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Synovitis -inflammation of the synovial membrane.The synovium lines the inner surface of the joint capsule, it is rich in blood vessels and nerve endings.When it is an accumulation of inflammation in the joint capsule of fluid (or transudate) - fluid that propotevaet of the blood vessels of the synovial membrane.

Causes and types

disease Depending on the causes of the disease are isolated infectious and noninfectious (aseptic) synovitis.

Among noninfectious often diagnosed traumatic synovitis of the joints.Its cause - all sorts of injuries, a result which - intra-articular tissue damage and destruction.It can also include non-infectious synovitis allergic, neurogenic, endocrine.They cause allergies, disorders of the nervous or endocrine systems.

Infectious synovitis of the joints occur due to the action on the synovial membrane of pathogenic microorga

nisms (tuberculosis mycobacteria, staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococci, and others).

Depending on the variant of the disease distinguish acute and chronic synovitis of the joints.Last rarely diagnosed.

Synovitis of the knee, symptoms and treatment

Synovitis may occur in any human joint, but as the knee are most susceptible to injury, in most cases the disease affects just him.

Symptoms of acute synovitis of the knee:

1. A sharp pain when attempting movements painful joints.If purulent synovitis, then felt a sharp pain even when the joint is at rest.

2. Increased body temperature.When purulent disease the body temperature may rise to 39ºS.

3. Swelling, swelling of the damaged site.The more exudate accumulated in the joint capsule, the greater the swelling.

4. balloting the patella.On palpation can be found floating kneecap.

symptoms of synovitis and hemarthrosis (bleeding into the joint cavity) are almost identical.The only difference is that when hemarthrosis of the above symptoms occur almost immediately after the injury, and the clinical picture of synovitis completely manifests itself for 12-24 hours.

If the effusion of blood vessels of the synovial membrane is serous or sero-fibrinoid character, the treatment of knee joint synovitis occurs in a hospital, as a rule, easily and without complications.If the serous exudate turns into purulent, the disease treatment is delayed in time, and sometimes entail unpleasant consequences (eg suppurative arthritis).

Conservative treatment of synovitis of the knee joint (as well as any other joint synovitis) should be comprehensive and include the following steps:

1. The method of puncture is performed evacuation synovium (exudates) of the joint capsule.

2. Held joint immobilization, that is, it provides a state of rest.To do this, the affected area is imposed tight bandage or knee.In severe cases, the affected joint synovitis impose transport bus or a plaster splint.Length of stay in the joint splints are not more than a week.

3. Conducted physiotherapy: UHF, electrophoresis, phonophoresis, magnetic.

4. To remove the inflammation and pain is mandatory use of nonsteroidal medications.Typically, this indomitatsina drugs, diclofenac, ibuprofen, betamethasone, ketoprofen, other antipyretic and anti-inflammatory, analgesic agent.When infectious synovitis of the joints it is advisable to take more and antibiotics.

5. To improve the blood circulation in the affected synovium held local drug treatment (ointments, gels).

In the absence of effect of conservative treatment, as well as in the case of running a chronic synovitis, should undertake surgery - excision of the inflamed synovial membrane (synovectomy).Most often, physicians have resorted to synovectomy in the treatment of knee joint synovitis.To avoid complications (eg, joint contractures) after surgery shows a rehabilitation therapy.

synovitis Treatment folk remedies

In the case of non-infectious synovitis mild, as well as in the rehabilitation period after surgery, you can resort to the national disease treatment.

Comfrey wonderful folk remedy for the treatment of synovitis, he is known for its healing, regenerating properties and is effective in the treatment of many diseases of the joints.In any pharmacy you can buy drugs based on it.And you can cook yourself:

1. One cup of fresh herb comfrey mixed with approximately the same amount of minced lard, stir and keep in the refrigerator for five days.Two or three times a day to rub ointment into the affected area, to fix the bandage.

2. For the treatment of chronic synovitis of the joint, as well as for tissue regeneration of cartilage and joints of the body, it is useful every day for the next month to drink the broth.Pour one tablespoon of comfrey roots cup boiling water, about an hour to drink equal amounts throughout the day.The same effect has and the infusion of the plant.We need to take 250 grams of vodka and pour it half cup of comfrey root.Infuse 14 days in a dark place, drinking one teaspoon three times a day.

addition comfrey with synovitis good job liniment from leafs.Leave for a week to prepare her take two tablespoons of laurel, fill it with a glass of sunflower oil.Then strain and rub into the sore spot for the night and a few times during the day.

horse chestnut tincture good folk remedy for the treatment of synovitis and other joint diseases.To prepare it you need 300 grams of chestnut pour half a liter of vodka, insist two weeks, periodically shake.Rub into the sore spots for the night.The procedure is repeated at least a month.

For the prevention and treatment of infectious synovitis need to periodically cleanse the body of worms.With this task well handle alcohol tincture of black walnut.

important to remember that chronic synovitis of the joints is difficult to treat.For this reason, in order to prevent the transition of acute to chronic forms, at the first sign of acute synovitis is necessary to resort to medical care.


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