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1. clinical picture strongyloidosis

2. Diagnosis of the disease

3. Treatment strongyloidosis

4. Prevention

Strongyloidiasis - helminth human diseasewhich cause the nematodes - roundworms genus Strongyloides stercoralis.The disease can occur with little or no symptoms for many years, and can take an acute form and lead to death.

strongyloidiasis Infection occurs through human skin after contact with the ground or through the gastro-intestinal tract via feeding helminth larvae.

clinical picture strongyloidosis

strongyloidosis Symptoms depend on the stage of the disease and of its form.Early stage, also known as acute or migration, characterized by the following symptoms of strongyloidiasis:

  • strongly itchy rash in the form of a pink-red blisters seen on the sites of contact with the skin of the parasite;rash area with lightning speed increases in size;process lasts from a few hours to several days;
  • with the spread of parasites in the body of an infected person stro
    ngyloidosis marked weakness, dizziness, muscle aches, joint pain, changes in the internal organs and lymph nodes;
  • on the fourth or fifth day after the invasion strongyloidosis worms migrate to the lungs;a human patient has a wet cough, breathing becomes difficult, in light tapped wheezing;
  • increased level of white blood cells (eosinophils in particular), increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

strongyloidiasis symptoms listed above are similar to symptoms of other diseases, for this reason, strongyloidiasis diagnosis and treatment usually takes place at the second stage.

late (intestinal, chronic) disease stage occurs within 4-5 weeks after the invasion (infection).At this stage, we can talk about forms of the disease.There are: intestinal, allergotoksicheskaya, duodeno-biliary-cystic, pulmonary, mixed and other forms of strongyloidiasis.

strongyloidiasis Symptoms in the late stage of disease depend on the shape and in each case may vary somewhat.

Signs and duodeno-intestinal bile-cystic form of strongyloidiasis:

1. Serious violations of the gastrointestinal tract, frequent watery stools (up to 20 times a day).In severe cases, the disease occurs in the stool admixture of blood and mucus.Diarrhea is difficult to stop the medication therapy.

2. Violation of the liver, aching or cramping pain in the right upper quadrant, when examining an enlarged liver is observed.

3. The severity and pain in the stomach, in the survey show different forms of gastroduodenitis, chronic gastritis, spastic colitis.

4. Poor health of the patient, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting.

When allergotoksicheskoy form the main symptom strongyloidosis - bubble or spotty rashes in the form of rings or lines, which are distributed throughout the body.The patient was tormented by severe itching of the affected skin.

clinical picture of a mixed form of the disease includes symptoms of intestinal strongyloidiasis and allergotoksicheskoy form.

very severe disease occurs in people with weakened immune systems, namely in patients with cancer, AIDS, those who have suffered severe operation.


disease in most cases the disease is diagnosed at a late stage of his, on the basis of the results of tests for strongyloidiasis, namely:

1. Analysis of feces.It is implemented by the method of Bergmann.His goal - to identify larvae ugritsy gut.Analysis of strongyloidiasis in which the investigated materials are feces, most often used to diagnose the disease.But in addition to fecal helminth larvae can be found in the duodenal contents, bile and phlegm sick person.

2. Analysis of blood.According to the results of blood tests it is impossible to diagnose the disease, they are the only additional information to the results of stool tests.When strongiloidoze observed a significant increase in the level of eosinophils (5% and above), as well as increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).Significant deviations from normal levels of eosinophils suggests strongyloidosis early stage, as well as allergotoksicheskoy form of the disease.

tests for strongyloidiasis, especially feces analysis, can often give a false result.The first fence of feces probability of finding the disease becomes only 25% at the fourth fence - 85%.Thus, it is important to remember to get a correct diagnosis, tests for strongyloidiasis have to take a few times for 5-7 days.

Treatment strongyloidosis

strongyloidosis Treatment should take place in hospital under medical supervision.In addition to drugs directly affect the viability of the helminth appoint anti-allergic, antifebrile, antipyretics, sedatives and other drugs.

Almost all roundworm infestations are treated with the same medicines.The difference in the treatment of parasitic infestations only doses of the drugs.

In the treatment of strongyloidiasis apply large doses of drugs on the basis of mebendazole, levamisole, thiabendazole, carbendazim.This medication: Dikaris, Vermoxum, Mintezol, Medamin and others.

To eliminate the disease in most cases requires a maximum of two courses of treatment.Another half a year a person must undergo a monthly survey to exclude the presence of parasites in the body.In case of detection of worms require re-treatment of strongyloidiasis.


strongyloidosis Prevention includes the following activities:

  • thorough obrabatyvaniya fruits and vegetables;
  • avoidance of contact with the ground;
  • observance of elementary rules of personal hygiene;
  • early diagnosis and treatment of strongyloidiasis in persons succumbed to invasion;
  • systematic examination of persons who work directly with the land;
  • temporary isolation of sick people in the hospital;
  • sanitary improvement of housing areas;
  • environment by fecal contamination.


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