Trichocephalosis - symptoms, signs , treatment


1. The flow trihotsefaleze

2. Symptoms trihotsefaleze

3. Drug solution

trihotsefaleze called disease caused by a parasite whipworm.This abnormal condition of the body is characterized by neurological abnormalities and diseptiki syndrome.The chronic course of infection the organism worms of this type occurs with indolent and progressive with age, symptoms trihotsefaleze.

pathogens as their place of dislocation elect colon.Whipworm has stretched the front part of the body with a short and thick end.The females of the parasite can be postponed until 4000 immature eggs per day, which are getting into the carrier, accumulate in the intestines and are actively growing before the larvae stage.Trichocephalosis arises due to lesions adults sexually mature individuals of the mucous membranes of their place of residence.It should be noted that trihotsefaleze symptoms are inherent only to man, because it is his intestines and blood can serve as food and habitat for these parasites.

Danger trihotsefaleze in children and adults due to the long cycle of the causative agent of life, constitutes, approximately, 5 to 6 years.It was during this time interval whipworm can cause irreparable damage to the internal organs and systems.The flow


Inflammatory processes in the human body are the result of falling into the microtrauma caused by parasites mucous membranes, their metabolic products and toxic substances.One of the symptoms trihotsefaleze is anemia as a result of internal damage to the small blood vessels and capillary network of the colon and small intestine.Toxic substances that are released in the process of development and whipworm life cycle, have a negative impact on human organs and systems, nervous - especially.That is what causes the fact that the majority of patients with a diagnosis of "trichocephalosis" celebrate life deterioration due to permanent neurological and functional disorders.

Symptoms trihotsefaleze

Clarity evidence of the presence of parasites in the body fully depends on the quantitative index and the degree of resistance to the infected human immune system.Treatment trihotsefaleze and the severity of its symptoms are much more complicated if the victim has been any chronic disease or pathological processes.That is what contributes to the weakening of the protective functions of the body and move trihotsefaleze in children and adults in acute and severe form, require long and intensive care.

Possibility absence of any signs of infection makes it impossible to timely diagnosis and treatment.The main manifestations of the presence in the body whipworm are:

  • nausea and retching;
  • no craving for food;
  • disorders in the bowel, which is manifested in the form of diarrhea, wearing a long-term nature;
  • pain in his right side, and sometimes reminiscent of signs of inflammation in the appendicitis;
  • nervous disorders, and so on.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that trihotsefaleze symptoms in children and adults spatial and like many other parasitic diseases.Therefore, a need exists for repeated delivery strokes and other biological materials.It is the lack of timely diagnosis and the cause of persistent diarrhea with blood impurities and rectal prolapse treatment of non-compliance with the rules trihotsefaleze.Frequent are also complaints of insomnia, fainting, convulsions or tremors, aggression or pain in your head.

Drug solution

trihotsefaleze Treatment occurs in two drugs that provide the most beneficial effect: metendazol and naftamon.The course of treatment and allowable concentration of drugs depends on the age group affected, and the safe working limits of his immune system.The absence of positive developments in the treatment of children trihotsefaleze requires revision systematic supplementation and continuous monitoring of the condition of the patient and the analysis of his stool.

Avoid prolonged treatment trihotsefaleze possible by adhering to basic and generally accepted rules of good personal cleanliness, quality and proper preparation products, edible.


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