Furunculosis - Causes, Symptoms , treatment with antibiotics


1. Causes boils

2. clinical picture of the disease

3. Treatment boils

4. Traditional medicine in the treatment of diseases

Furunculosis- a disease which is associated with multiple rash boils at different stages of development.Boils called pustular formation on the skin, resulting in inflamed follicles and the surrounding tissue.

Furunculosis may occur in different parts of the bodies.But more often it appears on the face, back, neck, buttocks and popliteal areas.

Causes boils

main cause of boils is a bacterial infection, usually staphylococcus.After contact with pyogenic bacteria in this organism, it develops an inflammatory process.

In addition, there are some factors that provoke the development of this disease.

Lack of personal hygiene.Most often boils occur in people with oily skin type.Increased sebum secretion promotes more rapid contamination of the face, neck and other parts of the body.In the absence of the necessary skin care, any minor damage to it, no

t treated with antibacterial drugs, can become a gateway infection.This causes boils.

hypothermia or hyperthermia.The disease often develops at constant overcooling or overheating of the body.He is more prone to people whose professional activity is related to the long stay in the open air.

diseases of internal organs.Often the reason boils are recently transferred or chronic illness.Usually it is a disease in which there is a violation of hormonal background, the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (cholecystitis, dysbacteriosis, gastritis), endocrine and urinary systems.Often, abrasions can be a symptom of diabetes.

Another reason boils experts call the reduction in human immunity.To this cause constant stress, improper diet, lack of vitamins, smoking, alcohol abuse.

Furunculosis in children occurs much more frequently than in adults.This is due to the imperfection of the age of the immune system, more frequent skin injury.In addition, children are often in contact with contaminated objects.The most common abrasions in children occurs in adolescence.During this time, children are exposed to hormonal changes the body, frequent stress, unhealthy diet.

clinical picture

Furunculosis disease begins with the formation around the hair follicle small purulent inflammatory infiltrate (focus of inflammation, containing cellular elements with an admixture of blood and lymph).After 2-3 days, the inflammatory process involves the hair follicle, sebaceous gland contiguous surrounding connective tissue.Furuncle looks conical assembly, which rises above the skin.The emerging focus of inflammation causes skin swelling and throbbing pain.

On 3-4th day in the center of the infiltrate formed fluctuation zone.When you click on it you can feel in the cavity of the follicle resilient movement of purulent discharge.Around the hair the formation of a fistula.

pus and forms a small ulcer After opening boils elements.On its bottom visible greenish necrotic core that is the hallmark symptom of boils.After a few days the rod extends with a small amount of blood and purulent masses.After his rejection inflammation begins to subside.To subside the swelling of tissues, reduces pain.

After boil crater formed a deep ulcer, which contains the remains of necrotic masses and pus.Abnormal balances are gradually moving away form or chronic furunculosis.Ulcer fills granulation tissue (connective tissue that forms during wound healing) and appears retracted scar.The size and depth of the scar depends on the size of the necrotic area in the center of the boil.

With the development of multiple boils health of the patient deteriorates significantly increases the overall body temperature.Especially hard it proceeds abrasions in young children.

Treatment boils

Treatment of boils can be general and local.

total therapy involves the elimination of the disease, which led to the development of a boil or conducting restorative treatments to improve the patient's immune system.Antibiotics are used for abrasions in severe disease.In addition, the patient is prescribed the ingestion of anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin complexes, bracing means.

the topical treatment of boils conducted antibiotic therapy, pain management, preventing the spread of infection.

At the stage of maturation boil the skin around them is treated with antiseptics.Topical antibiotics for abrasions used for injecting the affected area with the purpose of non-proliferation of purulent process.

use crystalline salicylic sodium to accelerate the rejection of the rod.

In some cases, an autopsy carried out under local anesthesia boil.Thereafter remove necrotic mass and washed with wound of 3% hydrogen peroxide.Then the bandage is applied with erythromycin, sintomitsinovoy ointment levomikol.

At all stages of the treatment of boils patient is prescribed physiotherapy techniques.To avoid complications during electrophoresis using antibiotics for abrasions.In addition dosed appoint UHF therapy, ultraviolet irradiation, ozone therapy.

Successful treatment of boils is impossible without a thorough personal hygiene.All cuts and scratches need to immediately process aseptic solutions.Obligatory is the frequent change of bedding and underwear.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of diseases

Folk remedies for abrasions can be used in conjunction with conventional treatment.There are many recipes for internal and topical use.

1.Smeshivayut four parts Viola tricolor, three pieces of leaves of wild strawberry, burdock root, the two parts of yarrow flowers, black currant leaves, nettle flowers, grass succession, one part walnut walnut leaves.20 g of the resulting mixture is poured liter of water, brought to a boil and boiled at low heat for 10 minutes.The cooled broth filtered.Take 20 grams every hour.

2.Effektivno proven following folk remedies for abrasions.Fresh onion baked in the oven and mixed with soap in a ratio of 2: 1.The mixture is applied to the bandage and applied to boils.Repeat 4-5 times per day.

3.Smeshivayut olive oil with aloe juice in a ratio of 1: 1.Gauze dipped in the mixture and applied to boils.The bandage is fixed and leave at night.Every day a fresh towel change.

4.Porovnu take a series of grass and leaves of bilberry.10 g of a mixture is brewed cup of boiling water, insist hour.Infusion taking 50 g three times a day 30 minutes before meal.

Before you take folk remedies for abrasions, you must consult your doctor.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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