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Tonsillitis - is an inflammatory process in the tonsils.

The disease occurs in acute or chronic form.The acute form of tonsillitis is called angina.

chronic form of the disease occurs in 5-10% of the adult population.Chronic tonsillitis in children diagnosed more frequently, it affects about 15% of children.

Causes of

disease most often develops in acute tonsillitis infectious infection.Pathogens are Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, influenza virus, pneumococcus, the genus of Candida fungi, mycoplasma, chlamydia.

Another cause of tonsillitis called foci of infection found in other organs, especially in the surrounding.It can be a chronic disease of the adenoids, carious teeth, sinusitis.

There are factors that encourage the development of tonsillitis:

  • significant hypothermia;
  • weakened immune system;
  • vitamin deficiencies;
  • mechanical injury of the
  • overheating in the sun.

causative agent of tonsillitis infection is usually transmitted by airborne droplets.

Chronic tonsillitis develops in the absence of treatment or treatment failure, acute form of the disease.Furthermore, causes of chronic disease is impaired nasal respiration for a long time.Such a violation can be a result of the formation of nasal polyps, septal deviation, increasing the inferior turbinates.

In some cases, the cause of tonsillitis are allergic reactions.

Tonsillitis in children often occurs as a result of infection with streptococcus virus.To this virus often join viruses staphylococcus and pneumococcus.Another common cause of child tonsillitis and adenoids are a curvature of the nasal septum.

Symptoms of tonsillitis

incubation period of tonsillitis in acute form lasts 10 to 72 hours.

Initial symptoms of tonsillitis quite sharply.The patient suffers from fever, chills, pain when swallowing.It increases in size lymph nodes, in which there is pain.There are signs of intoxication.

But some of the symptoms of tonsillitis differ depending on the form of the disease.

Lakulyarnaya form begins with a significant increase in body temperature, general malaise, sore throat and headache.Lymph nodes are enlarged and painful.Festering coating covers the entire surface of the tonsils, but goes beyond them.

Follicular form other than the above symptoms of tonsillitis are often manifested by painful sensations in the field of heart.The patient suffers from severe pain in the head, which can give ear.This form causes severe intoxication, which is expressed in an intense headache.the patient's tonsils become enlarged, swollen.On the surface appear the festering follicles yellowish-sized igolochnuyu head.From reveals follicle goes purulent plaque spreads beyond the tonsils.

Necrotic form is characterized by the most vivid manifestation of local and general symptoms of tonsillitis.Infected tonsils are covered with a gray or yellowish coating.Many patients with tonsil tissue impregnated with fibrin, becomes very dense.If you remove the affected area, underneath the surface will bleed.The general condition of the body is very heavy.The patient appears high body temperature, fever, repeated vomiting, confusion.When necrotic tonsillitis are most often complications - early (sinusitis, otitis) and late (rheumatic heart disease, rheumatic fever).

Bluetongue form of the disease manifests itself a little fever, general weakness, headache.The characteristic symptom of tonsillitis - a dry, sharp, sharp pain in the throat, feeling of tightness of the tonsils.The tonsils are swollen.

Chronic tonsillitis often begins after the acute period.Its main symptoms are fever, fatigue, headache, fatigue.

symptoms of tonsillitis in children usually are the same as in adults, but more heavily expressed.Young children with the capricious, refuse to eat.Thus tonsillitis in children more frequently than in the complex becomes chronic in the adult.Therefore it is very important to treat tonsillitis in children only on prescription and under his control.

How to treat tonsillitis?

In order to know how to treat tonsillitis, need proper diagnosis of the disease.The physician should determine the nature of inflammation - acute, chronic or exacerbation of chronic.To determine the causative agent of tonsillitis analyze smear from tonsils (seeding of mucus).Additionally, the physician should determine if the tonsillitis is accompanied by an independent disease or the underlying disease, such as blood diseases.Only a competent diagnosis based on the patient's condition will allow a specialist to decide how to treat tonsillitis.

tonsillitis Treatment can be conservative or surgical.

Conservative therapy is used for tonsillitis without complications, with the local manifestations of the disease.The most effective method of this therapy is to remove congestion and purulent lavage of lacunas of tonsils.The patient is prescribed irrigation mucosa aseptic solutions, inhalations, gargling.

Appointment general antibiotic therapy is justified in the case of streptococcal infection.In other cases, tonsillitis patient appoint local antimicrobial broad-spectrum drugs.

significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment of tonsillitis use of immunostimulatory drugs.They increase the protective capabilities of the body and contribute to a more rapid recovery.It is enough to be effective in the treatment of tonsillitis folk remedies.But before you treat tonsillitis using any traditional medicine recipes, be sure to consult with vrachaom.

Indications for surgical treatment of tonsillitis are frequent exacerbations of the disease (more than 4 times per year), which are accompanied by high fever and the appearance of serious complications.

operational methods are of two types - the removal of the tonsils (tonzillotomiya) and the destruction of the influence of cold (cryotherapy).

tonsillitis Treatment folk remedies

effectively proven to treat tonsillitis folk remedies - infusions, decoctions of herbs.They can be applied in conjunction with conventional medicine in acute and chronic form of the disease.Here are some ways to treat tonsillitis folk remedies.

1.20 g of crushed propolis pour 100 ml of 70% alcohol.Insist three days at room temperature.Three times a day, take 30 minutes before eating.In this tincture 20 drops dissolved in warm milk.

2. When treating tonsillitis folk remedies following recipe is used effectively.The well-washed fresh leaves mother-and-stepmother, squeeze the juice.Add red wine and onion juice, all in the same proportion.Take three times a day on a tablespoon, pre-diluted mixture diaeresis spoons of water.The mixture was kept in the refrigerator.


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