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1. Types tracheobronchitis

2. Symptoms tracheobronchitis

3. Diagnostics tracheobronchitis

4. Treatment tracheobronchitis

Tracheobronchitis or tracheitisIt is a disease, occurring in the form of inflammation of the bronchial mucosa, trachea or bronchial tubes.Very often this disease is a consequence of influenza or SARS, which were not treated.

Types tracheobronchitis

main types tracheobronchitis:

1. Acute bronchitis - a diffuse inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, especially the mucous membranes of the throat.In most cases, the cause of acute tracheobronchitis are bacteria and viruses: streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci.Also, disease can develop after a person has severe hypothermia, excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine, significant deformation of the chest and nasal cavity.

2. Chronic bronchitis develops in smokers and people working in a dusty environment.It is often co-morbidity of chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, sinuses, kid

neys and heart.In the chronic form of the disease is marked atrophy or hypertrophy of the mucosa of the trachea.The symptoms of tracheobronchitis in this case are considered:

  • cough with serous-purulent sputum;
  • dry paroxysmal cough;
  • chest pain, worse when coughing.

Usually, chronic tracheitis quickly flows into chronic bronchitis.

3. Allergic bronchitis

Unlike chronic and acute tracheobronchitis, allergic tracheitis cause small dust-like particles, usually domestic nature.Accession of viral and infectious diseases, hypothermia and stress contribute to the emergence of allergic tracheobronchitis.However, the main reason is the body's response to allergens.Usually, the disease is caused by an allergy to dust, at least - the food, fungal, microbial and drug allergies.Allergic bronchitis begins upon contact with the allergen is expressed in the form of itching, cough and hoarse voice.In this patient's general condition is satisfactory, the body temperature is normal.


Symptoms The main symptoms of tracheobronchitis include:

  • slight indisposition, accompanied by dry cough;
  • appearance of pain in the diaphragm after coughing;
  • temperature increase to 37,5-38 ° C;
  • shortness of breath;
  • inability to complete a deep breath and exhaling;
  • bluish color of the lips;
  • excessive sweating;
  • rapid breathing.

If cough background showing signs of "hoarse voice", then it is likely to develop laryngitis - inflammation of the larynx.In the absence of proper treatment of bronchitis can spill over into a more dangerous form of the disease - pneumonia (lung inflammation).

Diagnostics tracheobronchitis

Tracheobronchitis in children and adults requires complex treatment, which is necessary before the detailed diagnosis.Usually the doctor listens to the lungs to detect wheezing, and then examines the patient, assigns radiography to exclude pneumonia.Very often it carried a bacterial sputum analysis.If you suspect an allergic bronchitis in children and adults should consult an allergist to identify the allergen.

Treatment tracheobronchitis

tracheobronchitis Treatment begins with a drainage function of the lungs and warming procedures.Soften cough is carried out by yellow cards, cans and reception of drugs.The priority medicines include:

  • libeksin;
  • mukaltin or bromhexine;
  • thermopsis or Terpin hydrate;
  • ammonia-anise drops.

bronchitis in children treated well using inhaled herbs and hormones.Improving the condition comes after the first inhalation procedures.The main goal of treatment of the disease in sputum.If diagnosed with acute tracheitis, usually prescribed such antibiotics like oxacillin, methicillin and penicillin.Large efficiency have preparations in the form of a spray, because they can be distributed throughout an irrigation area.


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