Hearing loss - the causes , extent , methods of treatment


1. Causes of the disease

2. differ in the degree of hearing loss

3. Types of hearing loss

4. Treating hearing loss

5. Treatment violationshearing with the help of folk remedies

The main characteristic of this disease is a hearing loss, which in turn leads to difficulties in the perception of speech.Often the first symptoms of hearing loss are evident in childhood, but it is worth noting that it is innate in one case out of a thousand.

Causes of the disease

appearance of hearing impairment in children, in most cases due to the inflammation of the middle ear disease, these include otitis media, its acute and chronic forms.In addition, the cause of congenital hearing loss may be scarring or adhesions in the area of ​​the eardrum.

Reduced auditory perception in children can be caused by infectious diseases, such as hard-influenza or measles, they can lead to pathological changes in the inner ear or auditory nerve harm.

In adulthood cause of hearing loss can wea

r industrial character (noise and vibration in the workplace), or be the result of poisoning toxins (industrial and domestic).Among the diseases that lead to hearing problems in adults, isolated atherosclerosis, because the disease leads to disruption of the blood supply to the inner ear of the process.

cause of hearing loss and age may be a change in the auditory nerve and inner ear.

differ in the degree of hearing loss

Experts distinguish between three major degree of hearing loss:

Deafness 1 degree

With this degree of hearing loss a person is able to perceive the spoken language at a distance of no more than 6 meters away, but if the sourcewhispers distinctly hear it is possible only at a distance of 1-3 meters.In that case, if a conversation contains extraneous sounds, speech perception process deteriorates significantly.

Deafness 2 degrees

In this case, a person is able to adequately perceive speaking, if the person is away at a distance of no more than 4 meters.The words spoken in a whisper, with 2 degrees of hearing loss are seen at a distance not exceeding 1 meter.However, even in normal circumstances can be problems of speech perception, thereby requiring the repetition of certain words or whole phrases, is another feature of the 2nd degree of hearing loss.

Deafness 3 extent

This degree is considered the most difficult, because even at the minimum distance between the interlocutors, the man is very difficult to distinguish between the words spoken in a whisper and normal conversational speech normally seen at a distance of no more than 2 meters.The output at 3 degrees of hearing loss, not infrequently serves as a hearing aid, which provides normal communication with other people.Types of hearing loss

Sensorineural hearing loss - the causes of this type of hearing loss are the disruption of the auditory nerve, the auditory center of the system, or nerve cells located in the inner ear.These injuries can be caused by infections, stress, cardiovascular disorders, inner ear injury, but in some cases due to the influence of drugs and or certain chemicals.Sensorineural hearing loss is shown a decrease in auditory perception, accompanied with headache and tinnitus in some cases there is a feeling of nausea or vomiting.In addition, it is worth noting that the high intensity sound becomes unbearable with sensorineural hearing loss.

Conductive deafness - hearing loss in this case is due to various injuries or diseases sound-conducting organs and tissues (changes in the eardrum or auditory ossicles, cerumen - obstruction of the ear canal), as there is a malfunction in the conduction of sound.In this case, the manifestation of the loss of auditory perception is partial, so the perception of deteriorating sound only partially.

Treating hearing loss

Treatment neurosensory hearing loss type includes physiotherapy, electrical stimulation and hyperbaric chamber, in which the treatment of hearing loss is carried out under pressure.In the event that has been diagnosed with severe degree of sensorineural hearing loss, with both ears, hearing aid patient procedure can be assigned.The surgical way of treating hearing loss is absolutely useless when the neurosensory form.

When a conductive hearing loss, on the contrary often apply a surgical intervention, it may be a prosthetic ossicles and miringo- or tympanoplasty.Modern medicine allows you to return the hearing in most cases, conductive hearing loss.

treatment of hearing impairment using folk remedies

- at occurrence of tinnitus, it is recommended to drink daily glass of hot broth made from hops;

- when hearing loss became a consequence of otitis media should be transferred to eat a quarter of a lemon on a daily basis is not peeled (you can add a small amount of honey);

- burying almond oil (3-4 drops) one day in one ear, next to another in the course of 30 days, also helps with hearing impairment.

- Fresh garlic is also able to treat hearing loss, it is necessary to remove from it the husk, milled to obtain a slurry and add to it 2-3 drops of camphor is small, after a thorough mixing in a small amount of the resulting mass should be wrapped in bintik then insertear and leave it there until the burning feelings.


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