Dry cough - causes , symptoms , treatment of


1. Causes of dry cough

2. Medication

3. Drug-free treatment for dry cough

4. Preventive measures

Occurrencecough can be caused by many diseases, it is both dry and wet.To help the patient to achieve a speedy recovery is only possible if the correct definition of the type of cough and its causes.After all, the treatment may be directed at alleviating or suppressing cough or improve expectoration of sputum.

himself coughing process is a violent expulsion of air from the lung cavity.When this air is expelled with force accelerated, whereby output and foreign particles in the respiratory ducts.

not difficult to understand that the cough is advisable from the physiological point of view.Wet cough helps to remove together with phlegm from the respiratory tract microbes and foreign matter.But with dry cough it is not the case - it is physiologically unproductive, exhausting, brings psychological and physical discomfort and disrupts normal sleep.If the "wrong" dry cough persi

sts, it certainly is to suppress by means of symptomatic treatment.

For the treatment of dry cough medication means may be used alone or in combination with non-drug therapy.When dry cough suppressing agents physiotherapy, massage and inhalation are used often and are effective.Naturally the choice of treatment technique is to understand the nature of cough and its causes.

Causes of dry cough

Of course, among the causes of the banal cough can be called and the body's defense reaction to a foreign body caught up in the airways, ieon a piece of food, bread crumbs, dust, gases and so forth. But if we talk about the cause of dry cough, then most likely, it is in the presence of a particular disease.If the cough persists, it makes sense not only to carry out symptomatic treatment, but also to identify the disease causing the cough.

One of the causes of dry cough disease can be described below:

  • laryngotracheitis is tedious, hard portable dry cough with little phlegm.When this temperature is kept high.
  • In chronic bronchitis a strong dry cough persists and intensifies especially in the mornings.The inflammatory process is long.Perhaps the emergence of secondary tuberculosis.
  • In cystic fibrosis, dry, suffocating cough wet replaced with an abundance of expectorated secretion.Expectorated sputum has a sharp odor.
  • Asthma leads to bouts of intense cough with shortness of breath.At such moments, the patient feels pain in the chest.Outflow sputum maloznachitelen happens only occasionally.
  • presence of a foreign body in the trachea.In this dry cough means medical treatment malorezultativnoy.It is necessary to push the foreign body on their own or with the help of a doctor.
  • When tumors become rending cough, especially dry and painful.Often, it is a symptom of lung cancer.Ignore this cough is by no means impossible, you need an urgent examination and treatment.


dry cough is the result of irritation of cough receptors in different locations.dry cough treatment is carried out drugs that suppress it and weaken the cough reflex.Painful, dry, barking cough does not benefit the body, and harassed him, so symptomatic treatment is justified.

For the treatment of dry cough medicines used central and peripheral actions.

Medication cold preparations of the central action can suppress the cough reflex by acting on the medulla oblongata.Among such drugs is Codeine, glaucine, Ethylmorphine, oxeladin, prenoxdiazine, dextromethorphan, and combination products based on them.It is worth noting that the appointment and reception of codeine-based medicines and ethylmorphine should lead to extreme caution.In general, they are aimed at suppressing the respiratory center in the medulla oblongata.Children under two years of these agents are contraindicated.

peripheral antitussive drugs, due to the effect on cough receptors in the mucosa of the respiratory channels, suppress the cough reflex.This group of drugs include drugs atsetilaminonitropropoksibenzena based substances.

What are the most well-known for dry cough means of drug therapy:

- Atsetilaminonitropropoksibenzen (Falimint);

- Bronhitusen Vramed (Bronhotsin, Bronholitin, Bronhoton);

- Bronhikum syrup;

- butamirata (Panatus, Omnitus, Panatus forte);

- Codelac;

- Codelac bronchitis;

- Codeine (codeine phosphate hemihydrate, codeine base, codeine phosphate hemihydrate);

- Codelac phyto;

- Neo-kodion in dosage for adults and dosage for children and separately for the newborn;

- tablets cough;

- Fervex dry cough;

- Terpinkod.

Drug-free treatment for dry cough

If, by definition, the physician is the cause of dry cough SARS, the warm milk with the addition of soda facilitate the patient's general condition and soothe the cough reflex.Helps convert dry cough due to reproductive and various herbal teas.It can be several times a day to drink teas mother and stepmother, elecampane, rosemary, plantain juice, black radish and honey, fruit extract of anise and thyme.

If you decide to treat people's methods, it is necessary to remember that they are very inferior to the duration of action of drugs.Therefore, a necessary part of tricks "Natural Medicines" in small doses.Avoid excess broth single dose, as this may lead to nausea and vomiting.

Very often prescribe inhaled in dry cough.They are particularly effective in diseases of the upper respiratory tract.The most simple inhalation dry cough - steam inhalation solution of mineral alkaline water and baking soda.The good results of this method shows the treatment of compulsive cough in children.In the treatment of children, remember that it is strictly contraindicated inhalation of hot water!

inhalation dry cough prescribe and in hospitals, they are carried out using nebulizers - special inhalers, which generate an aerosol cloud of microparticles medications.This device enables inhalation kiddies first years of life and newborn.

Preventive measures

In most cases, the intensity and painful dry cough can reduce or prevent its occurrence through simple rules of behavior.For example, frequent airing in the winter will help reduce the number of SARS.Even in cold weather, it is desirable to leave the window ajar in the room where the baby sleeps and the rest of the family.When air-dried mucus in the respiratory tract moisture evaporates, the mucus becomes thick and viscous, and it is very difficult expectoration process.You can humidify the air in the room and with the help of mechanical or automated humidifiers.In a pinch, you can just put on the battery wet sheets.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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