Scarlet fever - symptoms, treatment , scarlet fever in children


1. The causes of the disease

2. Symptoms of scarlet fever

3. Complications

4. Treatment of scarlet fever

Scarlet fever - an infectious disease,which is accompanied by a rash on the body and the defeat of the throat in the form of angina, which has a tendency to cause complications of septic character.

The causes of the disease

pathogens are the streptococci bacteria that produce a toxin erythrogenic.The disease has an incubation period of 1-11 days, most often the first symptoms of scarlet fever have 3-6 day.

become infected with scarlet fever is quite simple, as the disease is transmitted by airborne droplets.The infection is transmitted from the tiny spray of saliva while talking, coughing, sneezing.In a healthy body the bacteria can enter through third parties that come in contact with the patient, through a variety of items.During the entire period of the disease the patient is spread infection.

Symptoms of scarlet fever

scarlet fever incubation period

is 1-11 days.The most frequently manifested a scarlet fever in children aged 2 to 7 years.The disease is characterized by the acute appearance of the first symptoms of scarlet fever.The patient is observed increase in body temperature to 39-40 ° C, it bothers headache, malaise, pain on swallowing.There may be swelling of the glands under the jaw, mouth opening is accompanied by pain.For scarlet fever is characterized by vomiting, convulsions.The disease is accompanied by an increase in seal and hyperadenosis.

typical symptom of scarlet fever appears angina, accompanied by redness of the soft palate, enlarged tonsils size on the surface may appear plaque.The patient may feel pain in the abdomen, which is similar to the pain of appendicitis.

Among the obvious symptoms of scarlet fever should be noted the appearance of punctate rash on the body size of 1-2 mm, which has a bright pink or red.The rash spreads throughout the body and resembles a red goosebumps.Especially intensively covered with folds of the elbows, armpits.The rash may disturb the patient, as is accompanied by itching.

on the patient's body rash lasts 2-5 days, and then fades.Simultaneously with this temperature drop is observed.At 2-3 day begins purification of language, on the 4th day it takes a characteristic bright red color.At 5-6 days after the passage of rash in patients experiencing skin peeling.Lasts scarlet fever in children about 2-3 weeks.

symptoms of scarlet fever are very similar to symptoms of angina, so you should be very careful and to consult specialists for setting the correct diagnosis.


Scarlet fever in children the danger of the following complications:

  • inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, middle ear;
  • Rheumatism;
  • Glomerulonephritis.

Treatment of scarlet fever

Typically, scarlet fever treatment is carried out at home.In this case the patient should be in a separate room, have a separate dishes, towels, linen.

scarlet fever Treatment provides for mandatory compliance with bed rest for 7-10 days, as well as antibiotics.This antibiotic has a leading role in the treatment of scarlet fever.Streptococci are sensitive to the drug penicillin.At intolerance of drugs of this series of children assigned erythromycin.

Scarlet fever in children provides for co-administration with antibiotics antiallergic agents, calcium supplements, vitamin C angina treatment is then carried out Gargling warm solution dioksidina, furatsilina, infusions of calendula, chamomile, sage.

Children who are ill with scarlet fever, until complete recovery, and within 10 days after it should not attend pre-school, school.


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