Snoring - causes , treatments , folk remedies


1. Causes Snoring

2. danger of this phenomenon

3. How to stop snoring

Snoring - a common enough occurrence.It occurs in one in five people over the age of 30 years.Mostly men suffer from snoring.Scientists explain this pattern so that men are usually larger than women and have a fleshy palate.More than half of people over 65 years of snore during sleep.In most cases, these are people who move a little, resulting in their vascular system is not actively surpasses blood.

Causes Snoring

Usually snoring starts when a person sleeps on his back.His tongue during sleep shifts to the throat, preventing normal air penetration into the lungs.This vibrates the soft tissue posterior part of the sky, so that there is a raucous and unpleasant sound.

cause of snoring may also be structural features of the pharynx.In this case, the waking human pharyngeal muscles easily passed air.But during sleep the mouth and throat muscles relax, narrowing the air passage.

There are anatomical abno

rmalities, which are the causes of snoring:

  • curvature of the nasal septum;
  • adenoids or polyps in the nose;
  • congenital narrowness of the throat or nasal passages;
  • elongated uvula;
  • enlarged tonsils;
  • displaced posteriorly small lower jaw.

Another cause of snoring is called the excess weight of the person.Fat deposits that accumulate in the neck, overlap the airways, and contributes to the emergence of this phenomenon.

provoke the appearance of snoring can be a person smoking.Smoking is often leads to chronic inflammation of the pharynx and the trachea, which swell at their walls, and reduced muscle tone swallowing.

pharyngeal muscles relax and alcohol abuse that leads to occurrence of snoring.

Another possible cause of snoring is receiving hypnotics and tranquilizers.These drugs help to reduce medication muscle tone and relax the muscles of the pharynx.

danger of this phenomenon

Snoring called pathological phenomenon.It can be a symptom of certain illnesses or contribute to their development.The human body, who snores, can not get enough oxygen.As a result, he developed hypoxia (oxygen starvation of the brain).Thus drops in blood oxygen level, causing irreversible effects on the human organism.Most suffer from the nervous system, which needs constant oxygen supply.

In addition, snoring is the cause of obstructive sleep apnea.It develops as a result of the complete overlap of the airways, leading to respiratory arrest.In particularly severe cases, even death is possible.

People who suffer from this phenomenon, there is a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

How to stop snoring

In order to select the appropriate method of treatment of snoring in the first place you need to see a doctor, Laura.Your doctor will establish the cause of this phenomenon in each case and prescribe individualized treatment.

In some cases, to establish the causes of snoring is assigned an X-ray or CT scan.

very important to establish the presence of sleep apnea syndrome in a patient and the degree of its severity.To do this, use a special study - polysomnography.It is that human sleep control special equipment.It records the testimony of brain function, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and other indications.

snoring treatment is to eliminate the causes of his calling.People who are overweight the doctor will recommend primarily a diet food, which helps to reduce weight.

In some cases, surgical treatment of snoring.It consists in the removal of the tonsils, polyps, adenoids or surgical correction of the tongue and soft palate.In the presence of the patient deviated septum, making its surgical correction.

There are different remedies for snoring.These include drugs that reveal the nasal airway, reducing inflammation of the pharynx, stimulate respiration.The data medications prevent drowsiness, suppress REM sleep stage.These medicines snoring include Nasonex, Dr. Snoring, Silence, Snorstop, Slipeks, Asonor and others.

As for the treatment of snoring can be used saline sprays.They moisturize the nasal mucosa, reducing its swelling.

By means of snoring include intraoral device, resembling in appearance baby pacifier.Such devices reflexively irritated muscles of the tongue and throat, increasing the tone of the sky and preventing it from vibration.

methods to get rid of snoring, and offers a traditional medicine.One of them - rinse with olive oil.To do this, take a tablespoon of oil and rinse their throats before bedtime.Rinse should be at least one minute, then spit out.

In another recipe, you need every night before bedtime drink a glass of fresh cabbage juice, to which is added a tablespoon of honey.

effectively proved itself a remedy for snoring as sea buckthorn oil.During the four hours before bedtime instill one drop of oil in each nostril.After 2-3 weeks should see the first result of this treatment.

In many cases, the snoring stops subject to sleep, stop smoking and drinking alcohol, when properly selected position for sleep.


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