Fibroadenoma breast cancer - symptoms , treatment and removal


1. Symptoms fibroadenoma

2. Diagnostics

3. treatment of fibroadenomas

4. Treatment folk methods

fibroadenoma - a tumor of breastcancer, which has good and consists of fibrous and glandular tissue.

benign quite common among adolescents, women in menopause.It consists fibroadenoma of the breast epithelium and stroma.The proportion of these elements is different, in this connection distinguish intrakanalikulyarnuyu and perikanalikulyarnuyu fibroadenoma.Most common benign tumors of mixed type.

Symptoms fibroadenoma

Typical symptoms fibroadenomas should be noted the emergence of a solid to the touch, painless, movable, single, slow-growing tumors in the breast.There is a phenomenon, as a rule, women of childbearing age.A benign tumor is round or ovoid shape, is elastic and has a smooth surface.

According to statistics, 90% of the structures have dimensions of about three centimeters in diameter, while the remaining 10% of tumors in diameter account for more than four

centimeters and are found in women under 20 years.

There fibroadenoma symptoms in men, but this is a very rare phenomenon, which is mainly due to the anti-androgen treatment.

Diagnosis Diagnosis of breast fibroadenoma is carried out by clinical and ultrasound examination.The most effective ways to detect the disease is breast palpation, mammography.Methods of diagnosis include the implementation of the tissue biopsy, which eliminates the suspicion of developing breast cancer.

Treatment fibroadenoma

In many cases, treatment involves surgery fibroadenoma, which is aimed at complete removal of fibroadenoma with a small margin of normal breast tissue.

reliable method of diagnosis is a biopsy on the basis of which doctors make decisions about the need to remove the fibroadenoma, or a method of clinical research, allowing to monitor the lesion and the growth of breast fibroadenoma.

fibroadenoma Surgical treatment is not carried out if the growth rate in women under 50 years of age is less than 60% per month, in women older than 50 years - 30% less than a month.

There breast fibroadenomas, which are amenable to treatment ormeloksifenom.Modern methods of treatment is ehoterapiya, which is the application of high performance focused ultrasound.As a result of tissue heating procedure occurs, leading to the destruction of tumor cells.

fibroadenoma removal can be carried out as a result of a procedure such as cryosurgery. cryosurgery method consists in the fact that the abnormal tissue cells are destroyed by cold nitrogen.This procedure is safe and highly effective.It is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.The advantage of the procedure is minimal compared to the amount of scarring with surgically removing the fibroadenoma.

Doctors recommend to carry out the removal of fibroadenoma using kriodestrutsii in the presence of the following symptoms fibroadenoma:

  • histological confirmation of the diagnosis;
  • tumor diameter greater than 4 cm;
  • neoplasm should be sonographically visible.

Treatment folk methods

When symptoms fibroadenoma, traditional medicine recommends the following tips:

  • Take 200 grams of fungus, cognac, aloe juice, add 50 g of St. John's wort, yarrow, pine buds, rose hips, sage and honey.Chaga, wrapped in gauze, milled using a hammer.The milled product is placed in an enamel saucepan, add the above herbs, pour the contents of three liters of boiled cooled water.Pan put on low heat.Contents for withstand fire for several hours, but it should not boil.After two hours the pan off the heat, wrap a blanket and leave for infusion for 24 hours.Content strain through cheesecloth, add the juice of aloe and honey brandy.Take a teaspoon 30 minutes before eating.After 6 days of treatment to increase the dose up to a tablespoon.Take the infusion of 3-24 weeks.
  • Take 20 grams of licorice, meadowsweet, the roots of Polygonum snake, swamp Belozor, hawthorn, barberry, galangal, marsh cinquefoil, valerian, dandelion, thorns, comfrey root of sweet flag, Kermes, elderberry, burnet, branchy Sitnikov, burdock root, red geranium, rose, nard, 60 grams of the root Filipendula six-petalled.The herbal mixture add 20 g of aggregate fruits fungus, alder, oak bark and viburnum.The resulting mixture was crushed by adding a 3-liter of vodka, insist 30 days.Take before meals 3 times a day for one tablespoon.
  • For the treatment of fibroadenomas is recommended to drink a decoction of chamomile. Prepare decoction of chamomile in a ratio of 10: 200.Take postprandial 100 grams twice a day.
  • To prepare the mixture take 10 g elecampane root, wormwood, chamomile drug, 20 grams of iris root, sweet clover.All herbs grind, grind, mix, add about 800 g of olive or corn oil.Infuse for 24 days, with daily shaking.Infusion of strain.
  • in equal proportions to take juice viburnum and honey.The components mix thoroughly, put in the refrigerator.Take a teaspoon in the morning and evening before meals.Serving for 20 days followed by a break of 20 days.The dose with each subsequent infusion technique is first raised to the dessert spoon, then to tea.
  • mix in equal amounts of chamomile flowers, wheat grass rhizome, fennel fruit, licorice root, and marshmallow.The mixture in an amount of one teaspoon pour a glass of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes.Accepted infusion of three doses during the day.


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