Symptoms and treatment of trichomoniasis in women and men


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Trichomoniasis - one of the most common diseases that are sexually transmitted.It is the causative agent of Trichomonas vaginalis.This pathogen often associated with many infections of the genital tract - gonococcus, chlamydia, viruses.

Trichomonas fall into the mucosa of the urogenital system cells and trigger inflammation there.Their waste products are poisoning the patient's body, reducing its immunity.

pathological microorganisms can exist not only in the genital organs of man.Through the lymphatic way they can penetrate into the blood channel of the patient.Pathogens trichomoniasis can change shape, "cling" on other microorganisms masquerade as plasma cells.All this greatly complicates the diagnosis and treatment of trichomoniasis.Such micro-organisms like fungi of the genus Candida, Chlamydia, ureaplasma, gonococci, and many others, once inside trichomonas, are protected from the body's immune system and drug action.They spre

ad throughout the urinary tract and blood vessels.If trichomoniasis reduced protective function of the epithelium, which facilitates penetration into the body of microbes and viruses, sexually transmitted diseases.

trichomoniasis usually is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact with a carrier of infection.Sometimes it is possible contamination when using the personal things people infected with trichomoniasis.However, the causative agent is not able to live a long time on the subjects, therefore, domestic infection is possible only in very rare cases.

Very rarely trichomonas can be passed from mother to child during childbirth.


About half of the patients infected with trichomoniasis have no visible signs of illness.

Trichomoniasis in women most often affects the vagina, cervix, urethra, bladder, prostate gland in the genital area.

If trichomoniasis in men infected urethra or penis under the foreskin.

trichomoniasis symptoms are usually a week, sometimes a month after infection.Signs of infection are different in men and women.

symptoms of trichomoniasis in women:

  • irritation and itching in the vagina;
  • abundant gray-green or pale yellow, often foamy, vaginal discharge;
  • unusual musty smell or fishy odor;
  • on the cervix or genital formed red patches of uneven location;
  • pain when urinating and during sexual intercourse;
  • frequent urination;
  • discomfort in the lower abdomen.

symptoms of trichomoniasis in women may get worse before menstruation and during pregnancy.

Signs of trichomoniasis in men occur much less frequently than women, but they do exist.You can include the following symptoms:

  • burning during urination;
  • specific discharge from the penis, which was not previously;
  • redness and irritation of the tip of the penis.

symptoms of trichomoniasis in men is often similar to the symptoms of other diseases that are transmitted sexually, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea.

Depending on the duration and severity of symptoms, trichomoniasis can be acute, subacute, chronic forms and form trihomonadonositelstva.

acute trichomoniasis in the absence of adequate therapy becomes chronic or trihomonadonositelstvo.The chronic form of the disease characterized by a small number of selections, which will eventually disappear.

When trihomonadonositelstve no signs of disease, but the pathogen is detected by laboratory methods.Due erased symptoms of patients with trichomoniasis do not know about the disease, but is a source of infection to their sexual partners.

Treatment of trichomoniasis Treatment of trichomoniasis

chosen doctor for each patient individually, depending on the form of disease, concomitant genital infections.

The treatment of the disease using specific protivotrihomonadnye drugs, mainly anti-bacterial action.At the same time apply general and local treatment.Formulations common therapy for the treatment of trichomoniasis infections killed within the body.Topical application of antimicrobial candles, ointments, eliminates inflammation, itching, irritation.

Treatment with antibacterial drugs is required to pursue a course that can not be interrupted.The average course of therapy is ten days.

During treatment the patient should abstain from sex, diet, which excludes the use of alcohol, spicy, salty and fried food.

the treatment of trichomoniasis antibacterial drugs affected the normal microflora of the patient.It is therefore necessary to carry out activities that contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora of the vagina in women.For this prescribers containing colonies of useful microorganisms.You also need to eat dairy products containing bifidobacteria.

trichomoniasis in women and men and the treatment process involves increasing the body's immunity.Patients prescribed adaptogens, immunomodulatory and strengthening means.

Antibiotic therapy of trichomoniasis in men is often supplemented by physical therapy, instillation (drip of drugs) of the urethra, prostate massage.

Prerequisite therapy - simultaneous treatment of sexual partners, regardless of the fact that one of them may not be the symptoms of trichomoniasis or analysis results show the absence of infection in the body.

Experts emphasize the dangers of self-medication in patients with trichomoniasis.Self-medication can lead to completely opposite results.Trichomonas are moving in a very aggressive form, in which begin to proliferate more actively.In this disease becomes secretive or atypical shape.This creates additional difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of trichomoniasis.

This disease is dangerous primarily to the fact that significantly increases the risk of other dangerous infections.In addition, complications of trichomoniasis can be chronic diseases of the genitourinary system, male and female infertility, various pathologies of pregnancy.


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