Syphilis - forms , signs , diagnosis, treatment


1. Way infection

2. syphilis Signs

3. Secondary syphilis

4. Tertiary syphilis

5. Syphilis Diagnostics

6. Treatment of diseases

7. Congenital syphilis

syphilis - a chronic disease, which bears the character of infectious and mainly sexually transmitted.


infection most common route of infection is sexual disease.Mostly contamination is the result of unprotected sex.The infection occurs mainly in the presence of micro-mucous membranes, skin.If there are other infections that are sexually transmitted and cause a violation of the integrity of the mucosal organs, then the probability of the risk of infection increases significantly.Transmitted disease can also through the linen, patient hygiene items.

syphilis Signs

disease is very difficult to see.As a rule, with the moment of infection until the first signs of syphilis takes about 2-6 weeks.During this time, the disease is actively spreading in the body.The first symptoms of syphilis are small sor

es that have a sealed bottom.These sores are called chancre.Formation may occur at different locations depending on the sex.Discover ulcer education for women is much harder due to the fact that the plague may be placed on the cervix and can only notice it when viewed from a doctor.After the sores appeared after 1-2 weeks, there is swelling of the lymph nodes that are closest to the formations.Heal ulcers about 3-6 weeks.The initial stage of the disease occur quite easily, so not everyone will be able to suspect syphilis.

secondary syphilis secondary syphilis

period occurs within 4-10 weeks after healing of ulcer formation.The duration of the second period is 2-5 years.The first symptoms of syphilis at this stage is a rash on the body.The rash appears even on the soles and palms.The accompanying rash symptoms of syphilis are the fever, feeling unwell.The patient has been an increase in the lymph nodes, formed warts on the genitals, which are extensive growths on the skin surface.For secondary syphilis is characterized by the occurrence of exacerbations, long-term remission.Secondary syphilis without treatment in about 10 years, moves to the next stage of the disease.

Tertiary syphilis

At this stage the disease begins to pale treponema affect the nervous system of the patient.The consequences of the tertiary syphilis are paralysis, insanity, deafness.Symptoms of syphilis of the third stage is the formation of nodules under the skin, which increase in size, and subsequently opened, and the formed non-healing ulcers.The disease occurs with the formation of syphilitic granulomas, which penetrate deep into the ulcers heal and when they involve an irreversible deformation of the skeleton.Typically, early treatment of syphilis does not allow to bring the disease to this stage.

Syphilis Diagnostics

When genital strange sores, which are the first symptoms of syphilis, you should immediately see a specialist.The doctor is required to appoint the necessary tests, as well as puncture enlarged lymph nodes.Typically, in the initial stage of the study is subject to the discharge of pus sores.In the case of secondary syphilis diagnosis step is to analyze the content of bubbles rash that occurs on the body.

Syphilis Diagnostics ELISA allows you to track the dynamics of treatment.The results of the blood analysis on RW enable us to determine the stage of the disease.Positive "++++" indicates secondary syphilis.

Costly syphilis diagnosis method is the reaction of immobilization pale treponemes.The method requires special equipment, and conducted only in the laboratory.

In some cases, spinal puncture is performed.

Treatment of diseases

adoption of certain measures in the first stage of the disease can cure 3 months.Treatment of syphilis in each case is appointed the doctor individually.Depending on the disease, syphilis treatment can be adjusted.Against diseases

effective in the treatment of syphilis the patient is forbidden to have sex.

Secondary syphilis requires a longer treatment period, which amounts to 2 years.

Congenital syphilis

During fetal development, if the mother is a carrier of infection, there is a high likelihood that the disease will be transferred to the child.Congenital syphilis occurs when a period of prenatal development of the child has a treponemal infection.Modern tools allow the medicine to cure the disease, until it turned into irreversible consequences.

Congenital syphilis is the result of infection to the fetus through the placenta from an infected mother.

Depending on the symptoms of syphilis, the characteristics of the disease, the timing of its manifestations of the disease is of several types:

  • fetal syphilis;
  • early congenital;
  • late congenital;
  • latent congenital syphilis.


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