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teratoma - a tumor formation, which develops from cells in the bodyembryo.The growth of the tumor begins before birth and the clinical symptoms of the disease may manifest itself openly a person at any age.The primary cause of this tumor is that at some point in the embryo tissue cease to develop normally.As a consequence, the tumor contained rudiments bodies, uncharacteristic for the area where it is produced.So, for example, ovarian teratoma can include muscle tissue, which is adjacent to the rudiments of teeth or hair follicles.

This formation is considered to be benign, yet experts say that 1% of cases the swelling may take a malignant form and grow in the tissues that surround it.Then the removal of teratoma becomes more difficult problem for physicians.

Types teratoma

most common type of cancer in children and adolescents is considered a mature teratoma.This type of cancer is sometimes detected e

ven in newborn babies, which makes it possible to conclude that the origin of the formation of teratogenicity.The mature form of education constitute the differentiated cells of several tissues.There are dense (solid) and fluid (cystic) tumors.Depending on the form of treatment varies teratoma.

Solid mature teratoma is usually a smooth surface to the touch it is thick, in rare cases, it may be bumpy.This tumor is composed of heterogeneous structure.It can be determined with the small cyst fluid and bands consisting of grayish tissue.

Cystic mature form of education usually has a large, smooth surface.The swelling of this type mainly comprise a cyst, which internally - turbid liquid, which may contain bone and cartilage, teeth, hair.But if we consider the fabric solid and cystic teratomas under a microscope, it would look almost the same.

In contrast to the above forms of the immature form of the tumor is malignant and symptoms can destroy located next to the tissue during growth.This metastases are often found in the circulatory and lymphatic systems.Immature forms of education constitute tissues that resemble embryonic tissue.She feels like a dough, may include various small cysts.Microscopic examination of tumor tissues revealed a mixture of different types of tissues, which alternate with each other.


Most often this tumor is localized in the gonads in the sacrococcygeal region, in the retroperitoneal space, as well as in the throat, in the base of the skull.The oil teratoma often found in the female.As a rule, it is innate, sometimes it has already detected in the fetus.Quite often, such tumors can grow to very large sizes, which sometimes interferes with the normal flow of the generic process.The oil teratoma in most cases is benign.The disease is asymptomatic, and only if the coccygeal teratoma is located in the perineum, it may cause discomfort during urination and defecation.This requires an immediate removal of teratomas.

testicular teratoma diagnosed most often in young men to 20 years of age.If the tumor is benign, no symptoms of this condition is not observed.At the same time pain in the testicle is sometimes indicative of the process of malignancy.

The young girls found teratoma of the ovary.Depending on the degree of maturity of tumor can be either benign or malignant (more mature than the tumor, the higher the probability that it will grow into malignant tumor).Ovarian teratoma usually develops without symptoms.

mature teratoma of the mediastinum is localized in the anterior mediastinum in front of the human heart.If it reaches a large size, it may compress nearby organs and thus disrupt the normal functioning of the body.Retroperitoneal tumor often found in girls, and sometimes degenerates into a malignant.Mature teratoma pharynx develops in the throat and intracerebral - at the base of the skull or in the pineal gland.Intracerebral education most often malignant.

Diagnosis and treatment of teratoma

teratoma of the ovary and other types of tumors detected by ultrasound, gynecological examination, laparoscopy, ultrasound.the mature form of education Treatment is carried out by surgical methods.Features removal teratoma determined based on the size detected education, age of the patient, presence of other pathologies and chronic diseases.If ovarian teratoma is found in young girls, the doctor holds possible partial resection of the ovary.If the therapy is performed correctly, the cure of the disease does not become an obstacle to motherhood in the future.What form would not have had a teratoma, treatment, doctors prefer to be carried out using laparoscopic techniques to reduce injuries to a minimum.

Treatment coccygeal teratomas sometimes performed in utero.Sometimes coccygeal teratoma removed together with the coccyx.

the case of malignant tumors, teratomas treatment is carried out comprehensively.Initially, the doctor makes the removal of teratoma and nearby lymph nodes (assuming that the process of malignant).What follows is a complex radiation therapy to eliminate metastases.Sometimes treatment also includes chemotherapy teratoma.

After removal of teratoma and completion of complex therapy, the patient must periodically undergo inspection to prevent recurrence of the disease.As a general rule, if you observe the correct approach to the treatment, and the patient follows all the advice of a specialist, healing prognosis is favorable.


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