Sunstroke - causes , first aid


1. Causes and symptoms of sunstroke

2. First aid for sunstroke

3. Sunstroke children

4. Prevention

Sunstroke - a kind of thermal shock, and there it is in the case of long-term (or not) the impact of sunlight on the human head.

Causes and symptoms of sunstroke

mechanism of sunstroke simple.Exposure to direct sunlight on the head leads to a heating of the skin, soft tissues of the skull.Excessive heat "gets" and to the brain, thus damaging the nerve tissue and sheath.Consequently, the shell and swell the brain, observed petechial hemorrhages and focal CNS changes.

increases the likelihood of sunstroke that the following external and internal factors:

  • air temperature is above 30 C;?
  • high humidity;
  • excess clothing on the body;
  • fluid deficiency in the body;
  • active physical work;
  • overweight;
  • CNS disease (central nervous system);
  • taking certain medications (CNS stimulants, antiallergic agents);
  • presence of human hypertension or coronary heart disease;
  • immaturity heat transfer mechanisms (in children).

Sunstroke is difficult to confuse with other diseases, the symptoms appear suddenly and develop rapidly.If during or after a stay there signs of following in the sun you, then most likely you have sunstroke:

  • face and body flushed, pupils dilated;
  • appeared severe headache, dizziness;
  • eyes darkened, and his body seemed to "quilt";
  • much you sick (vomiting up to), you pour cold sweat;
  • fever, you often breathe.

Remember, first aid for sunstroke need to provide as soon as the first symptoms appear.In no case can not sit on the fence.Otherwise, it may develop secondary symptoms, such as:

  • a significant increase in body temperature (up to 40 and above?);
  • frequency and attenuation of heart rate;
  • disorders, hallucinations;
  • cramps;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • decline of cardiac activity;
  • coldness and blueness of the skin;
  • and even death.

First aid for sunstroke

Prerequisite first aid for sunstroke - implementation of any cooling of the body (within reason) ways.The information on first aid must own every since no one is immune from the occurrence of sunstroke.

Thus, in the case of sunstroke symptoms in any of your actions should be as follows people around you:

1. Call an ambulance.

2. Move the affected person to a cool place, or at least into the shade.

3. Put the man remove its cloak, made her a cushion and put it under the ankle area.

4. Give a man a drink, it is best to fit the cool mineral water.

5. Attach to the back of the head and forehead an ice pack or a bottle of cold water.

6. Soak any tissue (eg, a sheet) and Wrap it affected.

7. Spray the body and face of the victim with cool water.If you can let take a cool bath.

8. Turn on the air conditioner (fan) or simply fanning the patient, he needs constant circulation of cool air.

9. If the person is unconscious, pour on a cotton wool ammonia and let him sniff.

10. In the event of termination of cardiac make man artificial respiration and heart massage.

Traditional medicine as a first aid for sunstroke recommends onion or horseradish.To facilitate the state of onions (horseradish) you need to rub the palms and soles of the feet, or at least for some time to breathe the smell of chopped onion (horseradish).Medical care

sunlight hitting means is the application helps to overcome secondary heart failure (camphor, caffeine) and during intravenous administration of saline, glucose, sometimes adrenaline.If necessary, designate sedatives.In some cases it is necessary cupping and holding a lumbar puncture.

After sunstroke man shown a few days of bed rest.This time will be spent by the body to resume normal activity of the central nervous system, blood circulation and disturbed biochemical processes.

Sunstroke children

In the body of any person, including the body of the child is constantly tested two processes: process heat and the process of return.The heat goes out of the body in two ways: the release of sweat and exhalation of warm air.

In hot weather, especially in the case of direct sunlight toddler unformed heat mechanism is easily disturbed, so parents need to create all the conditions for a child to develop the processes and impact of heat were normal.Among these conditions:

  • Wear baby in natural light clothes to sweat can evaporate.Note that the pot tends to take excess heat from the body only when it vaporizes, not when absorbed into the clothes;
  • Let your child drink a lot.The more fluid enters the body, the more sweat, and it highlights the less likely sunstroke;
  • Do not let the baby move too actively.The baby is more active, the more heat it produces the body;
  • in direct sunlight a child of any age need to wear a bright headdress.

But even the most exemplary parents are vulnerable to sunstroke from the fumes.If at the time of sun exposure your child has become listless, pale, while he complains of nausea, headaches and dizziness, and his body temperature increased obviously - you have every reason to suspect the child has a sunstroke.

To not get confused and do it right, you now need to know the procedures for first aid Sunlight hitting a child:

1. Hide the baby from the sun, well, if you can make it in a cool place.

2. Remove his shoes and clothes.

3. Provide the influx of cool air to where the child is.To do this, turn on the air conditioning or fan.In their absence just intensively fanned child.

4. Wrap the baby with a wet cloth.

5. Give him a drink.

6. If possible, make the child a cool bath or shower.

7. If heat stroke symptoms in store, especially if the child loses consciousness, immediately call an ambulance.

But remember, even after all of the above items are first aid Sunlight hitting the kid and made easier, in order to avoid possible complications need to show the child the doctor.


best prevention of sunstroke - avoid direct sunlight from ten to sixteen hours of the day.But if you still stay in the sun is unavoidable, do not forget to wear a bright hat and the same light, light, natural clothing.Many drink (at least 2 liters. Per day), before going out in the sun do not eat high-calorie fatty foods.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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