Dental Fluorosis - Causes, Symptoms , Treatments


1. symptoms

2. Forms of dental fluorosis

3. development of dental fluorosis in children

4. treatment of disease

Fluorosis -disease, which occurs as a result of intake of high amounts of fluoride over time.

There are two types of the disease - endemic and professional.

endemic fluorosis of the teeth such as is found in some areas.It relates to the use of water in foods containing high amounts of fluoride.

Fluorosis professional type appears in the people who work in manufacturing, where the fluorine content in the air exceeds the permissible limits.

Basically symptoms of fluorosis are changes in the enamel of the teeth or bones disease.

Sanitary norms regulate the maximum allowable concentration of fluoride in the water.It should not be above 1.5 mg / l.When an excess amount of fluoride is most often affects children between the bones of the skeleton bookmarks and molars.Even a slight increase in the fluorine content causes a sharp increase in the number of children

who develop fluorosis.

critical concentration of fluorine in the water for adults is 6 mg / l.At this concentration may develop pathological processes in the tooth enamel and bone tissue.


Endemic dental fluorosis manifests in childhood defeat molars.Depending on the complexity of the disease on the teeth appear white or brown spots, erosion, increased fragility of enamel, its abrasion.When the fluorine concentration in water over 6 - 10 mg / l initial forms bone lesions may develop in children.

When professional fluorosis is usually reduced joint mobility, there is a pain in the bones and joints.Severe disease often causes muscle weakness, disorders of the autonomic nervous system, liver.

Forms of dental fluorosis

There are the following forms of dental fluorosis.

dashed form.It is characterized by the formation of subtle, light strips in the subsurface layers of enamel.Most often this form of the disease affects the anterior teeth - central, lateral incisors, canines.

Spotted form dental fluorosis.Over the crown of the tooth formed chalky stains.In the center of the tooth color of the spots more intense than at the edges.

chalky-speckled form.Stained teeth amazed.In this form of tooth enamel fluorosis has a matte finish.In the background are clearly visible yellow or dark brown spots.

Erosive form.Erased tooth enamel stains on the spot, and erosion formed.Dental Fluorosis gets rather complicated form.

destructive forms.There is destruction of teeth crowns, solid tissue erased.

development of dental fluorosis in children

fluorosis affects children who live in areas with high concentration of fluoride in drinking water.At the same time they are there from birth or early childhood, when there is mineralization and formation of tissues of children's teeth.By linking calcium salts, fluoride removes them from the body.In addition, he acts on the toxic emailloblast (internal cells of the enamel organ).All this leads to incorrect formation enamel softening bone.The bone becomes fragile, easily chipped off the enamel, developing fluorosis in children.Proved negative impact of fluoride on the thyroid gland, which also contributes to the violation of mineralization of enamel.

Even at risk fluorosis in children does not occur very often.He is more prone to the weakened children who have had severe disease.It is also found fluorosis in children who consistently eat food with high content of fluorine or are bottle-fed.Usually dental fluorosis subject to permanent teeth, milk sick much less often.

treatment of disease

choice of method of treatment dental fluorosis depends on the severity of the disease.

only the color of tooth enamel fluorosis me at mild.In this case only whitening and remineralization therapy.Treatment with fluorosis therapy is remineralizing tooth enamel saturation of phosphorus and calcium compounds.Penetrating into the dental hard tissues, these compounds restore and strengthen them.This procedure is carried out with the help of electricity and phonophoresis or applications.For the treatment of initial stages of fluorosis successfully used Remodent - a drug that is derived from animal bones.In its structure contains a set of macro-and micronutrients used for remineralization of enamel.When applying the preparation on tooth enamel, nutrients actively penetrate into its surface layer, restoring the structure of the enamel.

When dental fluorosis of moderate and severe tooth enamel integrity violated.In these forms of teeth whitening is not effective.In these cases, for the treatment of dental fluorosis using aesthetic restoration techniques.The most commonly used ceramic veneers (composite or porcelain plates) or direct restoration of the patients teeth light-curing composites.

In severe lesions of dental tissues using orthopedic treatment of dental fluorosis.Typically, restore damaged teeth using dental crowns.

In order to prevent dental fluorosis is necessary to change the source of drinking water.The diet should be rich in vitamins, proteins, salts, phosphorus and calcium.Be sure to exclude foods rich in fluorine - sea fish, melted butter, fatty meat, strong tea.To care for your teeth is good to use a paste containing calcium glycerophosphate.


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