The crack of the rectum - symptoms, treatment , surgery


1. Causes and symptoms of rectal fissures

2. Anal fissures in children

3. Conservative and surgical treatment of rectal fissures

4. Peopletreatment of fractures of the rectum

crack rectum (anal fissure, anal fissures) - longitudinal (linear or elliptical) of the mucous membrane of the rectum break at the point of contact with the skin.

Causes and symptoms of crack

rectum Most often this pathology affects young people, due to anatomical features, mostly women.

Possible causes of anal fissures:

  • disorder stool (constipation, diarrhea)
  • chronic inflammation of the bowel
  • frequent use of laxatives
  • mechanical injury of the rectum, in particular injury during anal sex.

Classic rectum crack symptom - severe burning pain in the anal area, extending up through the intestines.The pain often occurs during the defecation and lasts from a few minutes to several hours thereafter.

after the act of defecation person notices veins or blood clots in the faeces or toilet pape

r.The presence of blood - the second classic symptom of fissures of the rectum.And completes the top three symptoms - spasm of the sphincter of the anal canal.

Associated symptoms of anal fissure, tend to become irritable and nervous person, and if the cause of constipation is a disease, and there are still signs of intoxication: nausea, dizziness, weakness.

In some cases, people feel itching at the site of fracture localization, and the skin around the anus and hence become wet underwear.

Anal fissures in children

Children, like adults, often suffer from anal fissures, especially for children under three years.The immaturity of the digestive system often causes frequent disorders chair, and this, in turn, entails mainly small and fast healing (provided normalizing stool), but nonetheless painful anal fissures.

main cause of the disease in children - constipation.Solid stool damage the delicate mucous membrane of the rectum, causing it to rupture or tear.With the passage of liquid diarrhea stools through the rectum leads to swelling and irritation of mucous membranes, resulting in - crack.

In some cases, the appearance of cracks in the rectum help children living in the gut parasites.Chronic inflammation of the lower part of the intestine, which occurs when helminthic invasion, often is one of the factors of anal fissures.

Symptoms of rectal fissures in children are the same as in adults.Severe pain when attempting a bowel movement causes the child to cry, and the defecation process itself may never take place.Due to the delay of feces in the intestine are more condensed, after which no medical appliances kid can not do.

small amount of red blood, which remains on the toilet paper or on the stool - a mandatory symptom of fissures of the rectum in children.But it is important to know the blood is to be a small amount (2-4 drops), as abundant bleeding from the gut says other diseases (such as hemorrhoids or rectal polyps).

Conservative and surgical treatment of fractures of the rectum

Treatment of rectal fissures in children aimed at the normalization of stool, in particular stool softening, as well as the elimination of worms (if available).

To achieve these goals the child will need a special diet, which excludes all the flour, fried, spicy, savory.Feed your baby prunes, dried apricots, beets, green apples, carrots, pumpkin, on the night - yogurt in the morning on an empty stomach - fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil.

To normalize the discharge of stool child should be given drugs lactulose (Dufalak, Prelaksan, Laktusan), probiotics (Lactobacterin, Linex), fish oil.Rift good heal buckthorn candles.

To eliminate the pain pediatrician (or pediatric surgeon) prescribes the proper ointment or candle (benzocaine or metiluratsilom).A good healing, and at the same time, facilitate defecation, means are glycerin suppositories.

operations almost non-existent at the crack of a rectum in children, the main role in the treatment given to conservative therapy.

Treatment of fractures of the rectum in adults is carried out in much the same way as in children and includes the following activities:

1. Elimination of constipation by softening stools (if necessary intake of soft laxatives or conduct cleansing enemas)

2. Properhealthy Eating

3. Local treatment of pain-relieving and healing ointments and candles

4. Frequent hygienic

Operation procedures when the fracture of the rectum is carried out only in the event that for at least 6 months have seen the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment methods.Most often surgery is necessary for chronic fissures.

traditional surgery with rectal fissure soon entered the place of radio wave method of eliminating disease.

crack excision is almost always accompanied by sfinkterektomiya procedure, the essence of which relief measure sphincter muscle fibers and thus eliminate its spasm.

People's treatment of fractures of the rectum

Traditional medicine has in its arsenal a lot of recipes with which you can prepare a means to deal effectively with anal fissures.Some of them are:

1. Anal fissures can be eliminated with the help of self-made candles on the basis of beeswax.To do this, you need 120 grams of wax to melt, add a pinch of chamomile flowers, grass motherwort and plantain.Mix and roll ten candles, put in the refrigerator.Inserted into the anus three times daily.

2. People's treatment of rectal fissures often done enough with aloe, which, as we know, has a wonderful healing effect.By 1 tbsp.spoon of aloe (the plant should be at least three years) Doda 1 egg and 1 tbsp.a spoonful of cod liver oil.The mixture is stirred, moistened cotton swab and inserted into the anus.

3. Equal portions of chamomile, calendula and St. John's wort is necessary to grind into powder and pour the hot vegetable or better olive oil in a ratio of one to three.After cool down drain and refrigerate.As often as possible lubricate the anus resulting ointment.

4. Such an ointment may be prepared from a long-known for its healing properties of propolis.The difference in the preparation is that propolis is necessary not only to fill the hot oil, but also cooking the mixture in a water bath for 45 minutes until smooth.

5. With anal fissures copes sulfuric ointment, which you can prepare yourself, but it is easier to find in any drugstore.

6. To reduce inflammation useful to take warm baths with chamomile, calendula or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

addition to the above there are a lot of effective means of national treatment of fractures of the rectum.


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