Causes, symptoms , treatment of rectal fistula


1. causes and mechanism of development of rectal fistula

2. symptoms

3. Treatment of rectal fistula

4. Traditional methods of treating diseases

fistula is an abnormal channel, which connects the two hollow bodies or hollow organ, inflammation, tumor center and surface (the cavity) of the body.

fistula rectum in most cases is caused by an acute abscess (purulent inflammation of tissue surrounding the rectum).

causes and mechanism of development of rectal fistula

often in patients with acute paraproctitis abscess that forms in tissue adrectal independently opened.The contents of the abscess comes out and the state of the sick person improves.The man convinced that the disease has passed.

But in the intestinal wall is inflamed anal crypt.Crypt - is deepening on the border of the anal canal and rectum for the entire circumference of the anus.Through her constant infection occurs pararectal cellular spaces of the intestinal lumen.Permanent melt promotes inflammation of t

he surrounding tissues.A channel is formed on the surface of the body goes discharge inflammatory focus.

fistula rectum there is an inflammatory process is maintained.

reason for the formation of a fistula is also opening and drainage of abscess surgically, but without a radical surgery.This procedure often leaves behind a crypt inflamed and stroke, according to which of the bowel the infection gets into adrectal fiber.

In some cases, rectal fistula may be a complication of the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids.Such capture occurs at random muscle fibers during suturing edges mucosa.After that, often associated infection and developing inflammation in the intestinal wall.

reason for this type of fistula can be different injuries, followed by inflammation in the damaged area of ​​bowel.

Fistulas are complete, incomplete and internal.

complete fistula - an inlet located on the wall of the rectum, and the outlet is located on the skin around the anus.Often one fistula may have several inlets which are connected in one move, the inlet opening in the skin.

incomplete fistula rectum - with only the inlet.Usually incomplete fistulas quickly turn into complete.This is due to the fact that germs developing in the fistula, intestinal tissue around the destroyed.Thus, a move to the outside.

Internal - fistula, whose inlet and outlet are located inside the rectum on its walls.


diseases With the development of the disease fistula undulating, where the periods of exacerbation and remission alternate.

main symptom is bloody, sero-purulent or purulent discharge from the holes in the skin around the anus.Discharges may be lean, have an unpleasant odor.They often cause skin irritation, itching.Thus the overall health of the patient normally does not deteriorate.

When congestion discharge in the canal fistula patient has a dull pain in the location of the rectum, which increases during a bowel movement.After defecation pain usually subsides.

aggravation of the inflammatory process promotes the formation of an abscess in adrectal area.The patient increases the overall temperature of the body, there is a strong pain in the pelvis, the underbelly, the rectum.He feels weakness, malaise, constant headache.In addition, there are violations of urination and defecation.

After opening an abscess of his discharge comes out.The inflammation subsides, the patient's condition improves, and the disease goes into remission.Such a course of disease with rectal fistula can last for years.Sometimes after a relapse of the skin there are new external outputs fistula.

Treatment of rectal fistula

Conservative treatment of fistula of the rectum is carried out only when it is of small size and the initial stage of development.For this purpose, the procedure of sealing the fistula special biological glue.

During the operation, rectum fistula cut skin near the anus, and removed from it pus.With a small fistula this procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia.

Removing fistula rectum large spend in hospital by performing a complete anesthesia of the affected area.

There are several methods of operation rectal fistula.Classic is an operation to Gabriel.During it simply excised fistula.The specialized departments experienced surgeons perform more complex surgeries.In addition to removing rectal fistula, held patching internal opening flap of the rectal wall.These operations are conducted colorectal surgery.

Surgical treatment of this disease has a fairly high risk of adverse events.In addition, the first postoperative week is characterized by mild pain in patients who are receiving reduced using painkillers.

Traditional methods of treatment

diseases To reduce inflammation effectively apply national treatment of rectal fistula.To do this, use infusions, decoctions of medicinal plants.There are many recipes of traditional medicine to relieve symptoms of the disease.Here are some of them.

1.Suhie marigold flowers (25 grams) of calendula flowers or fresh (50 g) is poured 70% alcohol (100 g).Insist two weeks, strain through several layers of gauze.Make a solution of a tablespoon of infusion, 10 tablespoons of boric acid solution 3%, 10 tablespoons of water perekipyachennoy.The resulting solution was impregnated gauze.Enter into the rectum at night for ten days.

2. In the national treatment of fistula rectum successfully used medicinal plant aloe.For the treatment must be 2-3 years of aloe.Tear 12 of the lower leaves, well, they are washed in boiled water, chopped and pour in a quart jar.There also pour fresh honey, completely covering a lot of green plants.Bank to close the lid and put in a dark place.Once a day the contents of the cans must be shaken.After eight days, the mixture is filtered.The filtered fluid take a teaspoon three times a day before meals.Simultaneously with the reception of the drug mixture is carried out daily washing fistula furatsilina solution with a small syringe.

3. For ease rectal fistula symptoms using hip baths.For their preparation make infusions of herbs (calendula, chamomile, oak bark).These trays make for 15-20 minutes every night.


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