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1. Symptoms faringotraheita

2. disease diagnosis

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4. disease prevention

most common cause of painthroat and one of the most common reasons referral to a specialist is faringotraheit.It is a complex inflammatory disease that combines the symptoms of two distinct diseases of the respiratory tract, nose and throat - pharyngitis and tracheitis.

The disease is equally common in both the adult population and children.Faringotraheit - an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and trachea.The disease can be caused by various bacteria, viruses and fungi.Also, negative factors in the development of the inflammatory process may be dry inhalation, or cold polluted air, the presence of foci of infection in the mouth and nasopharynx or even inhalation of cigarette smoke.As a rule, the disease develops in the background of reduced immunity, so treatment is usually started with faringotraheita purpose of immunomodulatory drugs.

Symptoms faringotraheita

Since faringotraheit is a complex inflammatory disease, then it is clearly expressed during the symptomatology as tracheitis, and pharyngitis.

Especially characteristic are faringotraheita such symptoms as hoarseness, swollen tonsils and giperimirovannye dry heavy coughing without expectoration in the first days of illness.

main symptoms faringotraheita:

  • burning, scratchy and sore throat;
  • tenderness or swollen lymph nodes;
  • sensation of a lump in the throat, pain when swallowing;
  • fever;
  • severe dry cough;
  • malaise;
  • inflammation of the pharynx, red walls and enlargement of the tonsils;

If the disease is in combination with other viral diseases, the symptoms faringotraheita supplemented bronchitis, rhinitis organism intoxication, muscle weakness, fatigue, skin rashes.

faringotraheit In adults most often is the result of the inhalation of toxic substances in cigarette smoke, or as a complication of suffering on their feet, not dolechennogo SARS.The disease is manifested by catarrhal, atrophic or hypertrophic type:

  • catarrhal type is characterized by a general inflammation and swelling of the tissues;
  • atrophic - there is thinning of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and the trachea and the appearance of crusts;
  • hypertrophic - mucous membrane of the pharynx and trachea considerably swell, there are localized pockets of lymphoid inflamed tissue.

In addition, each type of faringotraheita accompanied by severe ongoing pain in the throat and unproductive uncontrolled cough, especially at night.

Children faringotraheita symptoms hoarse, painful cough, which often lasts for several hours, exhausting child.day Illness reminds himself tickling, burning, tingling, pain in the throat and a slight cough.As a rule, children faringotraheit occurs against a background of a respiratory disease.The child coughs loudly and hollowly, like the pipe.A feature of the flow of the disease in children, is a high enough temperature that occurs on a background of hyperemic mucosa, and the rapid flow of disease in asthma, pneumonia or bronchitis.

The disease can occur in acute and chronic indolent form.

Acute faringotraheit begins suddenly and occurs against the backdrop of a high temperature, with bouts of severe dry cough and severe wheezing in trachea.More often than not, it develops acute faringotraheit due to strong supercooling of the body and may be accompanied by a cold or other viral infections.Progressive acute faringotraheit is characterized by severe inflammation of the trachea and larynx tissue, swelling of the mucous membrane of the throat and the appearance of crusts.Symptoms of acute faringotraheita very similar to the symptoms of tonsillitis, so often these are two different diseases confused.Angina affects only the palatine tonsils, and acute faringotraheit affects a fairly large portions of the pharynx.

faringotraheit Chronic hypothermia occurs on the background or is the result of incomplete and ineffective treatment of the acute form.In adults, chronic faringotraheit may develop due to prolonged irritation of the throat tobacco smoke, harmful gases.Provoke the disease can also be foci of infection in the nasopharynx and oral cavity.Chronic faringotraheit accompanied by persistent discomfort in the throat, frequent coughing, scratchy, dry and strong intermittent cough.

disease diagnosis

Faringotraheit diagnosed audiologist and physician (pediatrician) after visual examination of the patient and of pharyngoscope.Additional laboratory and instrumental methods of research also appointed - blood tests, throat swab for infections, ultrasound.

Treatment faringotraheita

adequate therapy for faringotraheite aimed at eliminating the disease provoked factors and the full restoration of the mucous membrane of the trachea and throat.Since most of the disease is associated with impaired immunity, the treatment faringotraheita necessarily begins with restoration of normal functioning of the human immune system.

If the cause of the disease are fungi or bacteria, the treatment includes faringotraheita antibiotics local or systemic action (fusafungine, Gramitsin C).Especially reason for prescribing antibiotics is the case when the causative agent of the disease has become a hemolytic streptococcus.

For the treatment of viral etiology farignotraheita prescribe antiviral drugs.As a general rule, apply a substance containing preservatives in its composition - iodine, chlorhexidine, benzidiamin, thymol.Medicinal substances are used as aerosols, drops, solutions for rinsing wafers.For pain relief in such preparations include local anesthetics - tetracaine, lidocaine, oxybuprocaine.Formulations for topical treatment favorably so that drugs into the bloodstream in a minimum amount, and have the least adverse effect on the human body.

also used in the treatment of faringotraheita additional treatments - thermal treatments, inhalation, physiotherapy.In the case of withdrawal of sputum difficult prescribe expectorants with plantain, marshmallow root and licorice.To ease the night of heavy coughing should moisten the air in the room to raise the head of the bed at night to drink hot milk to which you want to add a little mineral water.

toxic type of disease Treatment starts with avoidance of contact with hazardous substances and smoking cessation.

disease prevention

course, to insure against faringotraheita difficult, but overall good condition of the body, help to effectively resist any viruses and microbes that try to penetrate into the body.To increase the body's immunity is possible by means of constant physical activity, hardening, nutrition, sunbathing.It is necessary to exclude all harmful factors that trigger the disease - alcohol consumption, smoking and fully restore the impaired nasal breathing.Avoid hypothermia and regularly undergo planned medical examination.


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