Knee injury - causes, symptoms , treatment , consequences


1. Causes and symptoms of knee injury

2. Consequences knee injury

3. First Aid

4. Treatment

knee injury- one of the most common injuries in the lower extremities of modern medicine.In addition, this injury is characteristic not only for adults but also for the youngest children.Despite the seeming harmlessness of a knee injury, such injury can carry quite a serious danger to the health of the affected organism.Not many are aware of the seriousness of the situation, especially if the injury takes place, accompanied by various kinds of complications.It should be noted that even the most ordinary bruise can carry extremely unpleasant consequences.Despite the lack of specific prevention of injuries, there is a specialized treatment, which should be promptly started.There are also cases where a banal knee injury was the cause of severe pain in the joints, occurred several years after the injury.

Causes and symptoms of knee injury

In most cases, the child's knee injury is

caused by increased activity inherent in children.The cause of such injury appears, as a rule, fall or a blow on the knee of an object.Sometimes even an ordinary jogging or skating in the winter can cause damage to the knee joint.Ligament rupture, resulting in excessive deflection tibia direction, can provoke a knee injury.Most often, this problem affects people engaged in sports such as athletics, football, martial arts and others.

Among the main symptoms of knee injury can distinguish sharp localized pain, which at times becomes unbearable character.There are also symptoms of a knee injury, as a color change in the appearance of lesions and swelling of the knee joint, which occurs as a result of hemarthrosis (bleeding into the joint).In addition, among the other symptoms of knee injury can be identified in the restriction of joint habitual movements.This circumstance is due to the occurrence of acute pain at the time of movement.Strong enough injury can cause temporary loss of consciousness due to pain shock.

If symptoms of knee injury are too slow or do not disappear completely, be sure to consult your doctor for advice.

Consequences knee injury

most harmless consequence of a knee injury - a small abrasion or bruise on the knee.The fortunate situation may occur only a small temporary aesthetic defect.Development sufficiently serious consequences of a knee injury in the damaged spot is possible when necessary qualified medical care was not provided in a timely manner.

Among the most common effects of the knee injury can be identified meniscus inflammation that occurs as a rule, against the backdrop of traumatic injuries of the knee joint.The disease can become chronic with the untimely elimination of damage.In this situation, there is a possibility of cystic degeneration and regeneration of the meniscus.

Among other symptoms of knee injury may be noted fluid accumulation in this area, the main manifestation of which is the formation of joint swelling and edema of varying degrees.Thus, patients reported pain in characteristic lesions.

partial ligament rupture or stretching are also consequences of a knee injury that develop as a result of a sufficiently strong direct blow to the knee, and kick in the front, rear or side part.After complete rupture of knee ligaments lose the ability to move, and then stretching it to become more stiffness.

First Aid First Aid

in this situation is to ensure maximum protection of the damaged joint, eliminating even the lightest load.It is recommended to carry out cold treatments, contributing to a spasm of blood vessels, thereby reducing the scale of internal bleeding.The main objective in the provision of first aid is to stop the growth of hemarthrosis as hematoma facilitates compression of the nerve endings and provokes intense pain.In the event that the incident occurred on the street and limited limb movement, you should immediately call an ambulance.Before the arrival of the affected physicians need to sit on a bench and lift the injured leg, in order to minimize the flow of blood.Swift and effective recovery largely depends on the quality of primary treatment knee injury.


Treatment knee injury in the presence of severe pain is primarily in the conduct of anesthesia under the supervision of a physician with the help of various drugs.In the treatment of knee injury are usually used, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Analgin, Ketanov, diclofenac and others.In some cases, the treatment of a knee injury, various ointments from bruises.

In order to eliminate edema and pain reduction is performed puncture of the knee joint, and sucked the blood accumulated in it.After that, the damaged area is applied a bandage fixing, limiting movement and warming the injured area.It does not self-medicate, because it can provoke the development of various complications.

the first time after injury should be limited to any physical stress on the injured leg.It should be noted that the duration of the recovery period in this case could be delayed, as the knee is constantly in motion.As a rule, the victim corresponding appointed physiotherapy.Among the most common ointments containing in its composition analgesic and anti-inflammatory components, used in the treatment of knee injury can be isolated Fastum gel Lioton, Traumel C and others.For the purpose of speedy and efficient healing of the knee joint are also used chondroprotective agents.Traditional medicine in this case suggests the use of ointments on the basis of pork fat with plantain leaves and ointments on the basis of cinquefoil.The process of restoring normal knee injury usually takes about two to three weeks.In more severe cases, the recovery period can be stretched considerably.


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