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1. abscesses, cellulitis face, neck abscess

2. Phlegmon brush

3. symptoms of cellulitis

4. Treatment cellulitis

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Phlegmon - purulent inflammation of soft tissues, characterized by fairly rapid spread in the muscles, tendons and tissue, as well as the impregnation of exudate.Should distinguish abscess and phlegmon in which affected parts are usually separated from the surrounding tissue membrane.For cellulitis characterized by localization in any part of the body and internal organs may be affected when running the form.

Staphylococci, Streptococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa can play the role of the main pathogens of purulent cellulitis of the neck, face, hands or other body parts.Obligate anaerobes that are actively multiplying in the complete absence of oxygen, can cause the development of severe disease.

abscesses, cellulitis face, neck abscess

often develop abscesses and abscesses of the face and neck caused by the prevalence of odontogenic a

nd tonsillogenic infection.Further factors that stimulate the development of the disease can become infectious and inflammatory skin lesions and mucous membranes of the mouth.

fact that admaxillary area and neck area have a fairly complex anatomical structure.It is in this part of the body are numerous lymph nodes, vessels, cellular spaces, arteries and veins, which together are excellent conditions for the emergence and development of cellulitis of the neck or facial cellulitis.

Thus, the main difference between abscess and phlegmon of the neck and face is that an abscess - a certain accumulation of pus in tissues or internal organs, while the abscess of the neck or face - is diffuse inflammation of the adipose tissue, accompanied by copious pus.Most often abscess person manifests itself in the form of odontogenic cellulitis, the focus of which is usually localized in podzhevatelnoy kletchatochnyh region in canine pit or tissue in the mouth.

Phlegmon brush

Phlegmon brush, as well as face and neck abscess is a general purulent inflammation of the upper and deep tissues of the hands.Non-specific pyogenic microflora is a key factor in the emergence and spread of cellulitis brush.Also often contents cellulitis brush can detect anaerobes.

This disease can be the result of any inflammatory skin diseases, as well as mechanical damage to the external tissues, obtained as a result of a blow or a fall.Phlegmon brushes can be divided into several main groups: cellulitis interdigital, thenar and hypothenar space, central, or median, and preaponevroticheskie subaponevroticheskie, U-shaped phlegmon of the hand and forearm, the back of the hand.Often it

corn may be the main reason for the appearance and development of the subcutaneous form of the disease.Due to traumatic injuries countless mass of pathogens can get a real opportunity to penetrate deep into the tissues, where it will begin the process of suppuration.It should also be noted that a favorable anatomical structure of subcutaneous fat brush also plays a role in the selection of localization phlegmon brush.Thus, the brush have sufficiently favorable for the reproduction of microorganisms and disease development properties, which create the necessary conditions.

subcutaneous felon fingers often lead subsequently to the development of cellulitis interdigital spaces.Due to the subcutaneous fat pus can spread itself to your finger and interdigital gap.

symptoms of cellulitis

Among the main symptoms associated with the occurrence of the disease can be identified redness, skin temperature rise in the area of ​​injury, swelling, and soreness.All these symptoms are usually manifested in the presence of an inflammatory process.Thus, any injury and damage to the skin can grow and develop under the influence of cellulitis.

It should be noted that there are real cellulitis disease-imitators, the first signs of which are very similar to phlegmon.One of these diseases is a hemostatic dermatitis, which manifests itself in the form of scaly redness on the shins and ankles.

Affected skin may be strong enough to bear the pain, there may be swelling and infiltration of tissues.If the disease has spread to the superficial layers of the subcutaneous tissue, the skin may experience redness.Also abscess, usually accompanied by general weakness, fever, thirst and chills.

Pronounced and rapidly developing cellulitis symptoms may be indicative of the depth of the disease.In this case, there may be lowering blood pressure, rapid weak pulse, shortness of breath, akrotsianoz, oliguria, and yellowness of the skin.

emergence of infiltration woody density with a bluish tinge may indicate acceptance of the chronic form of cellulitis.

Treatment cellulitis

to start treatment cellulitis face, hands or other parts of the body should determine the exact cause of the inflammation on the skin.As a rule, an occupational therapist can put a diagnosis on the analysis of medical history and conduct a complete inspection.In some cases it is necessary to count and leukocyte bakloseve.

For the treatment of cellulitis using different types of antibiotics that are effective in the fight against staphylococci.If the patient is allergic to penicillin, or the cause of the spread of cellulitis are other bacteria, for the treatment of cellulitis other types of antibiotics should be used.

If after a certain period of regular treatment cellulitis with antibiotics does not occur the positive results, the physician should refer to other methods.The fact that the inflammation may be due to an autoimmune disorder.In this case, the treatment should be based on the use of corticosteroids.

The main and perhaps the most effective treatment for this disease is surgery.At the beginning of the disease used antibiotics and physiotherapy, prescribed certain drugs to help increase the body's defenses patient.If a positive effect is observed for some time, it is necessary required surgery.The earlier carry out the operation, the faster you can stop the process and purulent intoxication.


disease basic measures to prevent the occurrence and development of the disease is to minimize the risk of a variety of micro traumas at work and at home.Also, be aware of the rules of first aid for wounds, as well as the presence of foreign bodies intruded.


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