Tourette's Syndrome - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


1. reasons

2. Symptoms

3. Diagnosis and treatment of Tourette's syndrome

neurological disorder, manifested in humans in the form of spasms of the neck muscles,face and shoulder girdle, and a number of involuntary action called Tourette's syndrome or disease.This disease repeatedly portrayed in literature and films as uncontrolled shouting curses, thus the authors used instead of humorous assist.In fact, these bursts of profanity is experiencing a small number of people with Tourette's syndrome.

Causes The exact causes of the disease are still unknown.However, scientists believe that Tourette syndrome provoking factors are:

  • genetic predisposition, but the gene responsible for this, and it is not revealed;
  • violation of dopamine metabolism and other substances in the brain that communicate between nerves;
  • environmental factors: the influence of radiation, toxic substances and chemicals.

most susceptible to this ailment representatives of the stronger sex.


disease usually first makes itself felt in the preschool age, when a child appears simple violent movement.It may be flashing, protruding tongue, twitching of certain muscles of the face.In children, the syndrome progresses slowly, its symptoms will melt more apparent and complex.Tiki transferred to the shoulders, arms, torso and lower limbs, they are similar to targeted actions, but in reality are always involuntary.

main symptoms of Tourette's syndrome:

  • sudden emergence of tics, jerky, and their rapid implementation;
  • inability to stop;
  • uniformity of movement;
  • self-inflicted injuries - smashing the face, biting her lips;
  • gain tics in public places, when the patient feels emotional stress;
  • gradually adding sound elements - cries of individual sounds, words, foul language;
  • demonstration of obscene gestures.

At the same time during an attack the patient is aware of the unacceptability of their actions, experiences discomfort and shame, but can not change anything.For this reason, Tourette's syndrome in children causes a detachment, lack of confidence, isolation and can lead to serious psychological problems.In adults, Tourette's syndrome is to limit social opportunities, contacts and reduce chronic depression.

Diagnosis and treatment of Tourette's syndrome

very important diagnosis of Tourette's syndrome in children, because the earlier the disease is established, the less their actions hurt the child.Before the treatment of Tourette's syndrome, it is recommended to conduct a number of studies:

  • ECG heart all members of the family of the patient to detect cardiac arrhythmias;
  • MRI of the brain to all family members to assess the performance of nerve endings;
  • consulting an ophthalmologist and audiologist;
  • common tests to detect the influence of negative environmental factors;
  • observation in the hospital for evaluation of seizures.

One of the most important aspects of the treatment of the syndrome is considered to be a psychological work, participation in the life of patients and their emotional support.Starting at a very young age, the disease usually accompanies human life.Despite this, some symptoms can be mitigated sufficiently strongly.First, patients must learn to control their emotions, avoid stress and fatigue.For this purpose appointed psychotherapy and Motivational.Drug treatment of Tourette's syndrome is taking psychotropic drugs, particularly neuroleptics.This makes it possible to weaken the severity of tics, reduce their tension and irritability.


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