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Heat stroke - isquickly developing a pathological condition of the body, caused by the general body overheating.There is in violation of thermoregulation, when the background of the increasing heat production process slows down the process of heat transfer in the human body.This condition is a medical emergency as it leads to a violation of vital functions.


hyperthermia promotes everything that somehow violates the process of sweating or impedes the evaporation of sweat: a combination of high temperatures and humidity, wearing synthetic clothing, the use of rubber or leather overalls during heavy physical work, long hikes in hot weather, fatigue, abundant fatty foods, lack of fluid intake.

Most often heat stroke occurs when significant dehydration during intense exercise provided an increased ambient temperature.But this does not mean that the air temperature at a comfortable develop

ment of the state is impossible.To reduce heat loss results too warm clothing.Therefore, parents who are too warm clothes your child when you first light a cool breeze, you should be especially careful.thermoregulation system in young children is not yet perfect.In order to avoid the development of heat stroke in a child should be approached with particular attention not only to his summer wardrobe, but think carefully about the fall and spring wardrobe.

Heat stroke is associated with a significant loss of body water and salt through sweating.When the fluid in the body reserves are depleted, sweating becomes scarce or even stops, the body slows down the cooling process.If at the same time contribute to consideration of external factors do not vanish (the person continues to experience exercise is the warm humid air, etc.), heat stroke develops.

There is thickening of the blood and an increase in its viscosity.As a result, blood flow leads to difficulty tissue hypoxia.Violated respiratory function, there is a malfunction of the kidneys.There is a metabolic disorder in the body.He suffers from the central nervous system - is developing tissue edema and brain membranes are marked multiple hemorrhages.For this state is characterized by congestion of internal organs and the presence of punctate hemorrhages in the stomach and intestine, and bleeding under the epicardium, endocardium and pleura.

significantly increase the risk of heat stroke and the condition of the body, such as drunkenness, smoking, obesity, disruption of the endocrine glands, central nervous system diseases, taking certain drugs.

Symptoms of heat stroke

considered by us a pathological condition of the body develops suddenly.The main symptom of heat stroke is a significant increase in body temperature - up to the level of 40oC or higher.The skin on your face becomes red, hot and dry.Other important symptoms of heat stroke are incoordination, loss of consciousness or confusion.

Other symptoms are distinguished:

- weakness;

- violation of sweating (his absence);

- frequent shallow breathing;

- increased heart rate (tachycardia);

- dizziness and headache;

- nausea;

- high or low blood pressure;

- cramps.

Depending on the severity of thermal shock symptoms are three main forms of the disease state.

Mild.For this form of heat stroke is characterized by general weakness, malaise, lethargy, possible headache and nausea.Body temperature is increased, but not to the critical values.There shortness of breath and slight tachycardia.The effects are easily reversible in the provision of timely assistance and elimination of contributing to the development of heat stress factors.

moderate forms.The above symptoms are aggravated.The temperature rises to 39-40?C. Headache becomes intense, bouts of vomiting does not make it easy to state.The victim uncoordinated, confused consciousness.The skin is hot to the touch, acts perspiration.

Severe.It is dangerous for the body condition.The temperature rises to 41?C, and it continues to grow, and its increase by another 0.5-0.7?C can be fatal.There have hallucinations, seizures, severe impairment of consciousness up to coma.The pulse quickens to 150 beats per minute, it is possible development of arrhythmias.Up to 30% of cases of severe heat stroke ends in death.

Help with heatstroke

Providing first aid for heat stroke, you must immediately perform two actions at once.First, call the ambulance.Second, eliminate the external factors that trigger the development of this condition.For first aid for heatstroke can appeal to passers-by or car drivers who have car first aid kit should be available.

should be how to put the victim as soon as possible in the shade, but better in a cool, well-ventilated room.Deliver man from clothing (or at least undo it).If person is unconscious, try to revive him.It facilitates the task of ammonia, which can be someone from passers-by.Spray cold water on the face of the patient.Wipe with a wet towel (or any available tissue), all of the victim's body.If the person is conscious, give him drink water at room temperature, but in any case, not ice.Ice water can cause stomach cramps, and therefore will cause vomiting.

If the victim is unconscious, he had marked convulsions and vomiting, turn his head to the side, so he choked vomit.If the patient has stopped breathing and has no pulse, try to give him artificial respiration and chest compressions, even if you are not a professional in this business.There are cases where first aid for heatstroke by passers helped save the man's life.

Prevention Prevention of this condition is different for each individual case.However, in the hot season, one should observe the rule of drinking regime - drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

addition, prefer light-colored clothing made of natural materials.Try not to move around the city at lunchtime and afternoon.Organize your schedule according to the weather conditions.

If adults in a position to think about their own health, the primary prevention of heat stroke in a child is the attention and care of his parents.Correctly choose baby clothes, watch what he eats and drinks (from drinking carbonated beverages in the heat should be avoided).To prevent heat stroke the baby, try to walk with him in the shade, and even better to leave the house only in the morning and evening.You may also want to limit the child in active games or take frequent breaks in them.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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