Nodular goiter - symptoms , extent , methods of treatment


1. The causes of nodular goiter

2. symptoms

3. Degrees nodular goiter

4. disease treatment

5. Folktreatment of nodular goiter

nodular goiter - a disease associated with the increase of the thyroid gland and the formation of nodal structures in it.

This disease refers to the most common thyroid disease.Women suffer nodular goiter four times more often than men.

The causes of nodular goiter

human thyroid tissue consists of a large number of follicles.Each of these has the form of microscopic cell sphere inside which is a colloidal substance.thyroid node can be a single enlarged follicles, multiple follicles (multinodular goiter), a few follicles, soldered together, a tumor that has developed from the follicle or follicular cyst.

exact cause of nodular goiter is not known.

One of the factors causing the disease, called the lack of iodine in drinking water.However, the statistics say that the number of people with nodular goiter in areas of residence with normal i

odine content, not much less than in the disadvantaged on the grounds.

process of increasing the follicles and the formation of cysts begins with changes in the body, which increases the load on the thyroid gland.Often this is in some hereditary diseases, stress, adverse changes in the environment.Many doctors have expressed the view that certain types of nodular goiter - age-related changes in the thyroid gland.


symptoms of nodular goiter is generally expressed little or non-existent.The only manifestations of the disease are themselves Education - nodes and cysts.The patient has no complaints.Only when significant amounts of nodes person can experience symptoms of nodular goiter - a sense of compression of the neck.Some patients are more concerned about a cosmetic defect.

In the case of this type of goitre is diffuse nodular, the patient shows signs of disease.At the same time the symptoms of nodular goiter are identical to the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.The patient experiences the following symptoms:

  • feeling filled the throat or sore throat;
  • difficulty breathing;
  • difficulty swallowing;
  • weight loss, increased sweating, palpitations, increased nervousness;
  • depression, memory problems;
  • frequent chills, dry skin;
  • discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, and constipation.

Degrees nodular goiter

There are two main classifications of the degree of nodular goiter.They are based on the magnification of the thyroid gland.

O.V.Nikolaevu classification was adopted in 1994.

zero degree - the thyroid gland is not visible and can not be determined by palpation.At this stage it is difficult to identify the disease.

first degree - the thyroid gland is not visible, but can be felt.Some patients appear thyroid gland malfunctions.

second degree - the thyroid gland can be seen in swallowing, you can easily probe.The patient will complain to difficulty swallowing and neck pain and head tilt.

third degree of nodular goiter - to increase the thyroid gland makes a thick neck contour.The patient complains of hypotension, decreased appetite, weight gain, trembling limbs.

fourth degree - to increase crop significantly violates the contour of the neck.The patient increases the intensity of the symptoms of nodular goiter.

fifth degree - the thyroid gland becomes enormous size, which leads to compression of nearby organs.The patient suffers from symptoms of disorders of all organs and body systems.

new classification of the degree of nodular goiter was compiled by the World Health Organization in 2001.

zero degree - goiter is absent.

first degree - the crop can not be seen but can be palpated.

second degree - goiter is clearly visible and easily detectable.

Currently, both the classification used by specialists in the diagnosis of disease.

disease treatment method of treatment of nodular goiter is determined depending on the cause of the disease.Some types of goiter, according to experts, do not require treatment.Doctors recommended to watch the state of the thyroid, and the therapy used only in the case of rapid growth nodes.

treatment of nodular goiter can be conservative and surgical.

When conservative therapy patients received drugs that suppress excessive production of hormones by the thyroid gland.In addition, patients taking medicines containing the required dose of iodine.

The treatment of this disease successfully used injection method in thyroid medication containing radioactive iodine.As a result of this procedure, there is a decrease or disappearance of nodes and restore thyroid size.

Surgical treatment of nodular goiter is to remove the nodes.In some cases (malignant tumor) is carried out the removal of a share or the entire gland.

Traditional methods of treatment of nodular goiter

Along with medication, or if there is no need to conservative therapy can successfully treat nodular goiter folk remedies.There are many recipes of traditional medicine to relieve the symptoms of this disease.

1.Sok five lemons and pulp is mixed with crushed garlic (five denticles) and a spoonful of honey.The mixture should be insisted in a dark place for seven days.Take one teaspoon in the morning and evening, was slowly swallowing.

2.Izmelchennye cherry branches with buds (100 g), pour 500 g of boiling water.On medium heat, boil for 20 minutes.Before each meal to drink warm broth.

3. In the treatment of nodular goiter as folk remedies worked well following recipe.A tablespoon of powdered seaweed pour 200 ml of hot water.After swelling seaweed strain.Add a clove of garlic, 7-8 chopped walnuts, fresh cheese.Season with a mixture of vegetable oil and mix well.Adding to the food at every meal.

4.Suhoy crushed root of cinquefoil white (100 g), pour a liter of vodka.After three weeks of infusion drain.Bring water to the original volume.A teaspoon of tincture mixed with 50 g of warm water and take three times a day for 25 minutes before eating.

5.Lechenie nodular goiter folk remedies offers the following method.Green walnuts (40 pieces) is washed, dried and pour honey.Forty days the mixture insist in a cool and dark place.Take a teaspoon, drinking milk, three times a day for forty minutes before a meal.

Before using folk methods of treatment, you should consult with your doctor.And, in any case, can not replace traditional medical therapy treatment traditional methods.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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