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Vascular insufficiency - state, which is characterized by violation of general or local circulation.This fact is a consequence of insufficient blood vessel function, which is caused by a decrease in their tone, cross-infringement, a decrease in blood volume passing through them.

Depending on how you apply violations distinguish systemic and regional (local) failure.Also distinguish between chronic and acute cardiovascular failure.The difference between these two forms of the disease lies in the flow rate.

Net vascular insufficiency - a rather rare phenomenon.Typically, vascular insufficiency occurs in deficiency symptoms of heart muscle.Thus, cardiovascular failure occurs as a result of exposure to the same factors as vascular muscle and cardiac muscle.In some cases, cardiovascular failure takes a secondary character, and heart pathology occurs due to improper

muscle power (low pressure in the arteries, or lack of blood).

Acute vascular insufficiency is a clinical syndrome resulting from a sharp decrease in circulating blood volume, as well as the deterioration of the blood supply to vital organs, which is a consequence of blood loss, the fall of vascular tone (poisoning, infection, etc.), disorders of the contractile function of the myocardium.Acute vascular insufficiency manifests itself in the form of fainting, shock or collapse.

Fainting - is the most common and fairly mild form of acute circulatory failure, which is a consequence of short-term anemia of the brain.This form of acute circulatory failure manifested as a result of various cardiovascular diseases, blood loss.Besides acute circulatory failure may occur in a healthy person, for example, because of a strong emotion, fatigue or hunger.


Among the main causes of vascular and cardiovascular disease can be identified poor circulation in the arteries and veins, which can occur for various reasons.

As mentioned above, the main causes of acute cardiovascular insufficiency can be called heart disease, blood loss, as well as traumatic brain injury and pathological conditions, such as severe infections, acute poisoning, severe burns, organic lesions of the nervous system.

symptoms of vascular insufficiency

Among the main symptoms of vascular insufficiency in the acute form can be identified weakness, darkening of the eyes, nausea, rapid loss of consciousness.These symptoms, respectively, are also characteristic of fainting.Among other symptoms of vascular insufficiency in the acute form can be identified low blood pressure, weak and slow heart rate, paleness of the skin, muscle relaxation.

With the collapse of the person, as a rule, is in the mind, but his reaction is extremely inhibited.Among the symptoms of vascular insufficiency in this case it is possible to allocate a lower temperature, weakness, low pressure and tachycardia.

main symptom of vascular disease is the sharp and rapid decline in blood pressure, which contributes to the other symptoms.

main symptom of chronic vascular insufficiency in the form shown in the form of hypertension.

disease diagnosis

diagnosis of cardiovascular disease is viewed from the patient's physician, during which he assesses the common symptoms of the disease and determine its shape.It should be noted that the level of pressure - not the decisive factor in the definitive diagnosis.In order to make an accurate conclusion, the doctor examines and analyzes the patient's medical history, as well as determine the causes of the attack.In order to provide appropriate assistance to the patient, it is very important to determine the type of inspection in the process of disease: vascular or heart.When

cardiovascular disease patient must remain seated as supine his condition deteriorated significantly.When necessary vascular insufficiency patient is in the supine position is, as in this position the brain better blood supply.In heart failure, the patient's skin acquires a pinkish hue, and in vascular - grayish.For vascular insufficiency is characterized by normal venous pressure.In this vein in the neck sleeping, not typical for heart disease pulmonary congestion, and also a shift of the heart border.

Once the diagnosis of the patient provide first aid, and in some cases are hospitalized and, at the same time by assigning the appropriate examination of the circulatory system.When vascular insufficiency may appoint ECG, auscultation of the vessels, or venography sphygmography.

treatment of vascular insufficiency

vascular or cardiovascular failure requires immediate first aid.

In acute circulatory failure patient is placed in the supine position and, if faint, loosen clothing around the neck squeezing, sprinkle the face and chest of the victim with water, pat him on the cheek, offer to smell ammonia, as well as provide access to fresh air.

Once the patient regained consciousness should immediately call an ambulance.Doctors carried out on-site common diagnostic tests, administered intravenously or subcutaneously caffeine solution with sodium benzoate 10%.If bradycardia is usually additionally introduced ortsiprenalin sulfate 0.05% or 0.1% solution of adrenaline.If the victim does not come to life after 2-3 minutes, the same drugs administered have intracardiac, carried out heart massage and artificial respiration.

patient hospitalized in case of fainting causes remain unclear, additional resuscitation, patient pressure remains low or vascular insufficiency manifested itself for the first time.In other cases, patients are usually not hospitalized.

With the collapse of the patients in need of compulsory hospitalization for emergency medical care, maintenance of heart activity and pressure.The hospital stopped the bleeding, if there is such a need, spend symptomatic therapy procedures.

for cardiovascular disease characterized by the development of cardiogenic collapse, at which eliminates tachycardia and atrial flutter cropped.

In order to restore and maintain the pressure applied mezaton 1%.

caffeine, ascorbic acid, glucose, sodium chloride, subcutaneously kokarboksilazu when collapse was triggered by poisoning or infection.Quite effective in this case is 0.1% strychnine.


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