Trihofitii - treatment of ringworm and tinea


1. Classification trihofitii

2. Surface form of the disease

3. chronic form of the disease

4. infiltrative-suppurative form of ringworm

5. groin ringworm

6. Treatment trihofitii and inguinal tinea

trihofitii - a fungal disease of the skin, hair and nails from the group tinea.Disease-causing fungi Trichophyton class.Infected trichophytosis can be in contact with the sick person or animal.It is transmitted to healthy people through the objects that were used by patients through the affected fungus animal hair, along with the dust.The broad masses of people, the disease is known as ringworm.

Classification trihofitii

trihofitii divided into zoofilnymi and antropofilnymi.When antropofilnymi a disease source of infection is the man and his household items.When zoofilnymi a fungus transmitted through animal dander, dust, dry grass.

Ringworm in humans is divided into such types trihofitii:

  • Surface trihofitia;
  • Chronic trihofitia;
  • infiltrative-suppurative trihof

process ringworm treatment depend on the shape trihofitii.

Surface form

When the surface form of the disease trihofitii foci are located mainly on the head and on the open areas of the body skin.Nails are rarely affected.Initially, in this form of ringworm lesions in humans appear as a single pink-red spots round shape, covered with grayish scales.Over time, the number of such foci increases.They can appear ulcers, fine bubbles and crusts, which then dry up, forming a marginal ridges in the form of a ring.

On the affected areas of the head hair is thinning, become brittle and dull.The skin at the roots covered with a grayish tinge or starts to peel off.Itching at the surface form trihofitii either completely absent or weak.This type of ringworm is found in both men and women at any age.

Chronic diseases Chronic

tritofitiey ill mainly adolescents and adults, most of whom - a woman.Symptoms are expressed slightly, because of what it manages to reveal at once.In this form trihofitii lesions are barely noticeable.They are isolated and appear mainly on the buttocks, legs, forearms, elbows, scalp and nails of the fingers.

The most common chronic lesions of ringworm in humans are located in the occipital region.They look like small bluish spots, covered with whitish desquamation.The hair in the area of ​​spots can break and partially fall out, leaving black dots and delicate small scars.

In this type of ringworm in the affected areas of the body and the head of pustules, vesicles, crusts and edge rolls not.Chronic trihofitia often reflected in changes to the nail plate.Initially they appear whitish spots, gradually increasing in size.Over time, the nail surface becomes dull, uneven and fragile.It thickens, deformed and acquires a yellowish-gray color.

Sometimes trihofitia in the chronic form affects the palms and soles.They may be a slight redness, peeling, formation of deep grooves or cracks in the skin folds.

infiltrative-suppurative form of ringworm

infiltrative-suppurative form trihofitii begins with the appearance on the body and the head of one or more patches of pale pink color.The edges of these pockets of plaques surrounded by small bubbles, forming a crust.Outbreaks increase rapidly, become inflamed and begin to rise significantly above the level of the surrounding healthy skin.Then they coalesce, forming different shapes, covered with ulcers, vesicles and crusts.

coat is in the location of the centers of infiltrative-suppurative trihofitii becomes dry and brittle.Hair follicles in the affected area are filled with purulent contents and increase outwardly resembling a honeycomb.Then they become wrinkled bluish-red nodes.Hair of such sites partially fall out and are easily removed.

infiltrative-suppurative form such ringworm often causes fever and swollen lymph nodes.Sometimes there is a headache, and general malaise.Ringworm Treatment of this kind takes a long time and is generally complex therapeutic procedures.

Groin ringworm

Fungal diseases of the skin - common diseases, among which, together with trichophytosis applies groin ringworm.It mainly affects the groin area, sometimes extending to the inner thighs and buttocks.Groin ringworm is most often observed among residents of regions with a warm climate and high humidity.Main features are subject to his men.

Groin ringworm is a contagious disease and can be transmitted through direct contact with a sick person, hygiene or public objects.Signs of ringworm is tinea:

  • severe itching and a burning sensation in the groin area, sometimes accompanied by severe pain;
  • appearance in the affected areas of bright red or brown ringed rash;
  • peeling and cracking of the skin lesions;
  • redness of the affected skin and the appearance of small bubbles.

Treatment trihofitii and inguinal tinea

to treat ringworm of the surface shape and the chronic form trihofitii apply an antifungal ointment mikospor, terbinafine, clotrimazole, ekzoderil, 10-20% sulfuric ointment, 10% sulfur-tar ointment, 10% of the sulfur-salicylicointment.Lesions initially cleaned with 2-5% tincture of iodine, and the ointment are processed within a few hours.

With multiple foci, significant inflammation and lesions of substantial scalp treatment trihofitii requires the use of combined hormonal drugs.In this case, a systemic therapy, in which the hair on his head shaved off, and fur-bearing body hair is removed by epilation.

One of the main treatments for ringworm is griseofulvin tablets and ointments.In chronic treatment of ringworm of the scalp provides for detachment of the horny layer of the affected place.For this purpose, the lesion for 2 days bandage with a milky-salicylic is then removed and replaced with a compress with 2-5% salicylic ointment.After 2 days, remove the wrap and blunt scalpel and tweezers clean the horny layer of the skin with black dots.The procedure is carried out 2-3 times.

in treating ringworm infiltrative-suppurative type to remove crusts using 2-3% salicylic ointment, absorbable ointment and disinfectant solutions.

Treatment is similar to treatment of tinea cruris ringworm.But, unlike trihofitii, groin ringworm does not require complex care.Treatment consists of careful hygiene of the affected area, the content of it in a clean and dry handling and topical antifungal drugs.This can be creams, ointments, aerosols, which are applied to well-washed and dried in the skin lesion sites.


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