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1. Symptoms crack in the rib

2. Treatment of diseases

Everyone knows that human life is unpredictable, and can contribute to our usual schedule unpleasant changes.From them, no one is immune, as from unexpected injuries that happen to us and can lead to serious complications.According to statistics, today a lot of people are drawn to the hospital with a trauma, a rib fracture.

crack ribs - ribs is a common violation of integrity.In medical terminology, this philistine notions as rib fracture does not exist.In medicine, according to the conclusion of the trauma, rib fracture is an incomplete fracture of the ribs, of course, no bone displacement.Basically, this happens when a strong contusion or traumatic damage to the ribs.

Usually rib fracture does not bring serious consequences.There may be a short-term discomfort, which is accompanied by periodic pain in the injury.If the pain intensifies and you have a suspicion of the presence of the rib fracture, then you should immediat

ely consult a doctor traumatologist to set the accurate diagnosis and treatment of the patient's ribs.

When rib injury may occur lung damage, or bleeding inside the chest - it can cause unwanted effects, including death.That is why for any injury of the chest x-ray edges needed to be able to establish an accurate diagnosis and in time to prevent dangerous complications.

In the medical procedure, there are two types of appearance of this illness: traumatic and pathological part broken ribs.

Traumatic partial rib fracture usually occurs directly from the direct impact of an injury on the chest area.This can be a powerful blow to the chest area, traffic accidents, all sorts of injuries, falls from height, etc.

pathological partial rib fracture - a type of fracture, in which the chest injury is not observed or is so small that the patient can not remember anything about her.Such a rib fracture occurs during pathological processes - the defeat of the rib bone, tumor processes in the chest, chronic inflammation of bone tissue edges, ribs tuberculosis, blood diseases.In this connection, broken ribs strength, they become so brittle that they can break if the smallest bruises.

The probability of rib fractures depends not only on the traumatic factors, but also on how the development of muscle mass a person and what his age.For example, a child's chest and rib more elastic than that of adults.That is why such a crack occurs less frequently in children than in adults.In such cases, children subperiosteal fractures may occur in the image of "green branches".

Symptoms crack in the rib

determine the crack is very difficult in the rib without X-ray examination, because it may not show specific symptoms.But nonspecific symptoms edge cracks do exist.Chief among them in the first place becomes a pain that is felt almost always in the affected ribs.Typically, severe pain occurs immediately after the injury and lasts for five days.

also feature a breath of pain.With a deep breath pain increases sharply, and when you exhale it weakens.In this unbearable pain breathing becomes shallow, which further leads to shortness of breath and lack of air.It is also an important symptom of a crack in the rib can be a cough.Especially I felt the pain when coughing in people who have chronic diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.It may be chronic bronchitis, asthma, or just smoking, especially among smokers with the experience, that in the morning can not be good cough.Because cough is a defense mechanism of the body by which the airways are cleared of infection and sputum.

As a rule, with strong pains in places cracked cough becomes less effective and weak.In this connection, congestion occurs mucus in the bronchi, which further leads to inflammation of the lungs.This is especially true of older people who move a little or even lie.In this case, they have after rib fracture on the second day may show pneumonia.

Usually people with cracked ribs clearly point to the damaged area - where they hurt.In this connection, there is another symptom of a crack in the rib, such as "pain over."This suggests that whatever we rib portion is not pressed, the pain is felt in that place where there is a crack.Furthermore, around the place where the crack in the rib, there is swelling and swelling of the skin, and may also be soft tissue cyanosis caused by the formation of haematomas.

Treatment of diseases

As already mentioned, the appearance of cracks in the rib can cause injury or physical activity, which will continue to provoke the feeling of intense pain.Treatment of cracks in the edge in the same way as the treatment of complete fracture.This is necessary to prevent the maximum displacement.If a crack in the edge treatment is carried out correctly, there is a high probability of improper fusion of the rib bones.

Immediately after the injury, in the first days, it is recommended to apply cold to the injured rib, it may be a plastic bottle or a hot water bottle with cold water.This procedure can be done several times a day for 10-15 minutes.This will help reduce the pain and inflammation.Generally, treatment is for analgesia.The pain lasts for more than five days, and damaged a rib in a few weeks successfully fused and then leaves no consequences.

If you take these simple steps from the discomfort can be eliminated as soon as possible and return to their daily duties.If the doctor traumatologist when viewed from the rib fracture discovered damage to internal organs, you will most likely be assigned to inpatient care with taking painkillers.But in all other cases, a crack in the edge treatment can be performed at home.Duration of therapy is usually not more than six weeks.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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