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1. Symptoms of trichinosis

2. Diagnosis of the disease

3. Treatment of trichinosis

Trichinosis - a disease that develops in the human body as a result of the introduction of parasiticworms - larvae of Trichinella.

parasites first enter the stomach.Then they move into the intestine, where ripen.Progeny larvae carried by the bloodstream throughout the body.Parasites are perfectly adapted to living in the muscle tissue.For years, they can be there in a state of encapsulation (formation of a capsule around the parasite in the host's body).Specific protective function of the parasite capsules - the ability to gradually accumulate calcium.This protects the larvae of Trichinella by immune cells, chemicals, exposure to low and high temperatures.This feature greatly complicates the treatment of trichinosis in the advanced stages of the disease.

person infected with Trichinella larvae by eating infected meat of domestic or wild animals.It may not be enough boiled or roasted, dried,

cured, smoked meats.Pets can become infected by parasites of rodents, wild animals, with the ingestion of contaminated water or food.

Symptoms of trichinosis

incubation period of trichinosis is 1-5 days depending on the number caught in the body of parasites.In this case, the disease is more severe in the case of a short incubation period.

main symptoms of trichinosis are swelling of the face and eyelids.In addition, the patient suffers from intense pain in the muscles, itchy rash on the body, improving the overall body temperature.There is a paroxysmal cough, characterized by viscous sputum trudnootdelyaemoy.

trichinosis characteristic symptom is that muscle pain appear in the first days of illness.At first, pain of the masticatory muscles and tongue, the eye muscles.Then they were joined by pain in the muscles of the back and limbs.Pain arises only when the pressure on and movement of muscles, it is not at rest.Body temperature in the early days of the disease reaches 39-40 ° C, and usually persists for 2-3 weeks.Another symptom of trichinosis is localized skin rash on the trunk and extremities inner surface.

The following types of trichinosis flow.

1.Stertoe for.It is characterized by minor muscle pain, slight swelling of the face, fever up to 37,5 ° C.

2.Legkoe for trichinosis.In this case the body temperature suddenly rises to 38 ° C and lasts 7-10 days.The patient may appear scratchy and sore throat, slight swelling of the face and muscle pain.

3.Srednetyazheloe for.Trichinosis symptom of this type is to increase the temperature to 39 ° C in the first week of the disease, after which it is kept at 38 ° C for another 10-14 days.The patient suffers from severe pain in the muscles, conjunctivitis, itchy rash on the body, swelling of the skin.In addition, there is a paroxysmal cough, palpitations, low blood pressure, abdominal pain, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes.

4.Tyazheloe for.The symptoms appear 1-2 days after infection.There are the main symptoms of trichinosis in severe:

  • abdominal pain, especially in the umbilical region, bloating, intestinal rumbling, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • insomnia, agitation, delirium, hallucinations;
  • body edema, cerebral edema;
  • profuse rash, which may take the form of a drain bruising under the skin;
  • muscle pain of high intensity, pain in the heart;
  • increased body temperature to 40-41 ° C;
  • soft tissue edema, accumulation of fluid in the pleural, peritoneal cavity;
  • cough, shortness of breath with minimal exertion.


disease In case of suspicion for trichinosis, it is important to know whether the patient to eat the meat, not the past sufficient heat treatment.For proper diagnosis of trichinosis is necessary to study the affected food.

Trichinosis differentiated from the acute stage of other parasites, rubella, measles, acute respiratory infections, tifo- and paratyphoid diseases.

main method of diagnosis of trichinosis are laboratory studies.At the stage of implementation of the parasites in the patient's feces detect Trichinella larvae and adults.For reliable methods of diagnosis of trichinosis are immunological reactions and muscle biopsy tissue.

often used in the diagnosis of trichinosis ELISA - enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.With their help determine specific antibodies to Trichinella, which are produced by the immune system of the patient.A negative or low positive result in patients with a suspected diagnosis of trichinosis this method is carried out again after 10-14 days.

Treatment of trichinosis trichinosis

Treatment is usually performed in a hospital, except in cases of mild disease.

in disease therapy using drugs that have a devastating effect not only on trahinelly and developing larvae, and embryos in the uterus of fertile females: Vermoxum, thiabendazole and others.

very important in the treatment of trichinosis take antihistamines as food poisoning parasites of life causes allergic reactions.

In severe cases of trichinosis in the development of pneumonia, myocarditis prescribe corticosteroid (anti-inflammatory action of hormones) drugs.

In some cases, inadequate treatment of trichinosis or intense infestations (introduction), 1-2 weeks after the disappearance of acute manifestations of the disease, relapse may occur.This is due to the resumption of reproductive activity of female parasites that remained in the intestine.In this case, after the second diagnosis of trichinosis conducted another course of treatment.

after the end of treatment and complete recovery trichinosis muscle pain may occur during 2-6 months.


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