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1. Symptoms of the disease

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Scoliosis - a disease characterizedspinal curvature about its axis to the right or left.Scoliosis of the lumbar and thoracic spine - the most common form of the disease.

for scoliosis is characterized by asymmetry of the body, it is not only the curvature of the spine, as well as acting on the right or left side of the blade or ribs.Especially pronounced this asymmetry is tilted forward with the patient freely hands down.

It is important to distinguish between scoliosis and kyphosis (stoop).In some cases, scoliosis can occur in the background of already existing kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis forming.


disease for scoliosis is characterized by increased distance between the patient's elbow and torso with one hand.Furthermore, when the disease is typically one above the other shoulder, and a blade protrudes more than a second.When tilting the patient's spine does not form a str

aight line, and the S-shaped.

degrees of scoliosis

are several major degrees of scoliosis.These degrees are assigned to the disease based on the amount of spinal curvature in one direction or another.

scoliosis of 1 degree is characterized by curvature of the spine in which the deviation from the axis is less than 10 degrees.Almost every one of us can, to some extent diagnose scoliosis of 1 degree, since by virtue of our natural asymmetry of any human being can detect almost imperceptible eye deviation of the spine axis in one direction or another.

Despite this, often in the course of inspection of children in schools from a doctors do our individual features of a serious problem, explaining to children and their parents about the dire consequences of scoliosis of 1 degree.

In fact, if the scoliosis of 1 degree is not developed and does not progress beyond 2 degrees, no consequences, he will not bring the child's health.In addition, there are several specific exercises, by means of which the degree of scoliosis 1 easily and painlessly correct.

should be noted that in the US and Europe, scoliosis of 1 degree is considered to be not an aberration, but a natural feature of an organism.

2 degree scoliosis of the spine characterized by a deviation from the right or left axis on 11-25 degrees.Scoliosis 2 degrees - a phenomenon more serious.This form of the disease is an urgent need to correct, since scoliosis of 2 degrees is characterized by rapid progression.

However, in fairness it should be noted that it is often in our clinics, especially children, the degree of scoliosis tend to overstate.Therefore, if you or your child put the 2 degree scoliosis - this is not the fact that the diagnosis is accurate.For this reason, after a general medical examination is recommended to consult a professional podiatrist.

should also be noted that for a given degree of scoliosis is characterized by an external expression that can be seen with the naked eye, especially when bending forward.Moreover, diagnosis of the degree of scoliosis includes X-rays.

third degree scoliosis of the spine characterized by a deviation from the axis to the left or to the right by 26-50 degrees, and the fourth degree of scoliosis - spine deviation in either direction by more than 50 degrees.

third and fourth degree scoliosis - rather complex diseases that are difficult to treat.Fortunately, only less than 10% of the people suffering from the first or second degree of scoliosis, the disease progresses to severe.

Treatment of scoliosis Treatment of scoliosis

requires constant supervision of highly qualified doctors, as well as the interest and active participation of the patient or the child and his parents.When curvature less than 10 degrees of scoliosis treatment is based on the strengthening of the muscles, as well as instilling good habits baby.Scoliosis Treatment at this includes physical therapy, physiotherapy and massage.

scoliosis treatment is chosen individually in each case, depending on the condition and age of the patient, as well as how much pronounced deformity of the spine.In addition, special care should be taken to non-traditional methods of treatment of scoliosis and untested methods, which ultimately may cause harm to the patient's health.

If you deviate from the axis of the spine more than 10 degrees of scoliosis treatment includes the use of a special corset for spinal fixation.In addition, it is recommended to carry out all measures to strengthen the muscles, including exercise therapy.

well-chosen sets of exercises for scoliosis prevent the progression of this disease, as well as help to reduce the overall load on the spine and internal organs of the patient.The main role in the fight against the disease play a manual therapy, exercise therapy, physiotherapy and conservative pharmacological treatment.


basic set of exercises has a corrective nature of scoliosis and has a strengthening effect on the muscles of the torso.This complex includes exercises for scoliosis, conducting dose-spine traction, which contributes to a correct posture.

In carrying out therapeutic exercises should follow a number of basic rules for scoliosis.Starting exercise therapy is recommended with a minimum load, which should be gradually increased.At a dosage of exercises for scoliosis should take into account the patient's state of health.Contraindicated such exercise for scoliosis is hovering on the crossbar.The fact that only passive spinal traction allowed in this disease.

In addition, exercises that affect the muscles of the shoulder girdle and hands, be sure to alternate with exercises that provide the load on leg muscles.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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