Phimosis in boys and adults - treatment , surgery


1. symptoms of phimosis

2. Causes of phimosis

3. Complications

4. Treatment of phimosis

5. Prevention

Phimosis is narrowing hole foreskin.In this or illness does not open the head of the penis, or open, but difficult and painful sensations.As a rule, phimosis in boys is innate.Almost all healthy boys under the age of 3 years have seen physiological phimosis, which is not a pathology.The reason for this phenomenon - epithelial adhesion of the glans penis with the inner surface of the foreskin.In the absence of any problem in 3-6 years in the narrow opening of the foreskin of the child stretched, so it is possible to complete the opening of the penis head.However, it happens that the prepuce loses its elasticity due to injury or illness.In this case, may develop acquired phimosis.This phimosis in children and adults manifested as a consequence of a disease of the penis and can be permanent or temporary.


Symptoms The main symptom of phimosis in boys is the i

nability to expose and bring the head of the penis.Sometimes this condition does not cause the baby any discomfort, but most of phimosis in children leads to problems with urination.During urination child can greatly push and show concern.As a result, the urine still falls into the preputial cavity is inflated and allows urine to pass through a narrow opening in a thin stream or drops.

In some cases, phimosis in adults and children accompanied by an inflammatory process, whose symptoms are pain in the foreskin and head of the penis, and purulent discharge from the opening of the foreskin.In this case the patient's body temperature increases, the lymph nodes increased.If the disease becomes paraphimosis in the head of the penis appear severe pain, it increases in size and becomes blue.In this case, the only treatment is becoming urgent surgery phimosis.

When phimosis adults sometimes there are problems with potency, the cause of which lies in the psychological discomfort due to pain during intercourse.

Causes of phimosis Phimosis

adult male penis is the result of injury, followed by the formation of scar tissue.This leads to the fact that the foreskin is narrowed, and the patient appears cicatricial phimosis.Acquired phimosis can also be caused by inflammation of the foreskin.In some cases, the cause of phimosis in children is becoming a genetic predisposition to the disease due to insufficient volume of elastic connective tissue component.


If the patient suffers from severe phimosis, it can be observed stagnation of smegma - a fat-like secretions released by the glands of the foreskin.As a result, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that leads to the development of the inflammatory process.

If phimosis in boys and men of the 4th degree of the foreskin is narrowed as much as possible, which is why there are obstacles to the timely flow of urine.This leads to serious disruptions in the mechanism of the outflow of urine, and against this background that the patient may develop an infection in the urethra.

Another complication of phimosis in adult males is paraphimosis.This disease is a violation of the glans penis constricted foreskin.Paraphimosis occurs when a man tries to expose the head of the penis during intercourse.Such infringement provokes swelling of the head of the penis, which leads to the fact that over time it will be impossible to straighten back.The head is blue and become painful.With this complication of phimosis operation is a must.

Due to the injury of the foreskin in patients with phimosis can develop all kinds of inflammation.Injuries and the accumulation of smegma in prepuce cause balanoposthitis (inflammation of the foreskin and the glans penis).This disease is accompanied by pain and itching of the glans.If phimosis in children and adults III and IV stages of foreskin may adhere to the head.With this closely observed epithelial adhesion of the foreskin and head.This leads to the appearance of adhesions.Treatment of phimosis in this case should only be carried out surgically.

The most dangerous complication of phimosis is a cancer of the penis.It is believed that the cause lies in the prolonged stagnation of smegma in prepuce.

Treatment of phimosis

Drug treatment of phimosis is the application on the foreskin and penis head corticosteroid ointments.Such procedures should be carried out systematically for a long time.Under the influence of ointment tissue elasticity of the foreskin increases, which is why it is better to stretch.Furthermore, the use of glucocorticoids promotes healing of microcracks, it helps to relieve the swelling and inflammation.

Nemedikmentoznoe phimosis treatment at home involves the gradual stretching of the foreskin.Doctors recommend a daily basis to pull the foreskin over the head of the penis for 5-10 minutes.A similar procedure is best done while taking a bath, because at this time, the skin becomes more elastic.

If the foreskin is no scarring and it is sufficiently elastic, it is possible to apply the method of stretching the foreskin.This procedure is performed with local anesthesia in a hospital.

as surgical treatment of phimosis is sometimes practiced plastic surgery foreskin.Its purpose - to increase the diameter of the preputial ring without excision of the prepuce.

phimosis operations currently used to treat phimosis III and IV.This method should be used only under the condition that all other methods failed.Operation of phimosis in boys is the separation of adhesions prepuce.If the foreskin is dotted with scars, during phimosis surgery performed their excision.phimosis operations are effective in 99-100% of cases.

Prevention For prevention of phimosis in the adult should follow the basic rules of hygiene of the penis.It must be at least 2 times a day displace the skin of the foreskin, and thoroughly wash the glans penis clean water.

Equally important penis health and for the prevention of phimosis in children.In order to prevent inflammation of the glans penis, it is recommended to bathe the boy in a broth of herbs with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


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