Tooth extraction - removal of the nerve , pain , complications


1. Recommendations for care after surgery

2. Complications of tooth extraction

3. tooth ache after removing

Tooth extraction - full operation,which can cause some adverse effects provoked by wrong patient care or factors beyond his control.Furthermore there is a possibility of complications and during the operation itself, since the removal of the set of teeth may be quite complex.In some cases, due to the large size of the root or a solid bone is necessary to make incisions, which at the end of operation closed with stitches.However, this fact should not cause any worry or doubt as vulnerable tissue in the postoperative period are under maximum exposure to germs that can cause inflammation development.

Removing tooth nerve - operation quick and painless, in which the crown (the visible part of the tooth), in most cases does not suffer, except for situations in which the walls of the tooth severely damaged by caries.After successfully removing the nerve of the tooth cavity

filling is carried out in order to prevent a recurrence of the infection of the tooth, gum or bone tissue.

After removing the nerve of the tooth and the filling of the cavity, it is not necessary to reduce the load on the chewing teeth, as modern filling materials retain all the functions of a healthy tooth.With a little bit shattered crown after tooth nerve is recommended to art restoration.In this case, the veneers can be used, that is thin plate, designed to cover the visible part of the tooth.

Removing wisdom teeth - a very common operation, since this tooth is most often confronted with problems such as improper placement or teething.In some cases, the tooth is located in the wrong place or in the wrong position, so there is a change of bite.Removal of wisdom tooth passes for orthodontic reasons.Also due to improper treatment or injury, his pieces may be in the process of removal of a wisdom tooth, which also must be removed.Delayed elimination of dental residues may cause the development of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.

Recommendations for care after surgery

after wisdom tooth removal dentist puts gauze treated with a hemostatic agent or disinfectant.After 5-10 minutes, it is necessary to spit as a tampon liberally soaked with blood, can create a favorable environment for bacteria and, respectively, for the development of inflammation.In the event that after the removal of wisdom tooth dentist applies a special pad, which should not be removed until the next visit to the doctor, the patient and explains the warning in advance.

Within 2-3 hours after the removal of wisdom teeth should not drink hot drinks and eat.Drinking plain water is recommended only room temperature or slightly cooler.

also not recommended to smoke, take a hot bath, to engage in heavy physical exercise, drink alcohol for some time after the removal of wisdom teeth, because all of these activities can lead to increased blood flow and cause bleeding.

To joints did not disperse in the near future is not recommended wide open mouth and smile.

After heavy removal of wisdom teeth should be attached to the cheek, in the projection of the injured hole, a piece of ice wrapped in a towel.Cold should be applied for 5-7 minutes every 10 minutes.Thanks to this procedure, decreases swelling and pain are attenuated.

Warming extracted tooth area contributes to the development of purulent inflammation, so the attachment of heat to this area is absolutely contraindicated.

After removal of wisdom teeth within 24 hours is not recommended to rinse your mouth, because for some time after the operation in the hole collects a small amount of blood clots, in the absence of which the well can become clogged with food and a supportive environment for the development of pathogenic organisms.Also, do not self-medicate.After removal of the molar is necessary to strictly follow the prescribed guidelines dentist.Besides the healing of dry wells is much slower.

Complications of tooth extraction

In some cases, there may be some complications in removing the tooth.After surgery may experience the swelling soft tissue injury which occurs due to the process of the operation.In order to eliminate this complication in removing teeth it is recommended to attach to the cheek at the site of the removal of the ice pack.Swelling passes through vasoconstriction, which occurs under the influence of cold.If at the end of the day, this swelling does not go, you must attach a water bottle for twenty minutes followed by a break and make warm again.

After the operation in the well, usually remains clot.As mentioned above, in order to protect the wells from breeding of harmful bacteria for a time after removal should not rinse the mouth with water.Hot food promotes resorption of blood clots, resulting in a dry hole.

Dry hole is also a complication of tooth extraction.It is formed by displacement of blood clots due to external factors or if no clots have formed at all.This complication of tooth extraction occurs, usually in severe operation.Normally dry hole is accompanied by sharp and dull pain, which manifests itself after a few days after tooth extraction.Also observed an unpleasant taste in the mouth.The treatment of this complication is overlaying per well pad soaked in a special ointment.Treatment should be under the supervision of a dentist.

tooth ache after removing

If a tooth ache after removal, the first thing is not to panic.The fact that the pain for some time after the operation - completely normal phenomenon.Tooth pain after the removal is not so much, but to endure the discomfort is often quite difficult.In this case, you can use painkillers.One tablet is valid for eight hours.After that, you can enjoy another pill.For several days the pain should gradually take place.

If the tooth pain after the removal, or rather gum in a place where previously housed a tooth for a week, it is a clear sign of this is wrong, or is slowly healing.Among the main causes of tooth pain after the removal of the wells can be isolated or inflammation of surrounding tissue (alveoli), and are not fully extracted tooth.

It should be noted that complications after tooth extraction with the help of folk remedies can not be disinfected.If there is not passing pain for weeks should seek medical advice immediately.


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