation diagnosis (with the exception of kidney stones, pyelonephritis, amyloidosis of the kidneys, renal vein thrombosis, renal disease, tumors and others.);
  • urinalysis and determination of disease activity;
  • determine the degree of renal failure;
  • X-ray and ultrasound;
  • blood test.

Treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis

treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis play the role of a number of factors, so it is a complex treatment of the disease, which includes:

  • organization mode of the day;
  • diet food;
  • treating the symptoms and causes of the disease;
  • stimulation of immunity.

Treatment of chronic glomerulonephritis is a very lengthy process, so it is difficult to set a specific timeframe therapy.

Symptomatic treatment of glomerulonephritis involves the use of antihypertensive and diuretics, and drugs, reducing kidney function.During exacerbation prescribe antibiotics, corticosteroids and anticoagulants.

Dietary food eliminates the use of alcohol, salt and fluids.For glomerulonephritis, treatment should be approached strictly individually.In each case of disease specialist assesses the patient's condition, and selects the individual scheme of therapy and treatment.If the state of physical health of the patient is satisfactory, it is recommended moderate exercise.

With timely treatment of glomerulonephritis early prognosis is usually favorable.After treatment to avoid acute infections and hypothermia.In addition, it is necessary to raise the immune system, as well as monitor the status of the upper airway and perform their timely remediation.


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