Teniasis - symptoms, causes , diagnosis, treatment


1. activities of pathogens in the human body

2. Symptoms teniasis

3. disease Identification

4. Treatment teniasis

teniasis calleda disease of an infectious nature, which triggered ingestion of intestinal worms or Taenia solium Taenia saginata.This type of parasite known for many years in medical practice, but only in recent times have been identified the most productive treatments teniasis.

Adjust frequency teniasis manifestations help precautions that are carried out on a mandatory basis in all developed countries.

final "haven" causative agent performs the human body.Vectors and an original incubator worms are pigs.Taeniasis in man appears as a result of falling into the food of pork, which has not passed a satisfactory heat treatment or had been prepared with the full violation of sanitary and hygienic norms.

activities of pathogens in the human body

pork tapeworm can reach 1-2 meters, and along its entire length have an incredible amount of segments that play a

vital role in their existence.Getting together with meat and meat products in human stomach parasite eggs are exposed to an acidic environment situated therein.Appeared as a result of this process, the larvae penetrate into the bloodstream through the walls of the muscles and starting to "travel" throughout the body.A favorite place of the dislocation of the larvae, where they are transformed into adults, are the intermuscular connective tissue.Subsequently, they begin to fall in the intestine where it adhere to the mucosa and begin to grow rapidly.Along the way, the parasites provoke poisoning of the body, cause allergic reactions products of their vital activity, injure their shell bowel segments and take a person all of the nutrients and trace elements.It is this and requires prompt diagnosis teniasis at the earliest stages.

Symptoms teniasis

Very often there is a complete absence of clinical manifestations of infection.However, the infection can manifest its presence by symptoms such as a teniasis:

  • systematic pain in the head;
  • sleep disorder;
  • very bright teniasis symptom - abdominal pain, with different nature and origin of the strange.
  • disorders in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • weakened state of the entire body, nausea, dizziness and vomiting;

teniasis Neurological symptoms may be due to the fact that the larvae have chosen their place of human brain maturation.In certain cases, the body can respond to the presence of the parasite hypochromic anemia character appearance.Symptoms teniasis does not affect changes in blood composition, and can be confirmed only by laboratory tests scrapings, feces or prints.

disease Identification

Diagnostics teniasis carried out by the same methods as in the infection of other parasites of this nature, namely:

  • monitoring the output parts of worms with feces;
  • victim survey and monitoring of the above symptoms;
  • study under a microscope or scraping feces of the patient;
  • teniasis other relevant diagnostic measures.

parasites Identification data may take considerable time and requires the utmost care and personnel competence of the laboratory.Teniasis Diagnosis is complicated by the fact that the originator can long maintain immobility and not to show their presence.

Treatment teniasis

extremely popular, due to the rapid onset of a positive result, are popular treatments teniasis.One of these is a complex therapy, including the reception of pumpkin seeds and extract of male fern.Treatment teniasis this method consists in preliminary bowel cleansing laxative on the basis of salts, which is held on the eve of the start of the course.Then the patient begins taking the above components, and it is assigned an enema.Nutrition during treatment teniasis must contain easily digestible food.Number of received seeds and the extract is calculated in strict accordance with the age category of the patient and his body weight.

the treatment teniasis bring tangible effect drugs such as fenasal and Vermoxum.They do not require an exhausting fasting and enemas.

Timely diagnosis teniasis avoids most unpredictable negative consequences for the human body.


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