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Cardiac asthma - it is a serious condition, which is characterized by attacks of breathlessnessduration from a few minutes to several days.It is not an independent disease, and develops as a result of acute heart failure, left ventricular caused by other diseases.Most often it occurs in congenital or acquired heart disease, myocardial infarction, kardiosklerosis, hypertension, acute coronary syndrome and other diseases related to heart failure.In rare cases, cause cardiac asthma can become acute cerebrovascular accident or infectious kidney disease.Usually it occurs in patients older than 60 years, but it is possible the development of seizures, and in younger patients.


development of cardiac asthma triggers failure of the left ventricle and mitral stenosis.The profound organic changes of the myocardium affected mainly the left ventricle of the heart, weaken it.In this case the right ventricl

e of the heart continues to work as usual.The result is increased pressure in the pulmonary circulation.Develops pulmonary hypertension.It leads to a significant increase in the amount of blood in the bronchial veins, slowing blood flow in the pulmonary capillaries, as well as the cause of violations of gas exchange by reducing the volume of pulmonary ventilation.

Increased permeability of capillary walls of the pulmonary circulation also reduces respiratory surface of the lungs.This accumulated fluid in the cavities of the alveoli gas exchange is even more difficult.

Reducing the amount of oxygen contained in the blood and an increase in its content of carbon dioxide results in excessive irritation of the respiratory center in the brain.The result is choking.

symptoms of cardiac asthma

first and main symptom of cardiac asthma - a sudden attack of breathlessness, growing, usually at night.Less asthma attack happens during the day and can be triggered by a stressful situation, exercise, and even banal overeating.

Description classic symptoms of cardiac asthma is reduced to the following picture.The patient wakes up at night from what could not take a breath, feel sharp shortage of air.After developing severe shortness of breath.Frequency of respiratory movements of the patient reaches 40-60 times per minute, despite the fact that the normal person at rest makes no more than 20 breaths per minute.Sometimes, before the person experiences an attack of shortness of breath or dry with the release of a small amount of foamy sputum cough.

sharp start attack compels the patient to panic, he has a fear of death, due to which behavior can be inadequate.In this case, the right to give him first aid becomes more difficult.

pulse in a patient is speeded up, it is possible arrhythmia.Blood pressure rises at the beginning of the attack, and then, as a rule, is reduced.In severe cases, may develop collapse.It is possible that blood pressure may be normal or remain elevated throughout the attack.

dangerous symptoms of cardiac asthma are:

- the appearance of the patient's distinct bubbling wheeze, you can hear that even at a considerable distance from it;

- cold clammy sweat;

- blue face (most pronounced in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčnasolabial triangle) and extremities.

appearance of these symptoms suggests the initial stage of pulmonary edema - extremely dangerous for the life of the state.

possible and such accompanying symptoms of cardiac asthma as nausea, vomiting, convulsions and loss of consciousness.

treatment of cardiac asthma

first thing you need to do with the appearance of the above symptoms - it immediately call the ambulance.

Even before the arrival of the medical team the patient must provide emergency care in cardiac asthma.It is to reduce the amount of blood circulating in the pulmonary circulation.To do this, help the patient to take a comfortable sitting position, in any case do not try to put it, as this will only aggravate the condition.Provide fresh air, you can put the patient at the open window.When the patient is sitting, the blood flow in the veins of the lower extremities is slowed, thereby fulfilled the main task - the flow of blood to the small circle of blood circulation is reduced.In order to cause the flow of blood in the lower limbs using the same hot bath (the patient's foot and lower leg must be completely immersed in the water).

Emergency care in cardiac asthma involves overlaying and harnesses on a limb, after 10 minutes after the patient into a sitting position.It is important to check the correctness of a tourniquet, it is obligatory presence of a pulse in the arteries below the tourniquet place.Severe cardiac asthma involve the use of harnesses and upper extremities.

When emergency care in cardiac asthma is important to control blood pressure in a patient.If it is normal or elevated, the patient under the tongue give nitroglycerin tablet or nifedipine.Usually people suffering from heart disease is always at hand and available for blood pressure measurement of blood pressure, and these drugs.

After arriving emergency treatment of cardiac asthma continuing medical team.Typically, first aid is provided on the site and is aimed at getting rid of man from choking.In an emergency the patient intravenously administered morphine hydrochloride (if there are signs of occurrence of pulmonary edema) and furosemide, in the case of tachycardia using cardiac glycosides.The severity of the attack and its duration is determined further actions of the medical team.After emergency treatment the patient is hospitalized and treatment of cardiac asthma still in the hospital.

Even if an attack of cardiac asthma wore lightweight nature and its manifestations managed to stop before the arrival of ambulance, hospitalization can not give up.

is important to understand that the successful disposal of attack is not a treatment of cardiac asthma, but only a temporary solution.No treatment of the underlying disease, which caused the development of such life-threatening conditions, will lead to the fact that the frequency of the attacks and their duration will increase.Severe asthma attacks can occur up to several times a day and subside only after the application of the full range of therapeutic interventions.Over time, the body reserves are depleted, there is a risk of the patient dying from collapse, developing on the background of the attack.Such a complication of heart attack of asthma as pulmonary edema and often leads to death.


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