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lung Silicosis- a disease which is caused by the inhalation of dust containing silica, for a long time.Characteristic of this disease in the proliferation of lung connective tissue and the formation of specific nodules.Reasons

pulmonary silicosis

When dust particles penetrate into the lungs, they capture the cells of the immune system (macrophages).The cells secrete enzymes that damage tissue and cause lung fibrosis (growth of connective tissue volume).At the beginning of the disease silicosis fibrosis formation look like tiny round nodules (simple nodular silicosis).If untreated, they gradually merged into larger masses, forming nodular silicosis.impaired gas exchange and oxygen supply to the blood in the areas of fibrosis.Human lungs, having silicosis disease, lose their elasticity.As a result, breathing requires greater effort.

Silicosis is a lung disease of professional workers

, who for many years inhaled sand dust.These specialties include potters, working foundries, granite processors, Sandblasting, miners, mining metal.The most common symptoms of silicosis disease appear after 20-30 years of exposure to dust.But representatives of some professions (workers grinding production tonnelschikov, demolition) may occur before ten years.


silicosis disease has three stages, each of which is characterized by certain symptoms.

first stage.The patient appears dyspnea on great exertion, dry cough, recurrent pain in the chest.On examination, the expert can see the slight bulging of the lower chest area.On the chest radiograph distinguish strain lung pattern and a small amount of nodular shadows, with about 1 mm in diameter.

second stage.At this stage of silicosis lung shortness of breath in a patient appears with a little exertion.In addition, increased cough, chest pain, acquire a permanent character, quickens the number of breaths alone.Your doctor may listen to the patient's breathing hard, dry wheezing.On the chest radiograph is more pronounced deformation of lung pattern, you can see a large number of nodular shadows.A person suffering from the disease silicosis this stage, condensed radical lymph nodes.

third stage.It is characterized by a constant shortness of breath of the patient, bouts of painful cough with phlegm, which is sometimes an admixture of blood, frequent bouts of breathlessness.The specialist can listen to multiple dry wheezing, as well as pockets of finely moist rales.On the chest radiograph clearly shows the alternation of homogeneous darkening with enlightenment, honeycomb pattern, fusion of nodular shadows in great spots.

In addition to these symptoms for the disease silicosis in the late stages characterized by symptoms of tachycardia (increased heart rate), heart failure.Patients often observed violation of the motor function of the stomach and intestines, dizziness, headache.

As a result, lowering the body's resistance to infections, disorders of lymph circulation and function of other organs, a common complication of silicosis is lung tuberculosis.Other complications of the disease are spontaneous pneumothorax (accumulation of air in the pleural or other gas), bronchiectasis (bronchiectasis and change their wall structure).

Treatment silicosis

In case of detection of the disease is necessary to completely eliminate all contact with the silicon dust.

the treatment of silicosis apply oxygen inhalation, physiotherapy and breathing exercises.

If a patient is suspected acute pulmonary silicosis, he appointed bronchoalveolar lavage.The essence of the diagnostic and therapeutic procedure is to run in neutral solution bronchi and lungs of the patient.He was then removed to study the condition of the respiratory tract, the recovered substrate.This medical procedure is applied to remove the mucus from the respiratory tract.

If you have a patient dyspnoea, cough in the treatment of silicosis used bronchodilators, expectorant drugs, aminophylline.

In the case of inflammation using antibacterial broad-spectrum drugs, sulfonamides.

If silicosis is accompanied by tuberculosis, the patient is prescribed anti-TB drugs such as isoniazid.

Treatment of severe silicosis in which developing massive fibrosis, often requires surgical intervention.In this case, the patient is required lung transplantation.

Suffering from silicosis requires a special diet, rich in protein and vitamins.Additionally, we recommend taking immunostimulants and adaptogens.

Forecast treat silicosis depends on the nature and stage of the disease.Chronic silicosis is asymptomatic in the early stages and almost always has a favorable prognosis.Chronic progressive or acute silicosis leads to many complications.Even after complete cessation of contacts with the dust, the patient continued to appear pathological changes.

disease prevention

Preventing Silicosis is very important, because silicosis is easier to prevent than to cure.

First of all, the enterprises included in the risk zone, it is necessary to carry out anti-dust measures.These include sealing equipment, process automation, removing dust from the people who work zone.

In addition, it is very important for the prevention of silicosis use of individual and collective protection.

In enterprises at risk for silicosis should be provided for a shorter working day, early retirement.

People working in such enterprises should undergo regular check-ups, treatment and rehabilitation in sanatoriums.


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