Vascular cyst : diagnosis , treatment methods


1. cysts of the choroid plexus in the fetus

2. Diagnostics

3. treatment of cysts of the choroid plexus

choroid plexus - is one of the first structuresthat develop already in the sixth week fetus.They take over the function of production of liquor for the brain and spinal cord supply.During this period, the choroid plexus cysts in the fetus are cavity with liquor and are not considered a pathology.They do not contain nerve cells, but are important for the development and supply of the central nervous system of the baby.As a rule, to the 24-28 week of fetal vascular cysts are completely absent in the picture ultrasound due to the active development of the fetal brain.However, in some cases, these structures remain until delivery and found in adults.

cysts of the choroid plexus in the fetus

Vascular cyst was first described in 1984.At that time it was not considered a disease.Today we know that 90% of detected on ultrasound cysts resolve by 24 weeks of fetal development wit

hout any consequences for the child was.However, vascular cyst today referred to as "soft markers".This means that by themselves they do not cause harm to the child.But in combination with other markers may indicate a pathology.

The work of American scientists vascular cyst may be associated with an increased risk of chromosomal abnormalities, such as Edward syndrome.Edward's syndrome - a genetic disorder associated with an extra copy of chromosome 18. For comparison, Down syndrome develops when an extra copy of chromosome 21.When additional copies of chromosome 18, the embryos die before birth or are born with multiple anomalies and physical defects, including incompatible with life.

These include hydrocephalus, neural tube defects, cystic hygroma, crooked fingers, feet rocker, micrognathia, foot-hammers, growth restriction and other manifestations.Whether large or small cysts, unilateral or bilateral, the risk of the appearance of Edward syndrome cysts vascular plexus in the fetus is quite small.In order to completely exclude it, to 24-28 weeks of pregnancy carried ultrasound for the presence of vascular cysts.To further clarify the diagnosis carried placenta biopsy under ultrasound control.This method of diagnosis with 99% accuracy to determine the genetic chromosome, but is at risk of serious complications or miscarriage.

Whatever it was, but the formation of vascular cysts even at a late stage of development of the fetus does not show such serious deviations.The most common cause of vascular plexus cysts save after birth is associated with infections, migrated women during childbearing (eg, herpes simplex virus), as well as other complications of pregnancy and childbirth.


As mentioned above, vascular cyst - a cavity with only liquor that can occur completely asymptomatic.But in order to prevent various diseases, all children under the age of one year is recommended to undergo a brain ultrasound, which is called neurosonography.Sometimes ultrasound detects cysts in the right hemisphere of the brain, they are called the choroid plexus cysts right.Cavities in the left hemisphere is called the choroid plexus cysts left.Often vascular cysts can be found on both sides.

Neurosonography especially recommended management of small or too large newborns, premature babies, infants with severe neurological symptoms, children who have suffered birth trauma or hypoxia, or have an unusual head shape, facial structure or other abnormalities.

neurosonography carried out to identify the right choroid plexus cysts and left before it closes the anterior fontanelle.Later, through the dense bone of the skull to study the development of cysts of the choroid plexus of the left or right will be impossible.The research is considered safe and does not require the preparation of the child.

Even if the choroid plexus cysts are found closer to the age of one year, it does not mean that they will lead to the development of pathologies in the future or will require special treatment.But in order to avoid potential violations, recommended dynamic examinations of newborns in the first years of the life of a neurologist.

Treatment of choroid plexus cysts

Vascular cysts in most cases do not require treatment and disappear on their own as soon as possible.But in some cases, your doctor may recommend a course of drugs that speed up the absorption of cysts.These include Cinnarizine, which strengthens blood vessels and cardiovascular system, and Cavintonum applied at disturbances of a cerebral circulation, or analogues thereof.But as a rule, it is limited only preventive ultrasound every three months, which allows you to track the dynamics of the formation of vascular cysts.


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