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1. Causes of tendinitis

2. Tendonitis: symptoms

3. tendonitis: treatment

4. tendonitis: treatment of folk remedies

5. Prevention

6. Diagnostics

Tendinitis - inflammation of tendon tissue, which is usually observed in the area of ​​the muscle-tendon junction or at the point of attachment to the bone.

This disease can develop at any age.But most people are exposed to it over 40 years, as well as those engaged in serious exercise, or is often in the same pose.

First tendons response to chronic overload is a swelling of the tendon, which is accompanied by microscopic splitting collagen and changes in the mucous membrane around the inflammatory focus.

Basically, foci of inflammation are joints ligaments and bones, but there are cases of spread of inflammation around the tendon.At constant traumatizing may develop chronic tendonitis.

These processes cause pain and restrict movement in the affected part of the body: shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist, hip, finger.

Thus, degenerative processes in the tendon tissue can occur in different parts of the body where there is a tendon.

There are these types of tendinitis:

  • tendonitis of the shoulder joint;
  • tendonitis of the knee;
  • tendonitis of the hip joint;
  • biceps tendinitis;
  • elbow tendonitis;
  • Achilles tendinitis.

The most common types of the disease include: tendonitis of the knee joint and tendinitis of the shoulder joint.

knee tendinitis - inflammation in the tendons and joints in the knee area.Tendonitis of the knee joint feels like a stretching of ligaments and tendons.The disease often develops due to injuries and causes pain around the kneecap.

symptoms of tendinitis of the shoulder joint are swelling and sharp pain that occurs during active movement.This disease can occur as a consequence of chronic stress, which is caused by microtrauma tendons, which ultimately provokes an inflammatory process.Tendonitis of the shoulder joint is more common in athletes and people engaged in heavy physical work.There are three stages of shoulder tendinitis.Based on its severity, is prescribed the appropriate treatment.

Causes of tendinitis

The most common cause of tendonitis include:

  • considerable physical strain on the joints for a long time;
  • injuries of different nature;
  • infection that caused by bacteria (eg, gonorrhea);
  • rheumatic disease (gout or arthritis);
  • allergic response of the organism to the drug;
  • human anatomical features, such as different lengths of limbs;
  • bad posture.

Tendonitis: symptoms

to main and obvious symptom of tendonitis include pain and limited mobility.Pain at the site of inflammation and around characterized duration and intensity.Pain may appear suddenly, but often they grow accordingly inflammatory process - more serious than it is, the greater the pain.

can also note the increased sensitivity to palpation of the inflamed tendon.

Tendonitis has symptoms, which manifest themselves in the form of a creaking sound that can be heard when moving limb.In addition, over the tendon may occur hyperthermia or redness.

disease may be complicated in the case of calcium deposits in the joints, asit tends to weaken the tendon and joint capsule.

In tendinitis of the shoulder joint can be significantly reduced shoulder mobility, and reduced range of motion.But in repose no pain.

Another symptom of tendonitis is pain, which intensified in the evening and at night make it impossible to sleep.

People suffering from tendonitis of the knee, have difficulty running, climbing or descending the stairs, and at times even when walking.

A patients with forearm tendonitis are having difficulty holding the hands of the subjects and the implementation of various actions.

tendonitis: treatment

Treatment of the disease involves primarily the creation of complete rest and immobility for inflamed areas of the body by means of a certain fixation, such as tires, bandage, dressings.In the case of lesions of the lower extremities can use a cane or crutches.

Treatment of tendinitis is usually carried out with the help of anti-inflammatory and pain medications.For this purpose can be used ointments that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

quite effective in treating tendinitis are corticosteroid injections, which are carried out directly into the lesion.This ensures removal of attenuation of pain and inflammation.It is also widely used methods of physical therapy as a supplement to medical treatment.

If these methods do not improve, or inflammation of a very strong, then prescribe antibiotics of last resort - is surgery.

But it is important to remember that treatment for tendonitis will be effective only if the patient recommendations for the rest of the affected area of ​​the body.Otherwise, the disease will develop.

tendonitis: treatment of folk remedies

carry out the treatment of tendinitis, you can and with the help of traditional medicine, but it is imperative to harmonize this treatment with your doctor.

most simple and affordable way to treat the people's - is rubbing the affected area with ice cubes for 20 minutes.

Another popular option for controlling the disease - eating spice curcumin, only 0.5 grams daily.

known method of treatment of tendinitis is a welcome adjustment on the vodka partitions walnut.To prepare the infusion must be 1 glass partitions pour 0.5 liters of vodka and infusions to 18 days.


As with any disease, tendonitis is much easier to prevent than to cure it later.

Firstly, we must remember that before any physical work, you need to warm up the body warmed up.

Secondly, if you have to physical activity, the pace gradually increase the load and do not operate at full capacity and strength.

B - Third, it is necessary to arrange a vacation, or to change the activity at the slightest sign of pain.And if certain actions cause you discomfort and pain, it is better in the future not to return to them.

In order to prevent the disease, it is impossible to perform uniform action of the same joint for a long period of time.And if, for example, your profession or occupation requires you to do it, then let's complete rest of your body parts.


When the first signs of tendinitis symptoms, you should contact your doctor.

During the reception, he can ask the following questions:

  • exactly where there is a feeling of pain and how it is strong;
  • Have you had an injury as a result of exercise or physical activity.

doctor may conduct palpation of certain areas of the body, and to ask you to make certain movements or carry out action.

In order to accurately diagnose need to use techniques such as MRI and ultrasound, which will allow to accurately determine the location of the inflammation, its size and the degree of damage, as well as to identify calcium deposits in inflamed areas.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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