Types cheilitis , symptoms and treatment of the disease


1. Exfoliative cheilitis

2. glandular cheilitis

3. Allergic contact cheilitis on the lips

4. or actinic cheilitis on the lips Meteorological

5. Atopic cheilitis

6. Makroheylit

7. Gipovitaminozny cheilitis on the lips

cheilitis - an inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane, the red portion of the lips and skin.

sometimes cheilitis on the lips is developing as an independent disease.Often the disease may be a symptom of other diseases such as anemia, atopic dermatitis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, lupus erythematosus, deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals.

Depending on the cause and the clinical picture of the disease distinguish between different types of cheilitis on the lips.

Exfoliative cheilitis

This disease affects the red border of the lips and

is most common in women.The cause of exfoliative cheilitis called neurological disorders (depression, anxiety, excitement), or hyperthyroidism.

Peeling striking red border of the lips and does not affect the skin or mucosa.This cheilitis does not apply to all red border, a part of it (usually in areas bordering on the skin) remains free from peeling.Typically, this type of disease develops on a background of dry skin.Patients complain of burning, dryness, swelling, tenderness of lips.Cheilitis is accompanied by the formation of skin flakes, which eventually become large enough to impede speech and eating.Exfoliative cheilitis on the lips characterized by a prolonged course with periods of remissions and exacerbations.

For the treatment of this form of the disease is necessary to pass a complex therapy.This includes vitamins, sedatives, tranquilizers.If necessary, a correction of the endocrine glands.For topical treatment of cheilitis use special paste, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy.

glandular cheilitis

reason for this form of the disease - the expansion of the salivary glands, which may be congenital or acquired.At risk are patients with dental caries, tartar, periodontal chronic diseases.These diseases provoke infection extended ducts of the salivary glands.

This type cheilitis occurs in people older than 30 years.At the same time the defeat of the lower lip are twice as likely than the top.The disease starts out small dry lips and cracks appear on its background.Then there are deep cracks and bleeding quite painful erosion.Because lip skin elasticity impaired fracture of a permanent character.

cheilitis the treatment of this form of anti-inflammatory ointment used.In severe cases, apply electrocoagulation hypertrophied salivary glands or laser ablation (removal of surface layers).After the therapy prescribed sanitation foci of chronic infection, the normalization of oral microflora, measures to eliminate dryness of lips.

Allergic contact cheilitis on the lips

appears as a result of the stimulus.Most often, the development of allergic cheilitis provoking substances that make up the means to care for lips and lipsticks.Also cause the disease can be kept in the mouth habit foreign objects (pencil, pen).Sometimes allergic cheilitis occurs in musicians who play wind instruments.

Patients with this form of the disease complain of redness, swelling, burning, intense itching of the lips.These symptoms appear brighter after contact with the allergen.Sometimes there are large bubbles, which remain after the opening of erosion and cracks.

cheilitis treatment of allergic nature begins with the definition of an allergen, and contact with it immediately stopped.The patient was prescribed antihistamines to reduce the manifestations of allergic reactions.Topically applied hormonal creams and ointments that reduce inflammation and itching.

Actinic or meteorological cheilitis on the lips

reason for this form of the disease is the increased sensitivity of the skin of the lips to the wind, cold, sunlight, radiation.Most often it occurs in men 20-60 years of age who are subject to the general meteosensitivity body.Symptoms of actinic cheilitis - burning and itching of the lips, the formation of crusts and erosions.This disease is dangerous because in the case of a long course of possible malignancy (malignant transformation of tissues).This is facilitated by a dusty environment, smoking.Often there are meteorological cheilitis degeneration in precancerous disease, for example, limited hyperkeratosis.

cheilitis treatment for this form of prescribed vitamin complex.Topically applied ointment with corticosteroid hormones.In the future, must be applied to the lips a lipstick or protective creams containing UV filters.

Atopic cheilitis

The disease is one of the symptoms of neurodermatitis (skin inflammation neurogenic nature) or atopic dermatitis.It appears due to an allergic predisposition.Allergens can be medicines, foods, cosmetics, microorganisms and their toxins.In patients with atopic cheilitis appears redness of the lips, peeling and itching of the red portion of the lips, a pathological lesion corners of the mouth.Due to the constant dryness in the corners of his mouth there are cracks.

cheilitis treatment of atopic nature begins with the elimination of the causes of irritation and destination hypoallergenic diet.For local treatment with ointments protivoaalergicheskim, anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic properties.


This form of cheilitis on the lips is a symptom of the syndrome Melkersson - Rosenthal Rossolimo-.In addition to genetic predisposition, the cause of this disease is an infectious-allergic factor.In patients at increased lip cheilitis, itching, swelling often moves to other parts of the face.In places edema skin becomes bluish-pink color.

Since makroheylit - a symptom of serious illness in need of treatment of the underlying disease.The patient was prescribed anti-viral, and immunokorregirujushchej desensitizing therapy.Additionally fizioprotsedury used, for example, electrophoresis.

Gipovitaminozny cheilitis on the lips

being developed with a deficiency of B vitamins, especially B2.It appears dryness and burning sensation of the lips, tongue, oral mucosa.Mucous reddened, swollen, vertical cracks and peeling melkocheshuychatoe formed on the red border of lips.Cracks quite painful and bleed.Often increases in size with the development of language gipovitaminoznogo cheilitis, teeth imprints appear on it.

cheilitis treatment of this form begins with vitamin and nutrition.Assign antibacterial creams or ointments.The patient must be properly care for the oral cavity, avoid licking lips.


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