Toksokaroz - symptoms, treatment , folk remedies


1. As appears toxocariasis in humans

2. Infection process

3. symptoms of toxocariasis

4. consequences of the disease

5. Treatmenttoxocariasis

6. People piggy recipes from toxocariasis

Toksokaroz is a helminth disease, which is triggered by the ingestion of parasites called toxocara.They are very similar to conventional Ascaris and reach only 0.02 mm in diameter.Toksokaroz extremely common among felines and canines.Man is able to be infected by the parasite through direct contact with these animals, but most often recorded toxocariasis in children, characterized by a special thrust to the dogs, cats and other representatives of the animal world.

As appears toxocariasis in humans

It should be noted that a person who because of the nature of the internal environment of the organism, may not be a source of infection of toxocariasis, and it is only a carrier.This is due to the fact that the agent does not reach the human body puberty age due to the unsuitability o

f such a habitat.Quite different things with dogs who have toxocariasis simply "thriving" and capable of infecting the environment through feces or wool.

Infection process

Animals can be infected through the mother's milk or in the process of internal development, but toxocariasis in humans can occur only as a result of external factors.For example, this occurs by eating foods that have passed the lack of clean, dirty water or hands.The incidence of infection increases with the onset of warm season, but in general toxocariasis in humans is recorded constantly and everywhere.

Extremely many celebrated cases of having toxocariasis in children, vets, the elderly, breeders and dog owners, gardeners and farmers, hunters and vegetable sellers.

symptoms of toxocariasis

In humans, the causative agent of the disease is in constant motion, hitting the one organ, then another.Lack of adequate and timely treatment, and the use of folk funds from toxocariasis is fraught with the progression of the disease and its constant relapses.On how much support the development of the immune system resists infection, and will depend on the intensity and severity of symptoms of toxocariasis.There are several forms of the disease, each of which is accompanied by its own set of attributes, namely:

  • Skin, which is accompanied by various kinds of injuries, rashes, swelling, itching and redness at the site of the dislocation of the larvae;
  • Toksokaroz in children often occurs in the visceral form, which is caused by the insolvency of their immunity.Signs of the disease in this case will be: abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea, bowel disorder, progressive fever, respiratory dysfunction, liver enlargement and lymphadenopathy;
  • neurological toxocariasis in humans is accompanied by a decrease in attentiveness, increased activity and other neurological disorders that appear as a result of pathogen penetration into the brain.

consequences of the disease

Ignoring symptoms of toxocariasis is fraught with complications such as tissue injury, necrosis, inflammation, hemorrhage or blindness.Also toksokaroza symptoms indicate the beginning of the formation of granulomas in vital systems and organs.Therefore, so it is important to the medical treatment of toxocariasis in the earliest stages of the disease, ignoring the opinion that the pathogen will die himself.

Treatment toksokaroza

main drugs used in the treatment of toxocariasis are medamin, mebendazole and thiabendazole, as they are able to kill the animals moving.Their drawback is that the larvae remain alive in their granulomas.Residual treatment of toxocariasis is possible with the use of albendazole, which has a pronounced influence hepatotoxic and taken under careful medical supervision.

Ocular toxocariasis in children is curable with the help of injections containing depomedrol.Sometimes the variant surgery Surgeons.

People piggy recipes from toxocariasis

Please note that the treatment of toxocariasis folk remedies can only reduce the number of pain, but does not eliminate the source and consequences of the disease.

can try to boil the garlic head in the milk and do an enema for about a week.

very noticeable effect of such national means of toxocariasis as a decoction of tansy.Boil a spoonful of herb flowers for half an hour and do an enema of warm broth every day.This method is absolutely unacceptable for children.

also a decoction of the flowers and leaves of tansy can be taken orally a tablespoon several times a day.

Apply a folk remedy for toxocariasis as a mixture of honey and wormwood seed.Mix the ingredients in equal parts and eat a spoonful between meals.


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