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1. Symptoms serozotsele

2. Diagnostics

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4. Treatment

5. serozotsele Treatment folk remedies

in this disease there is accumulation of serous fluid in the abdominal any department or any other cavity.However, under serozotsele now often involve the formation of a benign nature of the liquid is in the pelvic area.

development of the disease can occur in the following cases:

- transferred before surgery;

- endometriosis (proliferation of the inner layer of the uterus cells beyond);

- acute inflammation of the uterus;

- pelvioperitonit (inflammation of the female pelvic peritoneum).

Serozotsele may have a round or oval shape, the diameter of the tumors is usually from 1 to 25 centimeters.Furthermore is noted that serozotsele may have multiple cavities, that is to be mono or multi-chamber.

Consistency and fullness liquid formation can be determined only in the course of diagnostic or therapeutic interventions.Serozotsele cavity is filled

with the yellowish liquid presence nacre (volume 500 ml) was consistency which usually tugoelastichnaya.

Symptoms serozotsele

diagnosis of tumors pelvic is rather complicated, because the symptoms serozotsele malospetsifichny.In addition, complaints under serozotsele are similar to those observed with tumors / ovarian cyst.In some cases, symptoms serozotsele practically absent, this in turn leads to the development of chronic pelvic pain syndrome character.

The main symptoms of this disease are pain in the back, lumbar, abdomen.Apart from the fact that they are daily, some factors may lead to their strengthening - is the physical work, stress, exposure to cold.Another symptom serozotsele are painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea), under which women are greatly reduced ability to work.

Sexual acts with serozotsele also accompanied by pain, especially with deep introduction of the penis into the vagina men.In some cases, the high intensity of pain during intercourse leads to a complete abandonment of women by intimate relations.

Bright serozotsele severity of symptoms leads to the depletion of the nervous system, loss of ability to work and reduce the protective functions of the body, that is, to a weakening of the immune system.

Diagnosis For an accurate diagnosis conducted instrumental methods of examination.

sufficiently informative method at serozotsele is holding ultrasound procedure.With it diagnosed irregular contours of a cystic structure with a lack of a clear capsule.In some cases, repeated US has been a significant change in the form tumors, which in turn is a symptom serozotsele.

In cases where experts have difficulty in diagnosing this disease, laparoscopy is performed.This procedure allows for examination of the pelvic cavity through the introduction of laparoscopic equipment through punctures.The difficulty for laparoscopy are only adhesions in the abdominal cavity.

Serozotsele and pregnancy

combination of pregnancy and serozotsele requires special attention, since if the tumor is large, it may cause compression of the pelvic organs and disruption of normal blood supply to the uterus, tubes and ovaries.This in turn can lead to various complications during pregnancy.

serozotsele In some cases, can lead to infertility, so if you have pain that is characteristic of this disease requires mandatory surgery.

If serozotsele and pregnancy were developed simultaneously, in the presence of severe pain syndrome, and the diagnosis of the pregnant uterus compression necessary to carry out biopsy procedure.

In the event that during pregnancy serozotsele was revealed for the first time, experts also recommended to spend a puncture biopsy.This will prevent the possible development of an infectious process in the pelvis.

Serozotsele small size is not a contraindication to pregnancy or embryo implantation.


In cases where the presence of tumors completely no symptoms, treatment is not required serozotsele.It is enough to visit on a regular basis as a preventive measure and a gynecologist once a year to spend 1.5 pelvic ultrasound procedure.If a significant increase in the survey volume of liquid has been found in the pelvic cavity is likely to require surgery serozotsele.

during surgery the surgeon inserts a needle into the cavity tumors, and with it removes the liquid contained therein.This procedure is called a needle biopsy and is performed under ultrasound guidance.Due to the instantaneous fluid removal occurs decrease compression of surrounding tissues, leading to the complete disappearance of pain syndrome.The procedure of biopsy is recommended again in the future if again there was accumulation of fluid in the cavity.

addition, serozotsele treatment includes enzyme immunoassay and bacteriological crops of liquid extracted during biopsy.This allows you to determine the bacterial flora (antibiotic sensitivity), presence of viral / fungal infections, chronic urogenital infections and to identify antibodies to TB mycoplasma.

In the event that was detected pathogen of the disease, the woman is assigned a specific treatment, in other cases, required anti-inflammatory therapy.

serozotsele Conservative treatment includes:

- anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of tablets, suppositories or injections;

- protivospaechnye drugs (hyaluronidase - enzymatic means);

- physical therapy (magnetic therapy, phonophoresis, electrostimulation).

serozotsele Treatment folk remedies

In some cases, the disease women turn to alternative medicine, but statistics show that treatment serozotsele folk remedies often ineffective.The best option would be a combination of traditional and alternative treatment methods.

One way to treat people's means is serozotsele reception decoction of the roots of Bergenia for a month.To cook it you need only 50-100 grams of plant material, and it is recommended not only reception of broth inside, and douching with its use.

In addition, when serozotsele recommend taking root tincture Maryino (before meals 3 times a day) and herb Morinda citrifolia (tincture or powder).Another method of treatment serozotsele folk remedies is the use of medicinal leeches (hirudotherapy) several times a year.


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