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cholecystitis is an inflammatory disease of the gallbladder.The disease has two forms: acute and chronic.The acute form without proper treatment can become chronic.Basically cholecystitis inclined to women after the age of 40 years.

This article discusses the causes and symptoms of cholecystitis, as well as modern methods of treatment of the disease.


diseases among the causes of the disease distinguish biliary dyskinesia, violation of blood flow in the walls of the gallbladder, as well as gastritis with low acidity.Sometimes cholecystitis cause such parasites like roundworm and giardia.

Reasons cholecystitis are:

  • irregular abundant food;
  • injury;
  • chronic infection;
  • tendency to constipation;
  • lowered immunity;
  • lack of physical activity.

Chronic cholecystitis is divided into two types:

  • calculous (stone), which arises as a r
    esult of gallstones;
  • acalculous, which is the result of infection of the gall bladder.

further describes the basic symptoms of cholecystitis.

Symptoms of cholecystitis cholecystitis symptoms

the acute form are:

  • jaundice (yellowing of the whites of the eyes, nails, dark urine);
  • sharp attacks of pain under the rib on the right side of the body;
  • severe nausea, vomiting.

cholecystitis symptoms are chronic form:

  • dull pain under the right rib;
  • nausea;
  • discomfort after taking heavy and "harmful" food (fat, fried food, soda and cold drinks).

In some cases, the characteristic symptoms of cholecystitis occur after stress, exposure to cold, and after a long stay in a sitting position.

Among the most common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is considered cholecystitis with acute inflammation of the gallbladder wall, which occurs due to the presence in the gallbladder of pathogenic microflora.

When the disease manifest themselves:

  • violation of the outflow of bile;
  • modification of bile;
  • stasis and change in the composition of bile;
  • cholelithiasis.


Treatment For the successful treatment of cholecystitis and must be properly qualified to make a diagnosis of the disease, which will be based on laboratory tests and cholecystocholangiography.

In cases where a patient suffering from cholecystitis, symptoms of the disease manifest themselves as symptoms of biliary colic with jaundice, as well as severe pain, he immediately need hospitalization.

There are two types of treatment cholecystitis: conservative and operative.In the first case, the use of drugs such groups as antibiotics, antispasmodics (if pain), inflammatory and cholagogue drugs (holosas, allohol, holenzim etc.).In the second case, when it is impossible to overcome the acute phase of medication, surgery is performed.

It is very important to follow a diet with cholecystitis, because if a man will not correct their eating habits, even executed operation will not be a panacea for illness and disease after a while again will make itself felt.

Today used such therapies as tubeless tyubazh and "blind" tyubazh.The first method is still the name of duodenal intubation and carried out in order to wash the biliary tract and stimulate the process of extracting bile.

«blind» tyubazh can be done at home, but in the presence of gallstones, he is not safe.Therefore, it must be carried out only on the recommendation of a specialist."Blind" tyubazh carried out as follows: in the morning on an empty stomach drink 1-2 glasses of warm water or broth choleretic herbs.Then, to the right side apply a heating pad and take a horizontal position to 1.5 hours. In the case of a positive result, the chair takes on a greenish hue, which is a sign of presence of bile.

Contraindications for tyubazh are:

  • cholelithiasis;
  • cholecystitis in the acute stage;
  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Features Power cholecystitis

In the chronic form of the disease, patients must adhere to a particular food at a cholecystitis.

Diet at a cholecystitis prohibits use products such as:

  • meats and sausages;
  • spicy and fried foods;
  • cocoa and chocolate;
  • canned;
  • alcohol;
  • sharp cheese;
  • sodas.

Power cholecystitis involves the use of soups (vegetarian and dairy), cereals, boiled vegetables, puddings, cooked meat and fish.From drinks allowed tea, fruit compote, juice, mineral water, jelly, milk and yogurt.

also recommends a diet with cholecystitis decoctions choleretic herbs (tansy, rose hips, corn silk and others).

addition to dieting, cholecystitis can use effective recipes of traditional medicine.

People's treatment of cholecystitis

Traditional medicine knows many methods of treatment of cholecystitis, but are mainly used infusions and decoctions of herbs.

Among the popular methods of treating cholecystitis national release:

  • broth immortelle;
  • decoction of parsley;
  • broth of corn stigmas.

Recipe decoctions data is quite simple.It should only fill in the required ingredient in an amount of 10 g glass of boiling water, let it brew and take half a cup three times a day for 20 minutes before eating.

also a popular treatment for cholecystitis recommends:

  • broths of mint, yarrow and wild rose;
  • tincture of peppermint (5g mint, pour a glass of boiled water and take half a cup 20 minutes before meals three times a day);
  • vegetable oil (olive oil, sea buckthorn, sunflower, linseed) before each meal.

Proper nutrition with cholecystitis, treatment of folk remedies, regular exercise and attention to your health will help to overcome the acute cholecystitis and reduce symptoms of the chronic form of the disease.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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