Bruise - Symptoms , assistance , possible consequences


1. Bruising and its symptoms

2. consequences of injuries

3. Help for bruises

Contusion - a closed injury of tissues and organs, whichIt does not violate their structure, and which is sufficient to obtain a random hit with a blunt object, or simply fail to fall.In mild cases, the damaged superficial tissues - skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles.In severe cases suffer from soft tissue, which are pressed down to the bones at the time of injury.After the injury might occur, slight or intense pain, swelling, bleeding.

This article will discuss the symptoms of the injury and how to be treated after the injury first aid.

Bruising and its symptoms

Usually after injury clinical picture seen there: damage to the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, damage to blood vessels and nerves in the area of ​​trauma, bleeding.Typical symptoms are localized injury to the damaged spot - it's a pain, vascular rupture with subsequent formation of a hematoma and edema.The pain appears in the time

of injury, its intensity depends on the severity of the injury.Then an hour or two a temporary improvement occurs, after which the intensity of pain increases again.This is due to the increase of the hematoma, hemorrhage or edema increased.

main symptom of injury - hematoma - occurs due to accumulation of blood in the tissue.But sometimes blood fills adjacent to the injured area of ​​the cavity.A condition where the blood gets into the joint cavity, called hemarthrosis.When bleeding from the injury of small vessels is stopped within a few minutes of large - for a day or more.The skin at the site of injury, there is one of the main symptoms of injury - a bruise, which has a purple-bluish color in the first three days, then it becomes blue and yellow, until eventually turn yellow on the fifth day.After injury

usually observed swelling, which eventually passes, and the motion or pressure on the injury may occur pain or discomfort which also passes over time.

consequences of injuries

Depending on the location and extent of damage, the effects of injuries can be quite serious:

- Shin.If the injury falls on the anterior-surface of the tibia in the area where the skin and the bones separated only by subcutaneous tissue, skin necrosis can occur, followed by her rejection.Painful bruises, detachment and shallow skin wounds accompany almost every injury and fraught with infection.

- periosteum.In areas where bone reserved only a small amount of soft tissue injury can lead to delamination of the periosteum, bone fractures, and fractures.

- Joints.Such trauma leads to disruption of joint function - for several hours increases the volume of the joint and pain, which increases with movement prevents bend or straighten limb.

- Head.Depending on the severity of the injury can cause a harmless swelling or concussion of the brain, to further indicate injury symptoms such as loss of consciousness, weakness, nausea and vomiting.

- Neck.The consequences include injuries like damage to soft tissue, as well as a violation of cerebral circulation.

- Spina.Trauma leads to disruption of the spinal cord blood circulation, after which the victim numb hands or feet, disturbed muscle function.

- Thorax.Damage to this surface area may affect the soft tissue.The blow of sufficient strength can not just stop breathing, and heartbeat.

- Belly.The consequence of abdominal injury can be damage to the liver or spleen and related internal bleeding.

Help for bruises

After the injury the victim usually needs first aid, the amount of which depends on the degree of damage.

Such consequences of injuries like bruises or external bleeding require treatment with antiseptic and sterile bandages overlay.Exfoliation of the skin characteristic of multiple injuries and internal injuries require delivery of the victim to the hospital in the immobilized state, treatment injury has been held on an outpatient basis.In severe injury can occur stop breathing or heart rate, which requires immediate resuscitation - artificial respiration and heart massage.Sometimes the consequences of injuries is not immediately noticeable: the victim usually feels pain and is not always able to adequately assess their condition.But if there is a suspicion of damage to internal organs, it is necessary to immobilize the victim and deliver on your hands or a stretcher to the nearest emergency room.

If the situation does not require immediate hospitalization, injury treatment can be reduced to the following manipulations:

- Local application of cold.Apply an ice pack, cold lotions, or simply send a jet of cold water, it will help reduce the pain and stop the small hemorrhages.Cold as an aid for bruises effective only during the first hours.

- a pressure bandage.Superimposed on the site of the injury immediately after the injury.

- Rest.The best help with injury.When the hand injury is possible to fix its triangular bandage, the injured leg is fixed in the raised position.

- Heat treatments.Further treatment is carried out by injury warmers, warm baths, warm compresses - it promotes the resorption of hematomas.

- Restorative procedure.For the treatment of injury on an outpatient basis, usually appointed medical gymnastics, physiotherapy, electrophoresis, massage.


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