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Pharyngitis - is an infectious disease of the throat, accompanied by inflammation of the mucous membrane and lymph nodes.Among the diseases of upper respiratory tract pharyngitis in children is the most common ailment.It is rarely an independent disease and is often associated with inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

Causes The main cause of this disease is a long-term inhalation of contaminated air or cold, as well as the negative impact of certain chemical irritants (eg, tobacco and alcohol).Infectious pharyngitis develops under the influence of a variety of microbes, fungi and viruses.Often the disease develops as a result of the spread of infection from the source of inflammation, which is located next to the pharynx.So pharyngitis can occur when dental caries, sinusitis and rhinitis.With regard to chronic pharyngitis, it can deve

lop in the upper respiratory tract infections, as well as prolonged irritation of the throat with dust, soot, alcohol and other mechanical and chemical agents.


pharyngitis Pharyngitis is an acute or chronic.Acute pharyngitis is developed immediately after exposure of mucous pharynx any aggressive stimulus.By etiological factor such pharyngitis classified into viral, fungal, bacterial, traumatic, allergic, and also caused by various stimuli (hot liquid or steam, alkalis, acids, radiation, and so forth.).

Chronic pharyngitis can occur as a consequence of an untreated strep throat, and as an independent disease, which arose during prolonged irritation of the mucous membranes of the pharynx.In this phase of the course of the disease are distinguished exacerbation and remission.Depending on the nature of the changes in the mucosa of chronic pharyngitis are classified into catarrhal, hypertrophic and atrophic.Quite often you can observe the combination of symptoms of pharyngitis of different species.

symptoms of pharyngitis

Strep accompanied by tickling, discomfort, dryness and pain in the throat when swallowing.These symptoms of pharyngitis is sometimes added weakness, malaise, and a small rise in temperature.Infants can not complain of discomfort, so you need to pay attention to the child's behavior: if the baby became restless, disturbed his sleep and appetite - this may be a sign that the child is ill.On palpation may experience symptoms of pharyngitis is sore and swollen lymph nodes in the neck.On examination of the throat is marked hyperemia pharyngeal wall can be enlarged tonsils.

In chronic pharyngitis symptoms are less pronounced.The patient complains of dryness and sore throat, often accompanied by a painful dry cough.On the back of the throat mucus appears.

Pharyngitis in children younger than two years occurs in more severe and often associated with acute catarrhal rhinitis and inflammation of the nasal mucosa.In this case, manifested acute rhinitis symptoms: profuse nasal discharge, violation of nasal breathing.

Treatment pharyngitis

In acute or chronic course of the disease is not accompanied by a marked general condition of the patient illness, it is enough symptomatic treatment of pharyngitis, which includes a sparing diet, gargling, inhalations, hot compress on his neck, hot footbath and milk with honey.Pharyngitis without complications do not require antibiotics.In this case, recommend topical antimicrobial therapy (gargling, inhalation, insufflation, lozenges and tablets).Preparations in the form of lollipops (Faringosept, Septolete, Strepsils, Neo-Angin, Faringopils et al.) Are effective in mild forms of the disease.

As a rule, pharyngitis prescribe antiseptic preparations.This may be chlorhexidine, ambazone, hexetidine, and benzydamine. In addition, used oil, and ester local anesthetics (menthol, lidocaine, tetracaine).

To reduce the pain, you can gargle with warm solution furatsillina, a weak solution of potassium permanganate solution hlorofillipta, eucalyptus, sea salt, and others.

Infants and young children can not dissolve the tablets and gargle, so for the treatment of pharyngitis in children prescribedonly irrigation with antiseptic throat sprays (Ingalipt, Geksoral, Proposol, Stop angina Kameton) and drinking plenty of fluids.

In bacterial pharyngitis treatment may also include antibacterial agents of local action - Geksasprey and Bioparox.Children under two years of such spray should be used with caution.

To secure treatment of acute pharyngitis in the recovery period, as well as for the treatment of pharyngitis in the chronic form of practicing throat lubrication solutions protargola and Lugol.

During treatment, do not smoke and drink alcohol.From the diet excludes all irritating food (spicy, salty, sour, hot, cold).In addition, it is recommended abundant warm drink - milk with honey, tea with lemon and other

pharyngitis Treatment folk remedies

practice widely used treatment for pharyngitis folk remedies..First of all, it decoctions of herbs that can be used inside and used for gargling.As recommended drinking camomile tea, blackberry and mint and raspberry leaf decoction.

To prepare herbal, effective in the treatment of pharyngitis folk remedies, take equal parts of fruit of fennel, chamomile flowers, mint leaves and sage.Tablespoons chopped mixture of herbs pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes and use for gargling.If any form of pharyngitis folk remedies in the form of raw potato juice, tincture of blueberry leaves and decoction of berries shown to be effective medications for sore throat gargle.

Children under 5 years old usually do not know how to gargle properly, so when pharyngitis in children better lubricate the throat and make inhalation.Treatment of pharyngitis in children include inhalation with infusion of chamomile, sage, calendula, oak bark and pine buds.They have analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.Dryness in the throat can be alleviated soda inhalations.

Another effective folk remedy for sore throat - lubrication tonsils extract of propolis.For this purpose, one part 10% alcoholic extract of propolis mixed with two parts of peach oil or glycerine.The resulting infusion is used for lubrication of the rear wall of the pharynx in the treatment of pharyngitis in children and adults.


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